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The first and only Peranakan-Thai vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, Whole Earth was founded in 2003 with the mission to elevate the standard of plant-based cooking and promote it to a wider audience beyond vegetarians and vegans in our little red dot. continue reading
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Michelin's Bib Gourmand (2023)
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Assam Pedas Vegetables Nyonya Curry Crispy Golden Oats Penang Rendang Olive Rice Handmade Yam Treasure Ring
Review (11)
Visited last Sunday, the resturant give us a clean and sleek look and it give us a different feeling from the usual vegetarian restuarant. They mainly serves peranakan-thai style cusine and the food was really awesome!Yam Treasure Ring: The yam was really soft and topped with a whole lots of ingredients. However, the price is quite steep based on the size given.Thai Mixed vegetables: They mix in a whole lot of fresh vegetables and it quite norm to say.Penang Rendang: This dish was quite unexpected. Who would have thought that the rendang dish in vegetarian restuarant would smells and taste this good. I would not have expect that they actually use mushroom to replace the usual meat that we ate in normal peranakan cusine. I would definetely recommend this dish for their first experience in this restuarant.Thai Battered Oyster Mushroom: This was quite a normal deep fried mushroom dish that will not goes wrong in majority of the food eatery.Lemongrass drink: The taste of lemongrass we had that day was quite subtle, not much of the lemongrass fragrance. I would recommend this place for those people who would like to have a change from their usual intake of meat and seafood. This is also a good place as a kickstart for those people who wanted to convert to vegan/vegetarian. continue reading
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Whole Earth Peranakan Thai Vegetarian Restaurant (oh such a mouthful!) is as its name suggest a restaurant that serves Peranakan-Thai style Vegetarian cuisine - such a unique concept. Their concept includes using healthy and fresh ingredients to bring out the flavours targeting healthy freaks individuals, providing a healthier choice to customers.Whole Earth first opened its doors for business in 2003 (this year marks its 10th anniversary). The restaurant is located at Peck Seah Street within a minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit A. It's hard to miss this place as they used the huge wall to their advantage advertising their restaurant. The 8 Treasure Cooling Tea with Rosehip was not bad. But to my friends, they mentioned that it smell and tasted like medicine (cough mixture). So a word of caution, not everyone would like this. All the dishes that we ordered and ate were their best sellers.The Sambal Kang Kong $12 was well cooked and was still crunchy. The unique belachan sauce in this dish stimulated the different senses of taste (sweet, spicy and salty), to its extreme at times. It was very spicy and yet salty at the same time. I suspect that they had added Marmite to it, and if they did, they have added too much of it. If this dish was less salty, it would have been perfect. Interestingly, this dish was incredibly addictive, I wonder if it was the Marmite flavour (salty) or spiciness that made it so addictive. Beats me.. The chunks of tofu in the Oatmeal Tofu with Curry Leaves $15 were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. An addition point to note was that it was not oily. However, the oats were a disappointment. They practically tasteless. Somehow the flavours of the curry leaves was not brought out. On a side note, the Oat Tofu with Curry Leaves looks uncanny similar to Cereal Prawns.As the name of this dish suggests, the Broccoli with Braised Monkeyhead Mushroom $19 was made up of mushroomhead mushrooms (as mock meat). It was then braised together with broccoli, tang gui herbs and wolfberry. It was well executed and quite a decent dish (though not fantastic). Similar, mushroom was used as mockmeat in the Penang Rendang $19. This was another spicy dish, thought not as spicy as the sambal kangkong. In terms of taste, I thought that it was quite decently executed and similar to those found elsewhere (which uses mockmeat).Leaving the best for the last, the Nyonya Curry $19 was outstanding. 8 hours of preparation and cooking was required for this dish. This dish was made of shiitake mushrooms (as mock meat) and potato in a thick Nyonya style curry sauce. The curry was incredibly flavourful and appetising. The potato and mockmeat tasted wonder in this sauce! Taste as good, if not as even better than other Nyonya Curry found elsewhere. The curry goes well with steamed rice! Yummy!One of the aim of Whole Earth was to create a place where vegetarians could bring their friends non-vegetarian friends to. I must say that the food was impressive. Some of them not only taste just like the real one, but was even better! You may have noticed by now that mushrooms are commonly used as mockmeat by Whole Earth instead of using soybased or flour mockmeat.Price wise I would say that it was on the expensive end and the portions were small. The ambiance and environment of the restaurant made it difficult to chat as it amplify and hence cause the place to be very noisy. This was despite the fact that it was only half full. Overall, I would conclude that, the vegetarian food served here are unique and quite good (in terms of taste). Detailed review: http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/08/whole-earth-peranakan-thai-vegetarian.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-01
Have went to this vegetarian restaurant with my cousin to have our lunch. The restaurant was comfortable and quite spacious. Simple layout and the service was good and polite. Bought three dishes to share together. Olive brown rice ($7) was fragrant and not too oily and also not too tough as well. The Nonya curry ($18), which has really thick curry gravy and is quite spicy. The chicken meat, which is made of shitake mushroom, is chewy and delicious. The Sambal King ($15) which consist of 4 different types of vegetables, including long bean, lady fingers, sambal king and petai bean are all crunchy fresh. The sambal chilli used in this dish also make it very appetitzing. Great vegetarian food here! continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-11
for more food pictures and detailed review, please go to http://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/10/of-whole-earth-peranakan-vegetarian-food.htmlWhole Earth restaurant started since 2003 that offers another alternatives to normal vegetarian food ~ Thai Peranakan cuisine. The restaurant has also gain its reputation for many winning awards too! Located at Peak Seah street, the restaurant is a 1 level restaurant and is usually packed with alot of customers. So if you do want to dine at Whole Earth, do remember to make your reservations to avoid disappointment.The variety of food actually surprise me as they do offer more variety than some of the zi char vegetarian restaurant. Food taste wise, there are some dishes that wow me and some that give me a boo. The price is consider pretty steep. Each dish is approx 10 over bucks for small size.Here are some of the food we had that nightFried Mee Sua (7 bucks)- I find this dish is pretty good for vegetarian style of cooking. The mee sua is not too soggy nor it is very hard. it doesnt really taste vegetarian to meDouble boiled nourishing soup - 28 (S) / 55 (M). i guess this is the most expensive dish of the night. We ordered a small one to share which is slightly just nice for 4 of us. The soup is pretty much "herbal" taste with bamboo shoots in it. The taste wise is ok for me. nothing much to wow about and neither to boo about. OK onlyOatmeal tofu with curry leaves (15 bucks). i love this. especially the oatmeal. The toufu is pretty crispy but soft on the inside.broccoli with braised monkeyhead mushroom (19 bucks). For those who love monkeyhead mushroom will love it and vice versa. For me, i am a fan of mushrooms so i love the taste of monkeyhead mushroom. but sadly this dish doesnt give me a WOW. is just a normal stirred fried except with premium ingredientsnonya curry (18 bucks) . this one gives me a boo. the curry powder is too much and too dry for my liking.here, you can choose unpolished rice or white rice to go with your meals! for those who are very health conscious, you can opt for unpolished rice!OverallFood wise : ** ( Ok only)Price : ****Customer service : * ( slow in serving customers and attending to customers. i seen they are quite rude to the guest at another table)Will i come again? Sorry. dont think so continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-14
interesting but pricey vegetarian food, portion very huge, 10 of us cant finish set meant for 8. i like the oats with fried tofu, oats werecrispy and tasty and tofu was fresh and well cooked service was not bad, the waitresses attended to our requests very promptly. i think this is a must try for vegetaranians as the food is generally fresh, interesting and well cooked continue reading
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