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Traditional Mooncakes

Here are some of the most unique takes on our favourite brown bakes.


TWG Tea It's no secret that mooncakes and tea make great pairings.

Riding on their forte for Mid-Autumn Festival this year, TWG Tea has created the Red Lantern traditional mooncake, which holds a nutty combination of mixed almonds, hazel nuts, macadamia nuts and pecans embedded in a smooth lotus seed paste perfumed with an enchanting blend of jasmine, exotic fruits and sweet spices of the Red Lantern tea.

Enjoy it as a set of 4 at $60 or get the set of 2 mooncakes fittingly paired with the Red Lantern Haute Couture Tea at $82.

Available from 7 Aug to 8 Sep at all TWG Tea Boutiques.

Thye Moh Chan

Thye Moh Chan

Delve into tradition with Thye Moh Chan's exquisite Mid-Autumn collection of signature Teochew mooncakes. Since 1943, this iconic Teochew confectionery shop has been conjuring these unique mid-autumn delights unlike usual ones in the market.

Handcrafted and boasting light flaky pastry skin, they come in various forms - Sweet or Salty tau sar ($25.80 - 4pc/box in medium; $22.80 - 1pc/box in large) or Yuan Yang ($25.80 - 4pc/box in medium), containing a generous savoury mix of white sesame, spicy pork floss and salted egg yolk.

Available till 2 Sep at Paragon and Chinatown Point.
See full price list here.

Yan Ting

Yan Ting Traditionalists will relish in Yan Ting's traditional mooncake selection that comprises four baked-to-perfection stunners.

Favourites returning this year include both White Lotus Paste with Single and Double Yolk ($71 and $75 respectively per box of 4).

For the health conscious, you'll like the Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with studded with Macadamia Nuts ($68 per box of 4) and if you're a bit more adventurous, go for the White Lotus Paste with Assorted Nuts and Yunnam Ham ($75 per box of 4).

Can't decide which to get? Enjoy the best of each world with the Four Traditional Baked Mooncakes Premium Gift Set ($162), which comes with a complementary glass tea set and warmer.

Available from 1 Aug to 8 Sep at Yan Ting Restaurant and La Patisserie.
See full price list here.

Feng Shui Inn

Feng Shui InnThis Mid-Autum Festival, Feng Shui Inn debuts a trio of mooncakes - each bearing a unique texture and filling.

These include a return of last year's flaky crust mooncakes in two new flavours: Flaky American Ginseng & Coconut Mooncake and Flaky Lotus Root & Butter Mooncake. The third creation, Mini Baked Custard Mooncakes, are made with a traditional baked skin crust with a velvety custard paste infused with a hint of sesame.

A box of 6 mooncakes containing 2 of each flavour prices at $62.

Available from 8 Aug to 8 Sep at Feng Shui Inn (Crockfords Tower, level G2), and Asian Deli (Festive Hotel Lobby).
See full price list here.

Park Hotel Group

Park Hotel Group Joining Park Palace's signature Golden Yam mooncake this year is a new Golden Pumpkin with Mung Beans & Single Yolk ($68 - 4pcs/box). Boasting a crisp and flaky outer crust, the mooncake cuts open to reveal a silky pumpkin and mung bean paste with a salted egg yolk core.

The hotel also carries healthier choices without discounting on the savour factor - Golden Jade with Duo Nuts ($75 - 4pc/box) is a vegetarian option, whilst the White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts mooncake ($75 - 4 pcs/box) is created with less sugar.

Available from 7 Jul to 8 Sep at Grand Park Orchard, Grand Park City Hall and Park Hotel Clarke Quay.
See full price list here.

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

New to Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant this year are three enthralling mooncake creations, including the Traditional Baked Yellow Lotus Seed Paste with Cranberry and Hazelnut Mooncake ($63 for a box of 4 pcs), which carries toothsome textures and is absolutely fragrant with subtle sweetness.

Enjoy a box of four classic White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk mooncakes ($88) in their latest premium boxes that come laced with gold and magenta peonies - a perfect gift for clients or your loved ones.

Available at Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant and Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel Lobby Mooncake booth from 6 Aug to 8 Sep; Change Alley from 11 Aug to 8 Sep; Takashimaya from 7 Aug to 8 Sep.
See full price list here.

The Icing Room

The Icing Room Simple yet tasty are these adorable mini Hello Kitty Mooncakes from The Icing Room for Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

Offered in two flavours, the White Lotus with Cranberries Mooncake are embellished with chopped dried cranberries, while the White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts is a perfect combination of crunch and a velvety lotus paste.

Only 800 boxes are available, each containing 4 mooncakes with 2 pieces of each flavour, at $26.80.

Available from 18 Aug to 8 Sep at The Icing Room outlets. Pre-orders till 17 Aug with a 12% discount off mooncake set.
See full price list here.