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Beer is often solely thought of as a beverage. We think of men chugging pints down while rooting for their favourite sports teams, highly creative and memorable beer advertisements on the telly and of course we think of beer bellies. While some of us think of beer as liquid gold, others find the oldest fermented drink in the world too tasteless, bitter and just not worth the calories. We love how food brings people together and here’s our attempt at pleasing both lovers and haters of beer alike. We’re confident that lovers of the alcohol will enthuse at the following food creations, which have infused the taste of various beers into your everyday munches one way or another. For those who shy away from the drink, you may very well develop a liking for its acquired taste or at least appreciate the beauty of beer, starting with anything on our list. Ready? Let’s go! 1. Beer Bread From: Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar
Photo from Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar
Beer and bread share the same making process: Yeast turning sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol. However in the baking process of bread, much of the alcohol evaporates off. Bummer, huh? Beer bread brings the two soul mates together for a sensational relationship of flavours, depending on the types of beers used. Stouts and other dark beers for example, would be heavier on the taste buds. At Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, you’ll find their signature Grimbergen Ambrée beer bread holding corned beef with melted emmental, sauerkraut and onions with a Russian dressing, also known as 'Hot Reuben' on their menu. 2. Beef & Guinness Pie From: Grub
Photo from Grub
We find it exceedingly hard to doubt the wonders of a positively Irish dish like Grub’s Beef & Guinness Pie, served with mash and salad. The traditional Irish stout beer is known for its rich and creamy texture. Introducing that allows the wondrous flavours of the Guinness to permeate and project its caramelized flavours upon the stunning beef pie to give you that luscious gravy. 3. Beer battered Fish & Chips From: PS. Cafe
Photo from PS. Cafe
Besides the hamburger, fish and chips were probably our first encounter with western cuisine as kids in Singapore. The adult version, as we call it, is a pairing of fish encrusted with beer batter served with a side of thick cut strips of potato goodness. What’s special about beer batter is its light texture brought about by the carbon dioxide in the beverage. It definitely stays a well-loved classic while punching in flavours of adulthood. The PS. Fish & Chips include chunky fries, cog and veggie sticks whilst served with home-made tartar sauce and kaffir lime aioli. 4. Beer Butt Chicken From: BlooiEs Roadhouse
Photo from Flicker user Kristi@TCRB
Besides tickling your funny bone, this dish may very well tickle your fancy with its unique take on grilling a whole fresh chicken. Spices and seasonings are added to the full can of beer, before being stuffed up the marinated chicken’s bum and grilled to prime perfection. While the grill heats up the can of beer and gives the bird a crispy golden brown skin, the beer steams the chicken up for a succulent finish. 5. Beer Braised Lamb Fore Shank From: Brewerkz
Photo by Calvin Timo
Warm, hearty and savoury, the braised lamb fore shank is perfect for the occasional cold day. The tough fore shank is cooked for a long time, before turning into a juicy and tender meat that departs with flavour in every bite. The ale has a subtle existence in the dish without overpowering the already strong tastes. 6. Tiger Beer Sorbet From: Island Creamery
Photo from Island Creamery
Humid nights are aplenty in Singapore and some of us like to kick back with an ice cold beer, while others a scoop of ice cream, so why not both at once? Home-grown Island Creamery takes beer from a fellow local brand, Tiger Beer and whips it up into a refreshing sorbet alongside its line of unique local flavours like Teh Tarik, Pulut Hitam and Pineapple Tart. 7. Coffee beer From: Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Photo from
For days where you can’t decide whether to pelt down a pint or sip on some aromatic coffee while watching the frazzle and dazzle of a bustling café, a coffee beer might be your answer. Chye Seng Huat Hardware offers half and full pints of Galvanized Ale, a special combination brew of Jungle Beer and Papa Palheta Terra Firma Blend. You might expect the bitterness from each element to fight in outdoing each other. However they harmonize almost perfectly and is easy on your stomach. See Also: Bars and lounges worth checking out Check out these new spots for your cafe adventures
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