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Signature Dishes
Deep Fried Fish Tail w/ Garlic & Diced Chilli Home-cooked Braised Duck in Clay pot Fish Maw Soup
Review (2)
Level4 2015-09-19
Very enjoyable lunch in a fairly new restaurant, comfortable chairs to cushion my big behind after we feast on all the dishes we ordered. I ordered many of the restaurant's recommended dishes and was happily pleased to find almost all the dishes very good! We had:* Marmite Spare Ribs - very well seasoned pork ribs bits that has meat so well cooked that it falls away from the bone easily. • Salted Egg Fried Fish Skin - this dish is very very addictive! Can't stop and super yummy. I mean, salted egg + deep fried crispy fish skin = super!* Cereal Prawn - I dunno what type of cereal they use but it's super fine. Coats the prawn balls beautifully. Worthy of mention is that the prawns were fresh and large too! • 3 Eggs Spinach in Superior Broth - very tasty dish that is a hit with the kids. I lace their rice with the sauce and they happily finish up their rice!* Tofu with Cai Poh & Pork Floss - soft soft tofu that deep fried and topped with crispy fried cai poh AND floss! Very good combi!* Golden Medal OTAR Beancurd - tofu pieces that infused with otah taste. But I find the otah taste TOO subtle. My hubby didn't even know it's supposed to have otah taste!!!* Deep Fried Fish Tail with Fragrant Sauce - the fragrant sauce is very nice but the fried fish was a tad too well fried. A bit too dry for my liking. But I'm a fan of fish so I'll order it again. Heh• Broccoli with Bean Skin - I found this dish so-so. Not bad but nothing of special mention. * "Dong Poh" Braised Meat - this is another award winning dish with their stewed pork. It's so-so, not bad lah...• Deep Fried Prawn Roll - again, not bad but I have had better ones elsewhere. This is a 5-star rating because this meal is with a Groupon discount which made the meal very much value-for-money. Else it's still a healthy 4-star rating! 😊 continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-26
Located where the old Irvin's seafood was, is this 5 month old Yam's Kitchen, their first outlet is at Downtown east, Pasir Ris. I popped by on a saturday at 1130am and the staff were ready for their first customers. The tables are neatly arranged and they have arrangements for groups of 4,6 and 10.Got a chilled drink whilst waiting for the food to arrive, this is just a normal chestnut juice you get from any food place. But it was still refreshing.1. Salted Egg Fried Fish Skin $6.80Probably the highlight of our meal! The fish skin was so crispy and freshly fried, I enjoyed every crunch of it. The salted egg sauce was also just right, not too diluted, or over powering. I really liked this dish and I strongly recommend you to order it! You won't regret trying it!2.  Deep Fried Fish Tail with Fragrant Sauce (small) $19.80This was quite a huge serving, even though we ordered a small, big enough for 4 people to share. The sauce was tasty enough, yet not MSG ladden. But the fish was bit too over fried.Nonetheless, the whole fish was crispy and some parts was more like a biscuit.3. Penang Fried Kway Teow $5.80On the menu, this wasn't listed as spicy and we were actually surprised to see the chilli on the noodles. I don't normally like spicy foods and this was slightly too spicy for my liking. Even though the noodles had a charred texture, I couldn't taste much wok-hei even though I could smell it.4. Marmie Spare Ribs (small) $10.80I loved this so much! The spare ribs were cooked very well and the sauce was sweet and flavourful. I feel that their portions are quite generous even though we ordered small plates. The meat was tender and some were boneless pieces too.5. Soya bean pudding $2.20, Mango Pudding with Pearls $3, Jelly Honey Lime $3The soya bean and mango pudding was soft and silky, but I couldn't taste much mango flavouring in the pudding. However, they had little mango pearls with mango juice inside. Each time you bit into the pearl, mango juice would come bursting out. It was very delightful!Here's the bill for 3 pax. Service was also very friendly and pleasant. Our food arrived very quickly after we had placed our orders. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)