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Wagyu Aoyama (Previously known as Itokacho Singapore) uses authentic Japanese Black Wagyu which is air-flown and delivered to us regularly. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-09
See the full review at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/03/ito-kacho-yakiniku.htmlAlthough Aburiya takes the honours for having the best yakiniku, Ito-Kacho makes a worthwhile alternative. Its high ceilings and more efficient ventilation means you don't walk out smelling like your food; tables are better spaced out, so you don't feel like a tin of sardines; and it's seldom a full house like Aburiya, so food arrives quicker.The downside: Ito Kacho, like Gyu-Kaku, doesn't always marinate their meats like Aburiya does.We had:1) Jo-Karubi ($22 for medium)-US beef short rib: well marbled, a beautiful shade of bold red indicating freshness, and simply seasoned with salt and sesame seeds. We dipped it in the tare sauce given to us, before grilling it, for extra oomph.2) Kurobuta P-Toro ($14 for medium): lovely pink slabs of pork jowl streaked with fat, and although juicy enough, erred on the side of a chewy consistency. We also brushed this with the tare dip for flavour.3) Chicken ($9 for medium): already marinated, bonus points for that, and really scrumptious. A must-try.4) Kinoko Hoiru-Yaki ($6.90) - assorted mushrooms (shimeiji and enoki) drenched in butter: earthy and luscious and totally awesome.5) Hotate-Yaki ($19.80) - a trio of plump Hokkaido scallops pooled with sumptuous butter, and spiked with pepper strips: fresh and sweet6) Oo-Ebi Tempura ($26) - giant tiger prawn tempura: lightly battered and skillfully fried continue reading
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Having a good meal with loved ones that's what makes the experience.Ito Kacho Yakiniku @ Mandarin Gallery serves premium grade black Wagyu beef imported from Japan. Their popular premium beef platter comprising different cuts of black Wagyu beef such as Tokujo Bara, Tomo Bara and Naga Bara.Well known for the recommended beef cut for Yakiniku which is the belly portion where marbling consistency is the highest.Situated on the fourth level, this is the first outlet to be established in Singapore outside Japan.Commendable service of Executive Chef Michael Ong who suggested that I should try the black Wagyu Sasami Flank Steak ($69.00/120g). Absolute "thumbs up" for his recommendation.We ordered a large plate of black Wagyu Sasami Flank Steak ($69.00). weighing 120g. Due to the method of chilling, the taste is delicate compared to frozen beef being tougher and drier.The convection or indirect grilling is a good method for slow cooking and grilling as the convection occurs at the top of the grill.Ito-Kacho serves quality Japanese rice. We also placed order for two types of set lunch (Manzoku @ $58.00++) and (Otegaru @ $38.00++)For Manzoku Main Course, we opted for A4 Wagyu Beef, Chef's choice.Aside beef, Ito Kacho offers top grade Tzubo-Tsuke Kurobuta which is marinated black Berkshire Pork known for its tenderness. Each slice well marinated, chewy and juicy.For second set, we chose Kurobuta Japanese Pork Chef’s choice.For starters, we were served a bowl of  Hiyayakko (Traditional Japanese Cold Tofu) topped with Wakame and Ebiko.There’s nothing more traditional in Japanese cuisine than cold tofu with a refreshing taste.Hamaguri Ushio-jiru A bowl of hot, tasty and light clear clam soup.The Manzoku lunch includes a plate of Sashimi platter comprising of top grades Tuna, Salmon and Fugu Fish.The thinly sliced subtle fresh flavour semi transparent cut and slightly firm texture is just great for sashimi.The sweet course eaten at the end of the meal is none other than a refreshing bowl of lychee sorbert.Ito Kacho celebrates their 3rd Anniversary and is currently giving away 20% discount for every $100 you spent for the entire month of December 2015.Also a whopping $10 voucher to offset your next meal only to be used in 2016.Thank you Executive Chef for your friendliness and good recommendation.Special thanks also to the helpful and attentive serving staff.Happy 3rd Birthday Ito Kacho. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-21
Ordered US Nami-Karubi ($19.00), also known as Chuck Rib. Medium size around 80 grams. If this is not enough for you, they have large portion ($24.00), which is around 120 grams. Tender and juicy indeed.Kinoko Hoiru-Yaki ($6.90), which is assorted mushrooms with butter. It comes wrapped in aluminium foil, and to be cooked directly over the barbeque stove for 7-9 minutes. Be warned of its buttery taste!One of my recommendation is Sausage Moriwase ($15.80). With a choice of beef, chicken or pork, we went for the pork. Big, fat and flavorful sausage being sliced.Oo-Ebi Yaki ($24.00), also Giant Tiger Prawn for Grill. Fresh and juicy tiger prawns. You can hear yourself crunching on it If you are one of those who do not wish to miss out ramen in a Japanese dining place, I can recommend Kuro-Buta Ramen ($15.80). It consists of pork, bean sprout, black pepper, and leek in pork-based soup. Beef seems like one of their specialty, so do try to spare some money for their beef items when you are visiting them For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/01/ito-kacho.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-16
