Yoogane's first outlet in Singapore at Bugis Junction offers the same Chicken Galbi (<i>dakgalbi</i>) that has been very well-received in its home country of Korea. The restaurant uses only top and fresh ingredients, complemented by its unique blend of sauces and seasonings. continue reading
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Chicken Galbi Korean Style Seafood Pancake Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake)
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Level1 2017-08-12
Chukkumi galbi was disappointing after more than 30min wait, with blend taste and small portion. continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-10
Visit Bugis and having lunch in this places. Take sometime for ordering our food cause first timer. Ha. We ordered 2 set of spicy Yoogane Chicken ( Chef recommendation ) and spicy Dokboki also spicy type. They prepared with a large pan before you. Taste is very shiok and suitable for those who like "chilli hot" food. Half way through we add on white rice and this make a perfect mixtures after second round of "cooking" session. So tasteful and serving is sufficent for 2. If you are kimchi lover, there are free flow for everyone include some vegetables. Overall is very good experience and slightly expensive for the value of food. Good for those who never try yet... this is my 2nd try. Still have a high recommendation. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-07
More Reviews can be found at http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/05/yoogane.htmlYoogane, having its first outlet in Singapore at Bugis Junction since a year ago and with its second outlet in Westgate, Jurong East.They offers Chicken Galbi (dakgalbi) which has been very well received in their country of Origin. Quality of food is ensured as the restaurant only uses top and fresh ingredients, complemented by its sauces and seasonings.I though the hype for Yoogane should have been stopped by now but it doesn't seem so even on a Weekday night. We waited for about half an hour before getting ourselves into the restaurant.Seats will only be provided upon arriving of the whole party and not to let waiting time gone to waste, menus were given and orders will be taken before we entered into the restaurant.Service was prompt and as soon as we got in, we were well informed by service staff that free-flow of appetizer were available from their salad bar.However, if you are thinking about the wide range of korean appetizers which you usually get from Korean restaurants, this's gonna disappoint you as selections are rather limited with Kimchi, cabbages, pickles and red/green pepper.The service staff on duty also gave us a short orientation of where the utensils and serviettes were kept. To prevent our clothes from getting dirtied during the meal, their in-house red aprons were given. Orange and Apple soda was recommended by the service staff. Packaging were in cans form and After settling down with the drinks and making ourselves comfortable, the huge pan of Chicken Bulgogi containing 2 person portion were served and placed on the gas stove. Each item on the pan was neatly place with carrot, mushroom, green, red, yellow pepper, scallions, rice cakes, enoki mushroom and marinated chicken in the middle.The medley of fresh vegetables (spring onions, leeks, radish, cabbage) and the savoury marinated chicken was tasty. The service staff did a very good job by having every item on the pan thoroughly cooked and coated with sweetness. Forget that they might look quite oily, its real delicious. Initially we thought that the additional fried rice will be fried together with the chicken Bulgogi but we were wrong. They were fried not directly after the Chicken Bulgogi was served but rather, when we gave them the "green light" to fry. Additional fried rice comes with seaweed, sesame seed and sauce.Portion of the Chicken Bulgogi was tucked to the side of the pan before the staff started frying the rice. The ingredients from the plate of rice was mixed and cooked to the desired color. Towards the end of the cooking, the rice was spread out and flatten to a thin layer.As a first timer here, Yoogane left me a good impression not only its friendly and polite service but also the quality of their korean food. What's more, the smell of a "walking korean BBQ" has been well taken care of in its dining environment with good ventilation. However, since the hype for Yoogane has not been over, do bear in mind to be there early or you will have to queue up for quite a while. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-21
In order to secure a seat, you will need to ensure all diners are present before being guided to a table. They do have a salad bar which is free-flow, but consisting of only 3 items. For your information, if you are kimchi lover, this salad bar could you be your favorite section of all.Order will be taken during the queue, and order chit will be given to you for passing to the counter staff prior to seat allocation.Soft drinks, Mug ($2.90). They also provide a flask of iced water too, if you are wondering.Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice ($14.90/pax). Crew will start serving you with an enormous pan with the marinated chicken, dokboki and spring onions, as well as the rice and mozzarella cheese on separate plates.Crew will start frying the marinated chicken, dokboki and spring onions which are already on the pan, before pouring in the rice and seasonings. It's a little spicy, but every spoon of the fried rice fills your mouth with the spicy yet sweet taste.Marinated Chicken Stew ($16.90). This is almost the same as Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice, except that this came with noodles and stew, and a sweeter version. An alternative for those who prefer more of soup base.Egg Roll with cheese ($11.90). Decorated with tomato sauce, we opt for the cheese version, whereas non-cheese version costs $9.90 only. Egg roll is cooked perfectly, giving it a moist and bouncy texture, with cheese to add on to the rather bland eggy taste.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/12/yoogane-singapore.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-10
My dining partner and i had the Seafood Galbi ($48.90 for 2-3pax). We also added the sweet potato rice cakes as they sound special. For 2 pax, the portion was really filling. The rice cakes were frozen ones but they tasted really good, with a distinct sweet potato taste in the center. The seafood galbi was cooked in front of us and the seafood tasted fresh. The korean sauce did not really tasted "gelat" until the end. It was also moderately spicy. Cooking time was about 15 minutes and it was really enjoyable eating it. Side dishes were free flow and I loved the kimchi! There's always a queue even when it is early (Went at 5pm and there was a queue already). continue reading
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