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A slice of history.I was impressed by the rich heritage of this shop.An immediate text message to my aunt staying down the road at Kerrisdale leaves me feeling like a country bumpkin.They dine here every weekend it seems!Well, that's going to change in a minute.Jumbo Spring Rolls ($3 per roll)This was a great starter to dinner.To camera action.To conversation.And simple satisfaction.Crisp rolls deep fried to a golden brown packed densely with a myriad of flavours.Simple. But so much flavour.Charsiew, egg, vegan flour crispy bits and beansprouts to keep things moist and bursting with juices.Eating this with sweet sauce was a preview of things to come.Seafood hor fun- Large ($14)I'm a carb monster and this was just speaking to me from the time it was set down on the table.The generous servings of assorted seafood.I hoped the gravy would have that umami.And I wasn't disappointed.The dish would've scored a lot higher in my opinions if the horfun was not fried with soy sauce for color and instead, simply tossed with minimal oil over high heat for that characteristic wok hei flavour. Prawn paste chicken- Large ($22)This was a deep orange and best eaten piping hot.Unfortunately, the flavour of prawn paste was a lot less muted than its pungent fragrance.Having said that, this was still a plate of juicy chicken pieces with the satisfying crackle of deep fried skin.Homemade beancurd in mushroom sauce ($22)Silky smooth pieces of beancurd cut into squares and deep fried.Topped with sliced chinese flower mushrooms and yellow chives, drizzled generously with sauce.This was my favourite comfort food tonight. Black pepper beef ($22)Tender slices of beef well marinated with a strong black pepper sauce stir fried with a generous serving of onions.Fans of the red meat should make an order for this dish.Fried Prawn with Oats-Large ($37)The priciest item on the table that night but these juicy and succulent large prawns were well worth the price tag.Girls would be pleased to see that the large prawns have been served peeled.Eating this without getting oats all over your mouth is still an art.And there were more than enough prawns for practice.The use of oats in place of cereal was a novel step.And although rougher in taste than the latter, this alternative was less sweet and definitely very filling.Fried vegetables with minced meat ($16)A nondescript dish of chopped veggies topped with minced meat had a je ne sais quoi that kept me wondering.The boss kindly lets us in on the magic.Powdered dried flat fish and oyster sauce made for a delish gravy that these veggies were stir fried in.Sweet & Sour Pork- Large ($22)These battered pieces of pork were minimally covered in batter so you get a full bite of pork in every cube.I found the meat a little tough though but I actually would rather lean than fatty pork for this dish.The sauce was an addiction.It was also a plus point that real pineapple pieces were used instead of the canned ones.Nice family style environment, with enthusiastic waitstaff who serve with a smile.I'll definitely be back with family soon for some Cantonese styled stir fry in the Bugis area.Always a good time of meeting and eating with the OpenRicers.Thanks for the food tasting invite OpenRice continue reading
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Wing Seong Fatty's Restaurant, as I was told, was opened back in the 1920s. I was so surprised that a restaurant has lasted this long! Pretty amazing huh? It specializes in Cantonese cuisine but as dinner went on, I realized that it's more of a mix of Cantonese and Singaporean cuisine. Not quite like the ones we would have in Hong Kong.Here are some of the dishes that we were able to enjoy that evening:Jumbo Spring Rolls (S$3/roll)What a steal right? These spring rolls are huge! Reminds me somewhat of the lumpiang togue that I love munching on during dismissal time back in high school. The only difference is this one has roast pork inside together with the beansprouts. Really good!Seafood Horfun (S$14)Horfun or what we commonly call Hofun is a flat white noodle cooked with thick "gravy" a.k.a. sauce. I normally shy away from horfun as I find it too oily and salty for my taste. My perception towards it has changed though after trying Wing Seong Fatty's Seafood Horfun which was really delicious! They were very generous with the seafood added into this dish and eating it was very comforting. The same kind of warm fuzzy feeling you'd get from a delicious plate of pasta or a bowl of soup. Yum!Braised homemade beancurd with sauce (S$22)This is probably the only dish that I had a teeny tiny serving of as I try to eliminate having soy and beancurds in my diet. From the looks of my dinner companions though, it seems like a pretty okay dish.Stir-Fried Kailan with Meat (S$16)I love a well-balanced meal. This means always having veggies to balance out all the meat and carbs in my meal. This Stir-Fried Kailan had a good crisp bite and it was very fresh. We were told that it's cooked with the chef's "secret ingredient" which to this day remains a mystery. Any guesses?Chicken with Prawn Paste (S$22)As I saw this dish, I knew instantly that should the opportunity come for me to take Paul and my in laws to try this restaurant, this is one thing that I'll make sure I'll order for them to try. Why? Being big fans of Mann Hann's Okiam Chicken and our very own manang's Binagoonan Chicken, I was pretty certain they'll like this too. Deep-fried and coasted with prawn paste, I love how the chicken remains crunchy on the outside and juicy inside. Luckily, the prawn paste wasn't salty at all allowing us to have a second piece or more. One large order is good for a party of 8-10.Black Pepper Beef (S$22)Now, this is my favorite! I really love sizzling peppery tender