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Level4 2015-07-17
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/07/17/satisfaction-guaranteed-teochew-muay-ye-shanghai-on-16jul2015/when i was queueing for shi le yuan 实叻圆糜 the other day, the guy in front of me said ye shanghai was cheaper & had a larger spread, and he only came to shi le yuan because ye shanghai was closed that day. so i came with my sis & b-i-l to try out ye shanghai on 16.7.2015. it’s not bad!^^ we came at 1030am so no queue, but also not all dishes were ready. we ordered total 10 dishes. it came to only S$20.60. so the man was right, a bit cheaper than shi le yuan, more variety of dishes just as good but not really better. maybe the veg dishes were better here. there was no ngoh soon (small treadfin) & mullet 乌鱼 they only served those in the evening. we ordered the “kee her” fish. i thought it was very good actually taken with tau jeon, good proxy to mullet 乌鱼. the big intestines was good very well cleaned, nice texture, slightly milder lor 鲁 taste, i quite like it.  the kong bak belly pork too. nice big intestines. veg here very nice. the brinjal was every tasty. pig’s skin was very good. just like the ng ah sio one we had recently at rangoon road, no fat, all collagen.salted fish minced pork 咸鱼饼 was very good too. somewhat different from shi le yuan but equally good. only dish not great was the steamed egg. not much taste, maybe that was to be expected of a steamed egg with nothing in it. peanuts nothing to talk about. spinach was very good, tasty! tau kee was the usual. cabbage was very good, very sweet & tasty. we had a second order. so after the 10 dishes, sis went to order 2 more, cabbage for S$1.and pomfret for S$4. pomfret was good too. i didn’t mind it but maybe i prefer the kee her more. so we had 10 dishes (top & above) for S$20.60. then greedy added 2 more dishes so total S$25.60 including 3 porridge. really good meal & totally satisfying with or w/o the additional 2 dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-18
Was craving for some teochew muay so I decided to try this place out. Was here on a weekday night and there was a constant long queue.Got ourselves the niang tofu, minced pork ball, eggplant and some kind of melon. I didn't really like the porridge as it was too starchy for my liking. The minced pork ball was not bad, and the melon and eggplant were ok too. I think the niang tofu can be better. continue reading
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Friday = Party all night!*Cue Pitbull Music*If you didnt end up hugging a toilet bowl tonight, and feeling a little peckish, let me introduce this little unpretentious gem, which I discovered last night!Opened till 5am, dont be surprised to see a queue at night, as this stall has loads of fans for their delicious and extensive range of yummy ingredient. Despite feeling bloated, I couldnt resist the dishes that was placed in front of me!Special mention to the stirfry liver and potato which were so good, my chopsticks was drawn to it like a magnet, continuously picking at it!The pork liver at Ye Shang Hai is mixed with a savoury thick brown sauce which is perfect to mask the horrible liver smell! For the first time in my life, i saw myself eating more liver than I had ever eaten in my life!! It is that good!The potatoes are also well cooked to the point where it is soft, but not mushy, the perfect bite. Just mentioning it is making me salivate. continue reading
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Full reviews visit, http://www.umakemehungry.com/2013/11/ye-shanghai-pocket-friendly-teochew-mui.htmlYe Shanghai, a favourite hotspot for taxi drivers as well as my place for affordable and comfortable Teochew Mui whenever I'm in that vincity. Their porridge is well-liked by young and old, just look at the queue. But dont worry, the team of helpers at Ye Shanghai was rather efficient in their operations.Kong Bao or Kung Po dish was good. The dish had adequate amount of spiciness with diced chicken stirred fried in peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers. With the sweet gravy mixed well in the porridge, it can also be a good substitute to the braised sauce provided.The texture of Tau Ki (Dried Beancurd Skin) was not too soft and not too oily. Additional bowl of braised gravy was given upon request for our porridge.Tau Gua was bigger than expected. It was cut into 4 equal portions and becareful during consumption as it might be steaming hot. Total Spending: $9.60 for 3 porridge and 5 side dishes.All in all, Ye Shanghai serves a value for money dinner especially when we talked about Teochew Mui. Their competitor in the same vicinity whom sell the similar items may cost twice as much. Therefore, they are always my first choice for budget meal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-09
I love teochew porridge as there's so much dishes to choose from and I will always be in a difficult position to choose which dishes to go with my plain porridge. Almost all the dishes cooked in Ye Shang hai looks so good to be miss! Finally decides on fish, omelet, cabbage and sambal octopus. All the dishes I've ordered taste great and fresh, especially the fish - no fishy smell at all and it have this sweet fish taste. The sambal octopus is also another of my favorite and I almost ordered another plate of it. This place is still busting with people even after dinner hour, but no worries as the whole coffeeshop is spacious and it won't be difficult to find a table, just maybe you have to share with fellow porridge lover! continue reading
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