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Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Seafood Chilled Sago Cream with Mango & Pomelo Claypot Rice Vermicelli with Prawns in XO Sauce Peking Duck
Review (9)
Level4 2016-08-09
I had just attended the National Day Dinner which had its chinese sit down dinner catered from Yan Palace.1st course : Cold Dish CombinationThere was 5 dishes in this dish : crispy fish skin, salad prawn, fried egg, black fungus, deep fried prawn roll.Most people were not taken with the black fungus especially with the older generation. Although the black fungus was crunchy, it was lacking of flavours.The crispy fish skin was everyone's favourite as it was light and crispy.The prawn roll looked like crispy yam roll, filled with crunchy prawn filling.2nd course : Double Boiled Black Chicken SoupThe soup was a way too salty for most people. The meat of the black chicken was quite tender.3rd course : Baked Herbal DuckThe meat was quite tender and filled with tender soft, melt in the mouth chestnuts.4th course : Braised Seafood with vegetablesThere was clams, fish maws, shiitake mushrooms, whelks, cabbage, and dried scallops. The dish was well braised.5th course : Five Spice RollsThere was way too much onion in the rolls, and lacking of the crunchy texture from water chestnuts. It was served with a spicy squid salad.6th course : Steamed Sea BassThe fish was steamed with soya sauce, and topped with a meat and preserved vegetable mixture. The meat was firm and juicy.7th course : Steamed Herbal PrawnsThe prawns were juicy but can barely tasted the herbal part.8th course : Braised Pork Belly PauThe braised pork belly was quite oily, and could do with a longer braising time as the fat still did not have the melt in the mouth texture yet. It was served with pipping hot bun.9th course : Mango PuddingWish there were mango cubes in it. Lacking of mango flavour.Service was uneven. My dining partner who was having vegetarian, got left out of one course. One staff remembered but served her with a vegetable dish with dried scallop in it. The following course she was served 2 courses together. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-23
Having been to Yan Palace @ Warren Country Club some years back for dimsum lunch but not having great impression, I decided to give it another shot - this time at the Hong Lim Complex outlet at Chinatown. The restaurant is furnished in traditional Chinese restaurant style - complete with carpeted floors and big round tables with white tablecloth.  Disappointingly, they do not serve any dimsum at all for dinner, so *Edwin and I had to make do with ordering a few ala carte dishes for sharing.I decided to try the Venison Broth with Egg White (SGD$5.00). The venison cubes were not too tender, but retained the sweet natural flavor of venison meat. The silken soft tofu cubes were a good contrast, and the egg white soup was clear enough to complement the flavor of its ingredients.The Cod Fish in Beer (SGD$12.00) that I had been looking forward to was a little disappointing. The cod, while buttery smooth and luscious in its natural form, was definitely not enhanced by the overly sweet flavor of the beer sauce it was infused in. The gooey and far-too-sweet sauce somewhat reduced the flavor of the cod by a huge tad; might've been lovelier if it had been a bitterer beer for this dish.We also had the Crispy Duck with Yam Paste (SGD$24.00) - a bit of a carbo overload, but nonetheless a delicious indulgence. The fried yam was very crispy on the outside, and we loved the coarsely sweet flavor of yam. The duck meat was ensconced within the crispy fried yam slices, turning the dish into a savoury-sweet combination of multi-textures.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/dinner-at-yan-palace-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-11
I had Tanjong Panjar Chinese New Year Lou Hei Dinner.The restaurant which served my table was Yan Palace Restaurant. Of course, Yu Sheng was served as the starter. The necessary ingredients such as the red ginger , winter melon, sweetened plum, fried sesame, fine peanut, pok chui biscuit, cinnamon and pepper, carrot and radish and yu sheng sauce were added. The final ingredient was the abalone was added. The abalone was cut to thick slices of 10. It was really food ration. I suppose the abalone must be the canned form. At last the Yu Sheng was tossed and the taste was alright. The abalone was not tough and neither was it too soft. The carrot and radish were not shredded to finest. For any public dining area, I would not expect to the superior dinning so long that the dish was presentable, it would be alright. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-18
Mum's 60th Birthday falls on Monday, so we had a simple celebration over the weekend. It's a typical old-skool Chinese Restaurant with KTV rooms at Chinatown, but cos we made the reservations too late, we only manage to reserve for a table at the main dining hall.Roasted "Pi-Pa'Duck. The duck is very tender & doesn't have any smell. The sauce that comes with it is sweet & niceBraised Shark's Fin Soup with Conpoy & Shredded Mushrooms - Broth is thick & the ingredients are generous.Fried Spare Ribs with Garlic - Although fried, the spare ribs are tender & very strong fragrant of garlicSauteed Mixed Greens w/Water Chestnut & Cordycep Flowers - Crunchy vegetables & taste really sweet.Deep Fried Fish with Fruits in "Thai' Style - Fish is fresh & the lemon chilli dressing is not spicyLongevity Buns - soft buns with lotus paste which are not too sweet. The kids love this!Fried Prawns with Vermicelli in Claypot - No fancy ingredients here but the vermicelli has the sweetness of the prawns. Fried Fish Noodles with Seafood - generous fresh ingredients & the soup is very sweetYam Paste. Not too sweet; nice. But texture of the yam paste is a little rough & the ginko nuts is a little hard continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-08
When it comes to having Dim Sum in Chinatown, I always frequent the following:a. Tak Pob. Red Starc. Da DongAnd now, I found the 4th - Yan Palace Restaurant!! One weekday afternoon, I felt adventurous and wanted to explore a new eating place. I recalled walking past a Chinese restaurant at Hong Lim Complex, so I went ahead with my instincts and located this place (I lied, I did it with the help of a colleague...haha! ).At its entrance, Yan Palace Restaurant gave the impression that it serves "nothing below expensive". But the price turned out to be decent - $18+ per pax! And it's not entirely unheard of, as there were quite a few tables occupied with large groups of people. Even my colleague knew of the place , and boosted my morale when he said that the food was good, before we made our order! The decor within was quaint. It looked like those kind of Chinese restaurants where KTV is available, and typical for Chinese wedding banquets.We ordered the following dishes:Fried Mee SuaTasty! The restaurant took the initiative to ask if we would want it to be served individually (not all restaurants retain such good customer service)Fried Glutinous Balls w Pumpkin FillingAverage. I am not a fan of the glutinous coating. The shape of the ball was somewhat dome-shaped and looked cute. What made it better was that the balls were cut into halves. So, a table of 4 pax would be able to distribute a serving of 3 glutinous balls for everyone to have a taste of this dish. This went the same for some other dim sum dishes.Fried Prawn and Banana RollThis was a special dish, where the prawn and banana were consistently separated in the roll. The ones I've eaten thus far had both ingredients all mixed together. Crab Roe Siew MaiAverage. I can see the crab roe, but can't taste it.Har GowDecent. Prawns were big. Paper Wrapped ChickenNot really nice. It got bones in it and the meat was stuck to the paper. Steamed Pork RibsThis was a slab of meat literally! You get more meat than what you pay for! Good! Wished there were more black beans in this dish though!Fried Cheese BallsBest of all dishes!!! I love the filling within, though I can't make out what it was. They really ought to sell these balls like KFC's Popcorn Chix!!! Plum and Grass JellySour. A good end to the heavy lunch though! Great for digestion!The chilli sauce provided had beans in it! If only they could make the chilli skin less visible (fine grinding etc.) and include more beans in it!!! My 3 other colleagues also ordered a dessert each and the bill amounted to this:Total Cost: $18+ per pax (for 4 pax)Will I visit again? U bet! continue reading
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