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Zi Zai Vegetarian is located at Tampines Ave 4 continue reading
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Nothing wrong to turn food channel into Vegan Food sometimes, it was seemingly a healthier choice. Coffee shop concept, Zi Zai Vegetarian Restaurant looked neat and clean. Menu was extensive and detailed, available in small, medium and large portion. Looking forward for this sizzling stuff, it was pretty good. Tofu was smooth in texture, cut until mouthful size. Slightly burnt layer of egg at the bottom, entire was fragrant with starchy gravy. Huge Yam Ring was tempting golden-yellowish while it served, filled up with sweet and sour pork, assorted veggies and cashew nuts. Solid and crunchy, this was frank and tasty.Probably I like to eat the real shrimps, I ordered it. Honest speaking, I was a little bit disappointed. No doubt fried cracker was sweet and spicy, but it doesn’t taste as shrimps. It was too hard, sadly. Accompanied along with one bowl of rice, I was full and satisfied. Overall, the food was average. Service was decent with the affordable price, it was definitely a good Vegan place. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-21
I have heard about this nice vegetarian place before. Since I happened to be in Tampines, I definitely had to go there for dinner. There's only me and my hubby so we did not order much. However, the 2 simple dishes we ordered definitely speaks volumes about the chef's expertise. The claypot noodles (similar to the 生面 or sheng mian noodles in zi-char stalls) came piping hot with lots of fresh vegetables and really tasty gravy. The hor fun was also surprisingly good. The crux of the dishes lie in the gravy and the fresh ingredients. I must say that these 2 dishes definitely taste much better than their non-vegetarian versions. Will be coming back for more next time! Claypot noodlesHor FunPrices are quite reasonable as well, you can refer to the photos of the menu continue reading
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Another vegetarian dinner at a vegetarian place, since my dad's a vegetarian. I still rmb vividly the 1st time my dad brought my family to a vegetarian restaurant & i didnt want to eat, bcos i tot vegetarian food was all about vegetable & more vegetables only. However, now its a different story & i love gg to explore new places which sells vegetarian fd, bcos i knw vegetarian fd can be nice, & the dishes cooked using mock meat can also be nicer than those cooked with 'real meat'.I love gg to this place known as Zi Zai vegetarian, not only bcos they have a wide selection of dishes to choose frm, partly also bcos they serve prata too (which is my fav)! Zi Zai vegetarian have 2 or 3 branches, & this is one of them which i went to at Tampines. Since it was our dinnertime, I didnt get to order prata as my dad wants us to have a full meal with dishes. We ordered the hotplate tofu (which is a must whenever im there), mock curry chicken, sweet & sour oyster mushroom, seaweed soup (which the server recommended) & also a plate of stir-fried veggies. The food arrived fast as there wasnt much people ard since it wasnt peak period. The curry was abit oily, but there was quite alot of ingredients inside (lady's finger, brinjal, etc). The stir-fried veggies tasted ok, while my favourite remained the hotplate tofu (it's biased cos i loved eating hotplate tofu since i was young ) The soup was quite flavourful as there were many ingredients in it. The oyster mushroom is nice, the taste is just rite & its also crunchy. My family loves this dish. The gd thing is also that u can request for no eggs if u are a strict vegetarian too. continue reading
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