beef that's served with sliced onions. This is perhaps one of the few occasions you can get me to eat onions. More rice please!Balachan Fried Rice (S$14)Speaking of rice, Wing Seong Fatty's Balachan Fried Rice is definitely a must-try! Balachan is a local shrimp paste commonly used in Nonya/Peranakan dishes. This one is really tasty and I love love love it!Sweet & Sour Pork (S$22)I was actually surprised to see this popular dish as part of our dinner line-up that evening. You see, back in Manila, Sweet & Sour Pork is a common mainstay in most lauriats. Be it in the fanciest Chiense restaurant or the budget-friendly ones, Filipinos just love love love their Sweet & Sour Pork. Well, I guess that same love spread all over the region or even the world. This version of Sweet & Sour Pork as definitely leaner with less chewy fat portions (hooray!) however the sauce had the same thick, sticky and syrupy consistency.Prawn with Oats (S$37)If you love Cereal Prawns, then you'll adore this! The secret is to get a scoop of cereal/oats and pour them over your rice. I just love the sweet and milky flavor of the oats. This may be a bit more expensive, but take my word for it -- go and try it.It was a delicious dinner and the service was superb. I somehow lost track of the number of times the owner, himself, has poured tea into my cup. I'm guessing that Wing Seong Fatty's started as a hawker stall or a Zi Char eatery (casual Chinese eatery) before it turned into a full blown air-conditioned restaurant. I shall return, Wing Seong Fatty's! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-28
Wing Seong Fatty's Restaurant has a long history and is now passed down to the next generation. It also has a affinity with Qantas Airline because back then, Qantas pilots patronized their restaurant for the unique and authentic Cantonese Cuisine. You wouldn't be surprised if you see more foreigners than locals here at the restaurant. That night during the tasting, two Caucasians spotted me snapping photo of the door front and introduced themselves as Qantas pilots. I was quite delighted to be able to chat with them a little. Jumbo Spring Roll $3 per rollFirst up we had an appetizer that was out of the menu. The spring roll differentiates itself from the commonly found ones through the ingredients stuffed in it. Sink your teeth into the crispy skin to find roast pork bits, chunky bean sprout and juicy radish in one such simple spring roll. I honestly think that the price is really reasonable. One of the mains served here is the seafood Horfun ($14). It comes with either fish or assorted seafood. There is a consistent silky texture of the noodles and the horfun sauce, not forgetting the bountiful amount of fresh seafood and vegetables. The slight charred taste added an extra flavour to it. The horfun was my favourite and I would recommend families to order this as a staple dish. Another good competitor against the fried kway teow is none other than a plate of fragrant fried rice($14) that comes with lots of ingredients chopped into tiny pieces. Just like how the name suggests, the belachan (fried shrimp paste) gives a strong alluring taste that stands out itself. I like how the fried rice isn't too moist. By now I'm quite convinced that the sauce plays a huge role in each dishes. The next dish that - Homemade beancurd with mushroom gravy ($22) has its tofu drizzled with mushroom sauce that appeals to all the mushroom lovers. The tofu has a crispy outer layer wrapping its smooth and soft tofu, it was definitely easy to down a few pieces in no time.Savour a dish of Black pepper beef ($22) combining the goodness of onion slices and pepper spices. The beef are very well prepared and it doesn't taste too tough like how beef would taste when they are cooked for too long. I'm sure beef lovers would love this. The Fried prawn with oats ($37) was the most expensive dish but was very much expected to be the most satisfying dish that night too. The big juicy prawns retained the moisture from its freshness, with a thin layer of fried batter wrapping around it. The oats are a delectable companion to the fried prawns. Sweet and sour pork ($22) is a common dish on most dining tables. To make this an unforgettable dish, my personal view is that the meat has a very crucial role. Many times, sweet and sour pork can lose a lot of its moisture through the process of deep-frying. Thankfully, the dish that we tried that night was the total opposite. It's juicy and chewy, but a little harder than chewy. Despite the challenge posed to my molar teeth, I still find myself grabbing more non stop. Fried vegetables with minced meat $16 (large)The greens are dipped in the sauce pool made up of dried fish head in grinded powder form and oyster sauce. Not sure about the rest but I find the vegetables a tad too salty. And probably because of that, it got me quite addicted to the crunchy vegetables. To me, Wing Seong reminds me of the family dinners I usually have with my family. The simple zhi char style is non-costly and heartwarming. If you're near bugis area, why not drop by and give the authentic cantonese cuisine a try? CelineRead full review with more photos on http://www.chiamhuiy.com/2013/09/food-review-wing-seong-fattys-restaurant.html continue reading
