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Wo Peng is started by Award Winning Chef Julian Tam Kwok Fai who was the former Executive Chef of Furama Palace at the Furama City Centre Hotel for more than five years. Chef Tam is well known for using other cuisine ingredients to complement traditional cantonese recipes, thus reveal a Modernity of its Cuisine. Chef Tam is the First to bring Poon Choy to Singapore as a Chinese New Year Delicacy and also converting it into a dish which can be enjoyed daily. continue reading
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Buddha Jumps over to WOPENG Hong Kong Wei Cun Poon Choy Smoke Roasted Duck with Rice Tea Leaves and Camphor Wood
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Level4 2015-04-24
The one behind Wo Peng Restaurant is Award Winning Chef Juliam Tam Kwok Fai, a former executive Chef of Furama Palace at Furama City Centre Hotel. Besides that, Chef Tam is also the first that brought Poon Choy into Singapore as a Chinese New Year Delicacy.Wo Peng is known for its traditional and authentic cuisine.Tagging along with my friend who bought 2 sets of their Groupon Coupons (2 x $80) and came all the way from the West. Parking is a major concern for the restaurant as they are located just beside the main road where parking lots are limitedThe restaurant is only opened at 6pm for dinner and everyone is seen queueing outside although bookings were made before hand. When the clock hands stroke 6pm, everyone came rushing into the restaurant, lined up and wait for seats to be allocated.Everything was fast paced, from allocation of order to dining. Since it was a Groupon event, our dining period was limited till the next reservation from other customers.Interior was run down and was a total sight of old school Chinese restaurant that have not gone through major renovations for perhaps at least 20 years, from the fore-ceilings to dining tables and chair, everything smells traditional.Chopsticks were embossed with their Business Name. We took quite a while in ordering as some of the items that we wanted were unavailable on that day.Staff were quick to served upon our orders. Our orders came quickly in minutes.Doubled-boiled Cordyceps Flower Soup were lukewarm with a handful of chinese herbs in it. It tasted sweet and passed my expectation.Bamboo Pith and chinese cabbage was cooked to soften and was very tasty. Taste is acceptable but I felt that the price of the soup and quantity can be better.Dish came in within minutes upon ordering. Salted Egg Yolk coating on the prawns came with moisture, thus not as crispy.Peking duck was unavailable and we had ordered their roasted duck in tea. Roasted Duck was fatty just in line with the cantonese style, there are not much of tea flavour on the duck itself but if you drink its gravy, you will get to taste it.Fish Skin was deep fried and was very crispy. It is best to be consumed with dipping into their superior stock. The best part about having them deep fried was that they were not oily at all.It took quite a few reminders before the Shark's Cartilage Soup was placed onto the table. The soup was murky in color, sweet and tasty, filled with nutritional value.After much reminders, the sides finally came. Unlike from the usual chinese tables, the Jelly Fish came in bigger chunk and was spicy.As century egg lovers, we would like to clear everything on the plate but it was too salty for us to take. On top of that, the spiciness just gave us another reason not to finish them up.Of all dishes, our main came in last when side dishes had already filled our stomach.When asked if we could cancel the dish / order, they told us that the chef was already in the progress of frying. Thereafter we waited at the table for another half hour and still have no sight of the noodles. For some reason there was a delay and since we were not allowed to cancel, we have it packed resulting additional $1.50 for taking away.All in all, service was below my expectations. Food was not really up to their temperature and order sequence of food was at a mess - our cold dishes came in late and our main was given as the last dish when we had finished up our sides. Though Cantonese style can be a little rowdy at times but theirs was simply not within my limits. It marks my first and last visit there.For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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A traditional chinese restaurant along the shophouses in macpherson. One may think that it is a shabby restaurant from the outside. Although it isn't quite fanciful inside, my thoughts are that it is an old restaurant that have been around for ages, it markets itself as a premium restaurant like others.To start off, prices aren't cheap. Most of the dishes range from $18 and above. The restaurant looks old and traditional. It has sufficient chinese staff, run by an Assistant Manager who seem a little pushy by the way she talks.Moving on to the food, we ordered a plate of fried rice with chinese ham and salted egg. It took no more than 15 minutes for the food to arrive, but noting that there were just 2 tables occupied at the point in time. The rice smelled and tasted quite fragrant. Cooked with salted egg, we could taste the occasional pleasant saltiness of the egg with every mouthful of rice. The whole dish wasn't too salty to my surprise, which i am really glad. The only downside would be that i couldn't see any chinese ham.We also ordered butter prawns with egg floss. The egg floss was crispy and nice as a sidedish. The prawn however, was too salty. Eating every piece feels good at the start with the butter fried taste, but ended up with a cringe on the face as it turned out to be too salty! The prawns are big and fresh but i guess they have marinated it too long with salt!!An aircon restaurant with the usual peanuts and wet tissues, do remember to make reservations beforehand as apparently it is always full. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-22
