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Level4 2014-12-30
I saw the newspaper that this Yellow Submarine was opened by Mediacorp's 陈澍城. So when I was in Toa Payoh Hub, I was curious and went to have a try. I ordered the all time favourite on their menu, Yellow Submarine Classic Set at $9.90, with drinks and cheesy fries. The price was slightly high for a fastfood set meal.The Cheesy Fries smelt of heavy cheddar cheese. The cheese sauce texture was ooey gooey, when I dipped the crispy French Fries into the cheese sauce, the taste was very yummy.The beef baguette was also spam with the same cheese sauce. The filling inside seem like stir fried beef with onions. The combination of cheese sauce, beef and onions made me think of Vietnamese Bánh Mì. I liked the overall tasted, it was quite oriental. I think the beef baguette would be better if there was fresh green lettuce. continue reading
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Spotting an opportunity in the Singapore market, Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks founder Andy Hoon opened shop in April 2013, bringing his version of the Philly cheesesteak to the heartlands. With a menu created with the help of chef Eric Teo, the bright and cheery Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks has created quite a stir over the last 1 year with their yummy, halal, ultra cheesy Philly cheesesteaks.Ambience at Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks is cheeky, playful, and bright. Their colours theme of vibrant yellow and blue stands out amongst other shops, and within, the ceiling blocks are shaped like cheese, with the center table taking the shape of, what else? A yellow submarine! However, the layout is cramped, and the furniture, while pretty looking, feels cheap, especially the flimsy chairs.Service at Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks is largely self-service, similar to a other fast food franchises. Queue to place your orders and make payment at the counter, then collect your order later. I like that staff are friendly, and orders are prepared quickly, typically taking less than 5 minutes even during peak periods. I also like that staff are quick and efficient at clearing dirty tables. But there is very little overall interaction with the staff.Food at Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks revolves largely around a variety of Philly cheesesteaks, all customised to the Singaporean palate, and thus, not authentic or traditional at all. But as a sandwich, I must say that they are tasty, and quite filling because of the generous helping of gooey cheese in each sandwich! Prices at slightly higher than other fast food franchises though, and I don't quite feel it's great value for money, average value at best. Budget about SGD $12 per person for a meal here.I like that the Corn Mine (SGD $1.50) comes with a slab of butter, separate from the husked corn kernels, meaning you can decide how healthy (or unhealthy) you want it to be. The corn is wam and juicy, absolutely delicious! And the price is slightly cheaper than what you pay elsewhere!Each tub of Torpedo Fries (SGD $3.50) features hot, thick-cut chips, doused in a savoury and warm cheese sauce. A blend of several types of cheese, the cheese sauce is a house secret receipe! Not overly salty, these are probably the best cheese fries of any major fast food franchise, though the overload of cheese may leave you feeling full!The Philly Submarine (SGD $8.90) is very tasty! Quality Australian beef sirlion is grilled well, still slightly juicy, and the onions were chunky and soft. The bun was warm, slightly crisp outside and soft inside, holding in the meat juices and gooey provolone cheese well. Pretty good sandwich on its own!However, it differs greatly from an authentic Philly cheesesteak. The real deal typically uses thin, deli style sliced beef rib-eye, with has a nice salty, savoury, smoky flavour, unlike the thick strips used here. The onions are also cooked till extermely soft and somewhat stringy, with a caramalised sweetness, unlike the onions here which are done more Chinese Zi Char style. The bun is normally longer with more crispness, and the real Philly Cheesesteak doesn't use tomato ketchup! The only authentic ingredient here is the provolone cheese!The Yellow Submarine Classic (SGD $7.90) comes with the awesome secret recipe cheese sauce instead of provolone cheese, but otherwise, is functionally similar to the Philly Submarine in the use of ingredients. You can choose from either a chicken or beef sandwich filling, and best of all, it's all halal certified! Full Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/09/yellow-submarines-cheesesteaks.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-06
A new kid on the block in our local fast food scene, Yellow Submarines has been serving up cheesesteak, subs and burgers in the heartland since its first and only outlet opened in Toa Payoh Central last April.It is hard to miss this eye-catching restaurant in cheery yellow colour located in a conspicuous corner where a former bridal studio used to be. When you come out from Exit C of Toa Payoh MRT Station, go straight ahead for a few metres and turn right till you reach a pedestrian crossing. Yellow Submarines will be on your 10pm direction.These thick cut fries are quite a treat compared to the usual shoestring ones but they are just like the regular frozen french fries so nothing could go wrong. The same runny cheese sauce from the sub is drizzled over the fries here. Subtle flavour, just not cheesy enough. Do note the sauce will be at the bottom of the cup so dig right down before you finish the fries.What I have here is no where near the picture on the menu. The generous serving of beef slices, though juicy and tender, are pale in colour and under-seasoned. If not for the cheese sauce, this sandwich would be a totally bland one. The beef in most if not all of the Philly cheesesteaks I had before were all nicely browned over the griddle for colour as well as flavour so I am quite disappointed that the beef isn’t prepared in the same way here. The onions aren’t caramelised too. And the cheese sauce is a little diluted. I do like the fresh bread roll that’s light and soft in the middle. Overall, it is decent as a normal sliced beef sandwich but to call it a cheesesteak, it’s just not quite there.For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/02/11/cheesesteak-yellow-submarines-toa-payoh-central/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-30
I've been hearing about this place, but never gotten a chance to try it out for myself until today. The joint looks super cute from the outside, with a cute yellow submarine as the logo. The theme of the place was also very cute and fun.I ordered the Classic Beef Sub ($9.90) but was quite disappointed with it. The buns looked rather unimpressive and they used thin beef slices instead of chunks of steak. The only saving grace is that it was overflowing with cheesy goodness.They used the same cheese in their Torpedo Fries which were chunkier than the regular fries you get at McD. The cheese reminds me of nachos cheese and has this watery texture to it. One of those cheeses that you snack on, but does not really make for a satisfying meal.Overall, while the concept of the place is fun and cheery, the food isn't fantastic. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-22
A new fast food chain that opened at Toa Payoh lately. My friend told me the famous cheese-steak burger and I checked online for the menu. I expect a new place like this will be crowded but it is not. I guess it could be due to the popularity not that high and also not everyone like the cheese. Like one of my friend dun like it as he feel the cheese too thick.I am super cheese lover, so definitely will not miss the chance to try it out. I got Set 1 combo(Yellow Submarines Classic), it come with the beef burger, Torpedo Fries and drink of your choice. It is self-service, you will be given a number and while it is your turn, the number will show and you just go to the "mouth of the burger" to collect. You may request for extra cheese if you want to be more cheesy.The burger is good with more cheese sauce because I just love cheese. The highlight is the cheese fries. This is so yummy and xinful. I requested additional sauce. The fries is still crispy but if you soak it in the sauce for too long. It will become soggy but that doesn't matter because I still love it! continue reading
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