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This is my second food tasting session with OpenRice. I had the opportunity to taste a sumptuous spread of Cantonese-style cuisine from none other than Wing Seong Fattys Restaurant at Burlington Square.As I sat at the allotted table for our OpenRicers, the two framed photos of Qantas Airplanes caught my eye. Qantas long haul pilots often visited this restaurant during their transit in Singapore. Run by two brothers Fatty (passed away) and Skinny. We have come to the conclusion that Wing Seong Fattys has a special tie with Qantas pilots. Amongst the diners that night were locals, Aussie, Indonesian and a few off duty Qantas pilots enjoying their meal outside the restaurant.An article from Qantas about this restaurantAs there were 11 OpenRicers diners that night, all dishes were served in large portion.IMG:1]Three Jumbo Spring Roll at S$3 per roll.Special Jumbo Spring roll very crispy and fragrant with ingredients such as beansprouts, shredded carrots, small pieces of char siew, lengthwise spring onions and egg omelette amongst the fillings. This spring roll reminded me of the special OG Spring Roll which was a very popular dish served at the very first OG outlet restaurant long ago.Seafood Fried Kway Teow with Gravy - S$14 A generous amount of seafood ingredient such as fresh prawns and squids with Chye Sim was added to the Fried Kway Teow. The kway teow are not sticky and there were no charred taste to it. The gravy was palatable to go along with the seafood and the flat noodles.Braised home-made bean curd with sauce – S$22Soft tasty bean curd cubes deep fried and served with special sauce. Shredded mushrooms and yellow chives are part of the dish combination. This dish is off the menu.Fried Kai Lan with minced meat – S$16This is a unique combination of minced meat added to a vegetable dish. The minced meat is stir fry with their special ingredients including grinded flat fish and many others (secret recipe). I enjoyed this dish very much because of its unique taste.Belachan Fried Rice -S$14.I could not taste the belachan (shrimp paste) in the fried rice. Not oily with pieces of char siew and diced spring onions in the rice combination.Sweet and Sour Pork – S$22The pork is soft with a combination of colourful diced bell peppers and big onion slices. Sweet and yet sour sauce gives a kick to the dish.Black Pepper Beef – S$22The black pepper was too much for me. I felt the burning sensation on my tongue. Lots of sliced big onions goes well with the tender beef slices.Chicken in Prawn Paste – S$22aka Har Cheong GaiI did not taste the prawn paste at all. The chicken pieces are crispy and not oily. I had a second serving for this dish.Probably the marinating for the prawn paste was minimal to cater for the tourist and not Singaporean. Fried Prawns with Oats – S$37The deshelled reasonably big size fresh crunchy prawns topped with oats. Since the shells are not in tact, the oats are dislodged easily from the prawns.Other than good food, I am impressed with their customer service. The boss “goes extra mile service (GEMS) by topping our glasses with additional hot tea. I was about to take off from the restaurant with my take-away for the Spring Rolls, the waiting staff immediately stopped me and hand over two packets of sweet sauce and chilli. These are some of the factors I take into consideration when I dine. I could see there is a continuous flow of customers filling the empty tables. It’s a good place for family get together. Last but not least, a photo session with the Boss from Wing Seong Fatty's. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-19
Located behind Sim Lim Square, one can easily miss this place while walking pass. Eating here has been ranked #70 of 554 things to do in Singapore City by Lonely Planet travellers. One may thought it is a tourist trap at first glance, due to the huge number of non local people dining in here. It is quite popular with Australians ( could be due to the fact that there is a write up on the restaurant on the inflight Australian Weekend Magazine ). Not a big place, but one can dine indoor or outdoor. The place is quite old looking, with no frills service. The walls are decorated with pictures of story of the original Fatty and various photos of Qantas air planes. The original Fatty has passed away and the restaurant is Jumbo Spring Rolls - $3 eachThis dish is a hot favourite of everyone (One even orders extra for takeaway). Unlike the usual filling of carrots and turnips, here it is heavily stuffed with bean sprouts, chives, fried egg. Just dip it in sweet flour sauce, it taste so crunchy and juicy.Fried “Kway Teow” with Gravy - $14 (large)The Kway Teow is very smooth and separates easily. Overall very tasty dish with wok feel.Belachan Fried Rice - $14 (large)Expecting that it will be a spicy fried rice, but there is no hint of spicyness or the belachan taste. Maybe to cater the tourists' taste bud, the spicyness has toned down alot. But it is still a well cooked fried rice.Homemade Bean Curd - $22 (large) A rather smooth tasting bean curd, topped with mushrooms.Chicken in Prawn Paste - $22 (large)Tender chicken mid wings, but the prawn paste taste has been rather faint here.Black Pepper Beef - $22 (large)The slices of beef are huge and very tender, not overpowered by the strong sweet black pepper sauce.Fried Prawn with Oats - $37 (large)What is unsual about this dish is that the prawns are served peeled. Most places served the prawns unpeeled so that the serving would look nice and big. After deep frying, the prawn looks like a huge ball. So one can imagine how huge the prawns must be to use in this dish. The prawns taste juicy inside and crispy outside with the crispy crumbles around.Fried Vegetables with Meat - $16 (large)A interesting dish of stir fried green leafy vegetables. Dried flat fish is grinded into a fine powder and together with oyster sauce to use to create this simple dish with its light and unique taste.Sweet and Sour Pork - $22 (large)The sauce and the pork cubes taste not bad, but I would prefer the pork cubes to come with a more crispy texture on the outside, while tender inside. It seems the crispyness has gone when served.Overall the food is not bad, maybe will return for the crispy spring roll. continue reading
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