I was told by a friend that Wo Peng Restaurant brings you the very best traditional and authentic Hong Kong style Cantonese cusine. Armed with two sets of Groupon coupons (worth SGD$80 each), I bought my family of four to try their lunch on a weekday.The restaurant was crowded even though our appointment was 130pm. The staff were busy handling other customers. Most of the customers were using the Groupon coupons vouchers. It took ten minutes before the waitress was able to take our order. It also took a long time before the dishes were served. We ordered some dishes from the a la carte menu and some dim sum. Perhaps we came too late as most of the dishes stated in the menu were not available. We were rather disappointed.SoupWe ordered two types of of soup. The menu reads "A Daily Soup, A Healthy Choice", so we selected the healthy version. The double boiled chicken soup with bamboo pith and chinese cabbage is quite reasonable in terms of taste but it is quite pricey at SGD13 per bowl. I didn't enjoy the double boiled cordyceps flower soup with drendrobium and meat reduction. It tasted like Chinese medicine.DishesThe Stir-fried asparagus and scallops was nice. The scallops were big and fresh. The irony : This was a substituted dish as the original dish which we ordered (traditional smoked and roasted duck with camphor and tea leaf) did not arrive after waiting for fifty minutes. The staff did not realize that the duck was out of stock until we enquired why it took so long to serve the duck). It was obviously a mistakeThe blanch Taiwan cabbage with century egg, salted egg and egg white in superior stock was quite nice. It wasn't too salty and it is comparable to the one served in Diao Xiao Er, which is my all time favourite!Dim SumWe ordered mostly common and standard dim sum such as Siew Mai, Har Gow (Fresh Shrimp Dumplings) and Steamed Pork Ribs. I would rate the dim sum average and reasonable which you can get similar dim sum in other Cantonese restaurants.DessertsOut of the seven items advertised in the desserts menu, only three are available. We selected Chilled Mango Puree with Pomelo and Sago and Home-made Osmunthus Jelly. Similarly like the dim sums, I would rate the desserts reasonable and average. I like the sweet Mango Pudding with pomelo (though little) better than the Osmunthus Jelly. The Jelly tasted like agar agar and it costs SGD6 per bowl.ConclusionTo be honest, I was disappointed with the lunch @ Wo Peng Restaurant. It fell short of my expectations on many factors such as quality of food, pricing, customer services, waiting time and food presentation. Sincerely hope they can make improvement to win back the customers in future. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-10
Went to this Chinese restaurant with my family members to have a sumptuous lunch. Have tried a few dishes such as the smoked ducks, seafood fried rice and the crispy fish skin. Among this, their crispy fish skin leave a very good impression to me. Love it alot as they are crispy and not very oily. You cannot really find any fishy smell on it, but the natural fish fragrant and that slight saltiness on it. Very appetitzing and make me want to crave for more. Spend about $100 dollars for a table of four. continue reading
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Together with my parents, we had a good dinner at Wo Peng Restaurant in MacPherson (very near to my parents' place). I got to know about this restaurant through Camemberu blog Initially, I thought of bringing my parents to Tao's restaurant as they have very good service and value for money set meal. However, when I called for reservation, they told me that there is an additional surcharge of $10 for each person during this weekend due to Mother's Day. I replied that in that case, we would come some other time instead. After that, I was searching for a place to bring my parents to and it seemed that Wo Peng was the best choice. Happy that I did not make the wrong decision. It is not easy to find a parking place especially during dinner time. It is a good thing that the restaurant provides complimentary valet parking service. The day before, I called in for reservation and I was advised to pre-order the dishes as well. Thus, based on the recommendation on the phone, I ordered the following dishes:Crispy fish skin - Very nice and crispy. No fishy smell at all and it was a good snack.Wasabi Prawns was delicious. The prawns were big and succulent. Charcoal Grilled Goose was one of the star dishes too! continue reading
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