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09:00 - 21:00
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09:00 - 21:00
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Signature Dishes
Cereal Prawns Shark's Fin
Review (1)
Level4 2014-02-25
First heard of Xing Zhou Seafood was from my aunt, she gave rather positive comments towards it. We went there for a family dinner, Chinese Food would be the best choice. The stall was not too big, yet decent and well-maintained. Signature dishes were shown on the board, prices were clearly stated to avoid confusion. Fresh fish was actually steamed first before cooking in Curry Claypot, it had less powdery spices if compared to Indian Curry. Boss substituted Coconut Milk with healthier Soy Milk, there was no big different in term of taste if you ask me. Assorted veggies added in, it was certainly a savoury pot with acceptable level of spiciness.Few cooking style yet we opted for Chilli gravy, not too impressive because the crabs were small. Starchy gravy was thick and strong flavoursome, I would say it was finger-licking great taste. Plate of vegetables was decently chewy, but nothing special. Pieces were cut in a mouth-bite size, shiny with a great garlic-fragrant. Frying skill was quite good, veggies were not overcooked.Omelette egg was the last dish, moistened enough. Nothing went wrong for the dish, filling ingredients but it was a little oily. We agreed that it was rather worth the price, both portion-wise and taste-wise. Enjoyed our family meal, all of us were full and contented. continue reading
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