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Level3 2014-11-29
Happen to chance upon this shop while shopping for items for our house.The place looks simple on the exterior, more like a coffee shop type. But the items are not cheap, more like restaurant prices. Anyway, we tried it.We ordered the prawn with beancurd and kangkang with rice. I like both of them very much. The prawns are big and fresh, and goes very well with the egg gravy and beancurd. The gravy is thick to the right extent, and not too saltish. Goes well with rice. The beancurd is soft and melts in the mouth.The kangkong is stir-fried and is quite spicy and a bit saltish. But it goes very well with the rice. For those who prefer less spicy/saltish food, should inform the staff before hand.Staff service is prompt and friendly. Will come back again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-03
This is Teochew cooking at its very best. Used to be located at an old kopitiam along Joo Chiat Road, this small shop attracts many regulars. Must tries include cold crab, white bait omelet and teochew squid. The braised platter including small and large intestines is excellent. The cold crab comes with lots of delicious roe. The sambal kang kong is also pretty decent. Steamed fish (seasonal) is also highly recommended. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-09
We visited Xu Jun Sheng at Joo Jiat Road for its traditional Teochew cuisine and porridge. This place has 60 years of history and has moved from its previous location from 50 Joo Chiat Road to 121 Joo Chiat Road.Unlike most Teochew Porridge places whereby you ordered from the row of cooked food, you are given a pencil to indicate on the menu what you want to order.The Prawn Rolls were probably one of the best I have ever eaten. I googled and read that they used pork mesentary to wrap the fillings. Maybe that is the secret of the crispy outer layer. The Prawn Rolls were also sliced thinner but bigger in diameter which is different from other places. I am not a great fan for Prawn Rolls but I enjoyed this a lot.The Stir Fried Sambal Kang Kong was nice, crunchy and not too spicy.We noticed a lot people eating this particular steamed fish which had its stomach split out into half. We were very curious and asked the server to order for us. The Steamed Mullet prepared without any seasoning was surprisingly very fresh and tasty. It doesn't have the fishy smell.Teochew cuisine is known for its braised stuff so how can we not try it. We ordered both the Braised Platter and Pig Trotters. The Braised Platter had both big and small pig intestines, beancurds and fried beancurd skins. The innards, beancurds and fried beancurd skins were well braised soaking up the soy sauce.The Pig Trotters was very tender and melts in the mouth. I was a bit disappointed that most of it was lean meat. I think I took the one and only fatty piece. While writing this post, I realized the menu allows us to indicate either tendon or thigh for the Pig Trotters which we left it out. Maybe that was the reason they have given us mostly lean meat.The Teochew style Prawns with Beancurd has to be everyone's favourite. The prawns were big and fresh. The beancurds were smooth and silky. The gravy was the highlight that made this dish so tasty. It was so good that I couldn't resist taking a few spoonful of it even though we have finished the prawns and beancurds.The Preserved Radish Omelette had a nice balance of flavours and was not too salty. The preserved radish also gave the omelette a crunchy texture. continue reading
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Level3 2012-06-13
- The ShopThis non air-conditioned Teochew Porridge and Tze Char place is formely from 59 Joo Chiat Place. They are now located in a nondescript shophouse kopitiam along Joo Chiat ROAD, the same stretch as Joo Chiat Complex.With more than 60-years of history, this place have a lot of pure Teochew cooking such as the house specialities including steamed red snapper ($20 - $25), braised pork trotters ($6), cold crab brimming with creamy golden roe (around $14 each, depending on season), braised duck ($15) and whitebait omelette ($6).They takes reservations and takeaway orders too. Simply give them a call at least 30min in advance at 6348 0973 to save time on waiting for takeaway orders. - The FoodBraised Platter @ $8This succulent braised platter consists of braised pig small & large intestines, bean curbs (taupo) and fried beancurd skin (taukee). A thicker gravy will make it more prefect.Pork Trotters (Tendon/Thigh) @ $6The meat is tender but I felt that the gravy is not rich and gelatinous enough. I still prefer those distinctive and strong flavour from the copious amounts of vinegar used.Stir-fried Kang Kong with Sambal @ $7We had order Sweet Potatoes Leaves with Sambal but none of us realize it was a wrong dish as we were too concentrate shooting the food. LOLz.The veggie is crunchy but nothing spectacular. The sambal is not spicy and there is missing flavours from the dried prawns.Traditional Prawn Roll (Ngoh Hiang) @ $6Crispy on the outside with generous filling on the inside. I heard they use Pork Mesentary to wrap the prawn rolls, no wonder it's so tasty.Teochew Style Prawns with Beancurd @ $15This is not exactly a Teochew dish but it's Ooh la la. The gravy that bathes the big fresh prawns and tofu is very addictive. It goes so well with with both the grainy porridge and rice.Steamed Mullet @ Seasonal PriceDon't be deceive by the plain look that is only garnish with coriander. The flesh is tender smooth and so fresh that you’ll taste the delicate and sweet flavor of the fish.To me, steamed fish taste more satisfying than fried fish but you will probably find it bland if you prefer more flavourful taste.Preserved Radish Omelette @ $5The preserved radish omelette (also known as Chai Poh Omelette (菜脯卵)) was another winner. The preserved radishes give a good crunch to the omelette and it's not overly salty.7 of us spend $80 on a total bill with 7 drinks.- My OpinionIf you are craving for authentic Teochew muay, this is the place.The variety and the quality of the dishes have reasonable price if you stay away from the seasonal seafood. Having said that, most Tze Char stall do not serve fresh seafood with the same amount paid. Plus you pay a higher price for a quality fresh seafood at restaurant.The dishes may look simple but they are mostly delicious and it's much better than those Geylang Teochew Porridge.The Yam Paste (or nee - $2) crowned with pumpkin mash & gingko nuts receive a lot of good review. But sadly, we didn't order that. continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-28
Today's weather is really suitable to have teochew porridge .. HERE WE GO! This place is very neat and clean which is very different from those teochew muay place which I had visited. The order list comes in the' tick what you want' version that is typical found in dim sum restaurants. Without a miss, I would go for the Tau Pok, salted vegetables, and "lor" egg. Decided to try the prawn with tofu dish today, and it was simply wonderful. Prawns were fresh, and the sauce was not overwhelmingly spicy. The tofu is home-made and very soft that it could slither down your throat if you didnt feel like chewing Another dish I would recommend is the home made steamed fish cake, something which I have never tried elsewhere before. If you prefer the crispy type, then this fishcake might not be for you, else it goes very well with the chilli sauce and a spoonful of porridge. Lastly, the pot of chrysanthemum tea was just right and not too sweet, the perfect balance to clear your palette for the next mouthful of porridge. continue reading
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