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Level4 2013-08-25
This quiet and unassuming German restaurant and bakery was started by Werner & Nancy Hochbaum in 1988, and was among the first German bakeries in Singapore. Now, over 20 years later, Werner's Oven is still serving up hearty portions of rustic, traditional, home-cooked German dishes.Ambience at Werner's Oven fits with the homely cottage vibe. Decor is true and true German, with the German flag hung above the arch doorway, tongue-in-cheek wall paintings, comfortable and rustic looking furniture, and warm lighting. Werner's Oven feels like you've stepped into a countryside home, rather than a restaurant.Service at Werner's Oven is friendly and welcoming. Food is prepared quickly, and served within a short time from ordering. Staff are able to accomodate small change requests, and are knowledgable about the menu. Plus point; Werner's Oven has no service charge.Food portions at Werner's Oven are generous, and the ingredients used are of good quality. These come at a price though, as a meal at Werner's Oven will cost about $25+ per person. But I must admit that dishes are generally tasty, packing rich and full flavours, with each bite a delight to savour. Truely special and excellent! Recipes are authentic, traditional German. The real highlight is their home-made bread, especially the sourdough, all of which are also available at their bakery. For full review and more photos, please visit http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/08/werners-oven.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-13
Came across this German breads bakery from TV infotainment programme, I wanted to try European type of breads for long. Though they are a hit in recent years, it is available from many bakeries and even neighbourhood bakeries. Out of no reason, I didn’t have the urge to buy one and try so far. It could be I am looking for an authentic one with reasonable prices.Frankly, this bakery is really far from my place. It takes 2 hours to and fro from my place to this bakery for just breads! It shows that how I wish to have quality bread!The shop is easy to locate and at the main road of Upper East Coast Road. I didn’t expect the shop space is quite tiny, anyway, they offer difference type of European breads, cupcakes, pies, pretzel, jams and there is a freezer to store variety of frozen sausages. Once enter into the shop, I stayed at the corner of European breads, they put a simple ingredients list with price in front of each type of bread. I read in detail and particularly interested in sourdough type of breads. Since their Fitness Bread is their own recipe with sourdough and it was my choice of the day. Breads will slice when request. The lady boss and their staff are friendly and greet to each customer. Fresh breads from oven will be out from time to time.The bread is wrapped in plastic bag and it releases fragrance while I was on my way home. The fragrance really tempted me to try at once.After trying, bread is moist enough and the soft texture can last till the next day. It is a heavy loaf, weighing 625g. Mix nuts and carrot bits are fulfilling. It tastes savoury and hardly has the trace of sugar sweet. It does really sour to my tastes and the sour sensation can last for a while after eating.I will try their breads again for non-sourdough types in future. continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-16
Had a thing for German food one day so popped down to Werner's Oven for lunch one day. To date, my only experience with German food was the rather good dinner at Magma, which I hoped Werner's Oven could emulate.Housed in a small shop along East Coast Road in the Siglap area, Werner's has been featured in various television programs as well as articles touting its authentic and tasty German food. The interior is simple yet homely complete with a bar counter and nice Christmas look a like decorations.Fried Camembert - Interestingly, when I first ordered this dish, I had hoped it would be on par with the one I had at Senso some time back. Unfortunately, it wasn't half as good although I have to admit that the cheese was nice and a little molten in the centre while the exterior was deep fried to a crisp. Would have preferred the core to be a little firmer though as it did seem a little too gooey for my liking.In all honesty, the calamari was good the first few pieces as the batter tasted like those you would find on onion rings. You might wonder why its only the first few pieces. Well because the batter was way too oily and when eaten with the accompanying Mayonnaise, rendered me nauseous really fast, especially when everything turned cold.Fleischkase - German Meatloaf with Sauteed Potatoes and Fried Egg - I shall refrain from complaining, but the Fleischkase was a joke! It really tasted like luncheon meat to me, albeit of a more substantial chunk and less salty variation. For the price, I rather eat luncheon meat!Schmorbraten - Beef Pot Roast with Dumpling, Boiled Potatoes - The Schmorbraten's gravy looked and tasted a little too dense but the beef was still acceptable - nice and tasty but a little too chewy. Nothing fantastic though and I probably wouldn't order this again.Rote Grutze - Sweet Sour Cherry and Raspberry Sago with Vanilla Sauce - A rather interesting dish and I must admit that I've never tried it before. However, it wasn't as special as I had made it out to be. The sago came submerged under a layer of vanilla sauce and its texture reminded me of jam. So just imagine jam under a layer of creamy tasting sauce. Not something I'll order again as it was a little too weird for me.Baked Cream Cheese Cake - I wasn't too impressed with the cheesecake as it wasn't as creamy as I would have liked it to be and the accompanying ice cream tasted like king's ice cream! Decent nevertheless.$78 for lunch for 3 pax is really expensive given the quality of food. I would be hard pressed to find a reason to return, rave reviews in the media or not. On a side note, Werner's operates a bakery just next door as well, which sells some really cool German bread. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-04
We LOVE their breads! I am addicted to their pretzels! It's so much like the real thing, so authentic, so different to commercial pretzels like Auntie's Anne's Pretzels! Pretzels at Werner's are amazing! It's got the right texture, right taste, right balance, right size, right saltiness! Best in Singapore so far! Will go back again for their breads. Rather pricey though!It's a tiny shop with a restaurant attached. We weren't particularly interested in German food but their German breads were very appealing. Didn't like their cakes either.Friendly service continue reading
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Level1 2011-11-08
Went there with friend for dinner. I tried their calamari, which was not too oily and yet still tasted very nice. The garlic sausage was quite good as well and the serving was just nice. Lastly would be the pork knuckle, which everyone should try. The pork knuckle was deep fried to a crisp and yet the meat was still very tender and came off easily the bone. The taste was not bad either, though I personally felt it to be slightly saltish. The place was nice and obviously, there must be something good about it for people to recommend it. Overall. the food here quite nice. continue reading
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