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The founders of VeganBurg are fervent believers in the plant-based diet. Their mission is to inspire and excite the world in introducing vegan diet into their lifestyle, as a form of sustainable diet and means of restoration for the global environment. They serve burgers which are healthy and nutritious, along with fries, franks and potato pops. continue reading
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Cracked Pepper Mayo Smoky BBQ
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People working in the CBD are often rushing for time and busy attending meetings one after another and often end up skipping meals or stuffing themselves with unhealthy fast food.I was at Raffles Place one evening and decided to have a quick and healthy bite, so I took out my smartphone, launched the "OpenRice Singapore" app and used the "Nearby" function which ultimately led me to the World's First VeganBurg!Entering the restaurant, I felt like I was in a Australian casual bistro. With brick-like industrial feel and wooden planks kind of tables and benches, the entire atmosphere was rather chill and laid back. Complete with lounge ambient tunes playing in the restaurant, this is the perfect dinner place after a long day of work.Although the seating capacity is small (about 20-25 paxs), the place was clean and nicely designed, making it cozy yet intimate especially during the quiet dinner hours. At a corner of the restaurant, there hung a picture saying "Welcome to the World's First Vegan Burg". I wonder how healthy fast food taste like over here so I went over to the counter to make my order as it is a self-service restaurant just like other fast food joints. So I ordered the Mustang Relish Burger ($5.90) and topped up an additional Seaweed Fries and Citron Cooler (+$3.90). Besides Seaweed Fries (served without salt), they have a choice of Battered Broccoli too, perfect for those on low-carb diet.The Citron Cooler tasted just like non-sweetened lime juice which is more on the sour side. It was to my preference but for those who do not like can choose the other drinks like the Lemon Loco and Miami Peach.For $9.80, I thought the portion looks slightly on the pricey side compared to other fast-food burger joints. Let's have a closer look at the burger which was recommended by the friendly staff.Unveiling the burger from the rustic looking wrapper, lies a huge burger layered with thick chucks of vegetables sandwiched between 2 nutritious wholemeal grain buns. I love the overall outlook of the burger at first glance as the ingredients and colors looked really fresh. Taking a closer look at what's inside, there were (from the bottom upwards) breaded soy bean patty, mustard sauce, fresh Aussie red onion rings, pickles and iceberg lettuce. Taking a bite into it, I enjoyed the overall crisp, crunchy texture with a delicious and uplifting tangy flavour from the mustard. Although there wasn't any meat, the yummy soy patty tasted just right without the need for additional seasoning.Finishing my meal, I wiped my tray clean yet not feeling gelat nor sinful. It was delish and the portion, I have to say, was just right to fill my stomach. Kudos to the World's First VeganBurg and I'll definitely be back to chomp down more yummy burgers like the Creamy Shrooms ($7.90). continue reading
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Level1 2013-07-08
The cracked mayo is my all time favourite! Love the sweet organic buns and the crispy patty topped off with a good dollop of mayo, makes a mouthwatering treat! The citron cooler was super refreshing and not too sweet! I also enjoyed munching to the lovely seaweed fries, it wasn't too salty like most fries and was a great side for the meal! The laid back ambience definitely adds to the great experience continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-17
Heard of a number of good reviews on veganburg. So decided to give it a try. I had a Charcoal BBQ burger while my friend had a Satay burger. I thought the patty was delicious and so was the healthy buns around it. Whereas their satay burger has an amazing gingered peanut sauce which was in generous portions. Was quite a nice place for lunch, would frequent VeganBurg to try out other burgers too smile continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-24
Previosuly, I have written a post on VeganBurg stating that they are selling vegetarian burgers. Technically I am wrong, the burgers at VeganBurg also excludes the use of eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived ingredients.I have always wanted to go back to VeganBurg to taste the rest of their burgers on their menu. In a way, I am amazed by how tasty the burgers were even though it excludes the use of meat and animal-derived ingredients. This time I tried the Hawaiian Pineapple burger. The soya based patty was really nice and tasty. The pineapple gave the burger a freshness dimension too. I encouraged you to give VeganBurg a try to the new concept of healthy burger. continue reading
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I had been dying to try out VeganBurg after I know that it has recently opened its second outlet on 1 Feb 2012 at Golden Shoe, which is just opposite my office building! The first time that I got to know of this unique vegan burger was on television, but it only has 1 outlet at Eunos which is too far for me. Finally I found a friend who was interested to try out the organic vegan burgers with me.This little eatery is tucked in a little corner of Golden Shoe, behind a stationery store, and one has to be alert for the signage in order to find VeganBurg haha. The food and beverages offered in this eatery are all organic stuff, meant to be healthy, nutritious and wholesome fast food. After some time pondering on what to eat, we decided that the set meal is definitely more worth it. Each set meal consists of a burger, a side and a juice/beverage, and there were many choices available. I ordered the Smoky BBQ burger set meal with Vegan Franks and Apple Blackcurrant Juice ($10.85) while my friend ordered the Creamy Pepper Shrooms set meal with Granny's Comfort Soup and Apple Blackcurrant Juice ($11.85). Smoky BBQ BurgerThe burger was quite big with generous fillings, that is, if you compare it to those burgers you find in typical fast food restaurants like MacDonald's. It was really like what the menu described: a thick patty of succulent minced mushrooms, oven-baked and slathered in smokey BBQ sauce, coupled with layers of fresh lettuce, tomato and alfalfa, nestled within the softest organic rye bread. In fact the fillings were so generous that I thought I ended up quite "dirty" with BBQ sauce on my lips and palms as it wasn't easy to manage haha. They also added a lot of vegetables into the burger, as you can see from the picture. Really very different from the fast food burgers! Granny's Comfort SoupThis side was what my friend ordered, but she did not realise that it was actually Minestrone soup, which she doesn't like. After a few sips she decided to just leave it aside. I also don't really like Minestrone soup so I only tried a bit as well. It was a waste that she ordered this side! We should have found out what soup that was first before ordering...Vegan FranksOn first bite, the Vegan Franks felt weird, compared to the normal Chicken Franks. Later on I realised that it was because they used tofu as the filling so it is softer than the usual meat franks. I got accustomed to the taste after a few tries and I must say actually, the taste is not bad! The franks had a delicious smoky flavour. Creamy Pepper Shrooms BurgerI didn't try this but my friend said it was very good, generous with the fillings and sauce. I think the next time I will try this, see how different it is compared to my favourite Mushroom Swiss Burger from BK hehe. Afterall, this burger is "back by popular demand" so there must be some good in it!In general, the food and beverage prices here are not exactly that cheap, but I think it is still quite worthwhile to come here for some healthy and nutritious fast food once in a while. I will definitely go back again! At least you are not spending this money to put junk into your stomach, are you? And who ever said that Vegan fast food can't be great, they must not have tried VeganBurg yet!;) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)