For full review and photos: http://gninethree.com/2013/05/16/ito-kacho-yakiniku-dining-mandarin-gallery/Tucked away at the corner of level 4 of Mandarin Gallery, the interior of Ito-Kacho is inviting with its warm lighting and wood veneer finishes. Unlike your usual barbeque joints which are usually stuffy and uncomfortable with patrons leaving smelling exactly like the meats they just cooked over the charcoal fire, it is never the case here. It is a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience of barbequing at Ito-Kacho as careful thought has been put into the mechanics and technicalities. Convection systems are in place above the barbeque pits to ensure proper ventilation while chairs are thoughtfully upholstered with seat cushions so you thoroughly enjoy your time here.Only authentic Japanese Black Wagyu is served here, air flown and delivered to the restaurant regularly from a farm in Kagoshima, the same specialty cattle which also caters to the flagship branch in Japan. And while the beef we usually eat are frozen, the beef here at Ito-Kacho is chilled instead, believed to be fresher, more nutritious and of course a more elegant robust flavor, all while retaining the marbling and overall consistency.For those looking to try something different or just feeling adventurous altogether, the Wagyu Tongue $29 for 80g; $39 for 120g is a must order. My friends at the table could not stop raving about the smokey flavor and sweet accents of this unusual offering while I personally found the texture of the cow's tongue a little peculiar. I think I might just stick to the more normal parts of the cow the next time.Ito-Kacho also offers other kinds of meats such as Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Sausages (Beef/Chicken/Pork). The Tzubo-Tsuke Kurobuta (Black Berkshire Pork) is a must try! Choose either the Kurobuta Karubi (Pork Belly) $14 for 80g; $19 for 120g, Kurobuta P-toro (Pork Jowl) $14 for 80g; $19 for 120g or Tzubo-Tsuke Kurobuta (Pork Collar) $19 for 180g and you will understand why this breed of pork is so highly prized in Japan.For a change in palate, try some of the seafood items such as the Oo-Ebi Yaki (Giant Tiger Prawn for Grill) $24 which was an absolute pleasure to grill as you watch the succulent flesh of the prawns slowly burst out of their shells.Those who need their carbs can order filler dishes of Rice, Ramen or Sushi. We tried the Ishiyaki Bibimbap $15 which serves 2 very big eaters and found the hot stone bowl of rice, minced meat, namurus topped with shredded dry seaweed and sesame seeds with spicy bean paste sauce extremely comforting and definitely filling. We could not eat anything else after that...Or so we thought..But then again, there is always space for desserts. I strongly recommend getting the Assorted Dessert $19.80 which is great deal because you get 4 different types of ice-cream (Vanilla, Maccha, Kuri and Kurogoma) as well as 2 types of Mochi (Vanilla and Maccha) topped with Azuki Beans. My vote goes to the Kurogoma (Black Sesame) ice-cream and the Mochi. Simply delectable. continue reading
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photos and more: http://andmorefood.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/ito-kacho-town/for all you fans of marbled, fatty beef, this is your place. the prices here are on the steep side: you pay for the quality of the meat – it comes appetizingly dark, sliced just precisely so – for the great service and the quiet ambience for the restaurant, but it’s easily justifiable – just create find an occasion to come.at the heart of it – it’s a simple concept beautifully done. you choose your cuts of meat – they have a wide range, with different types of marbling determining how exorbitant your meal – decide between the marinated or au naturel, and then cook it to a tender slab on the gas grill.I mentioned that prices are high, but I think also that these would be considered competitive (and dare I say, below expectation) for such skill and quality. service is both sincere and enthusiastic: they were always on hand to change the grills, and offered recommendations and took feedback. I feel it’s more an occasion restaurant – it’s a little heavy-going in flavor for too-regular visits – but the cosy atmosphere, its rarefied quietness and flavours keep us fabricating reasons to return. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)