Dynasty Feast: Inspired by Imperial Tales <br/>of the Past
Summer Palace at Regent Singapore stays classic in various ways and it starts from the entrance, where a receptionist in a pearly pink cheongsam greets you, to the rosewood chairs encircling large round tables. While the Cantonese restaurant has garnered less attention compared to its Italian neighbor Basilico in the 31-year-old hotel, their new and exquisite 8-course Dynasty Feast is one that we would recommend you to try. With dishes inspired by the tales of the last five dynasties in Chinese history, we think of it as a throwback to the old school days during Chinese lessons – our illustrated textbooks displaying words that some of us may struggle to read when unwillingly called upon. Only this time, instead of intimidating Chinese characters, these fascinating fables are translated into tantalizing dishes crafted by Executive Chef Liu Ching Hai and his team.

Expect interestingly tweaks to famous yet common dishes, such as the Drunken Dong Po Pork.

The feast starts with a twist to the famous Dong Po Pork, named after the legendary poet Su Dong Po. Encased in a crispy deep fried noodle basket that rests on a mattress of shredded radishes, the pork belly comes in bite sized pieces covered in a crisp brown batter. This very presentation not only allows you to appreciate the contrast between its crusty exterior and melt-in-your-mouth meat in one comfortable bite, it also spares you visual guilt of those fatty layers.

Boiled for 4 hours, the Double Boiled Treasures Soup is an herbal and flavourful broth, said to be great for one’s complexion. (Photo courtesy of Regent Singapore)

A beautifully plated Longevity Noodles with Sea Cucumber and Abalone.

For those who clamour after ‘glamour’, ladies in particular, you’ll love these two dishes in the menu: Double Boiled Treasures Soup, as well as the Longevity Noodles with Sea Cucumber and Abalone. Said to be the secret to great complexion, the former is the forerunner of the iconic Buddha Jumps Over the Wall – an herbal and flavourful broth that certainly doesn’t skimp on ingredients such as fish maw, conpoy, cordyceps, sea whelk, black mushrooms and wolfberries. Elegantly plated to resemble a flower, the latter originates from the story of Emperor Qianlong’s encounter with an old woman at the beach, who imparted her secret Abalone and Sea Cucumber wine recipe, believed to be drunk for longevity and youth. The dish comprises of silky smooth strands of longevity noodles, a springy stuffed sea cucumber and abalone that bagged a comforting chew. But what really held the dish in the limelight was indeed the gravy, as it aptly drew inspiration from the above-mentioned tale.

The feast ends with Lychee Ice Cream with Bird’s Nest, what we’d like to call ‘a garden on a plate’.

The perfect end to the meal came in the form of Lychee Ice Cream with Bird’s Nest, which reflects famous Imperial Concubine Yang Gui Fei’s delicate beauty and love for the seasonal fruit. In a nutshell, the dessert simply is a ‘garden’ on a plate. On one end, jelly-like amounts of bird’s nest are stuffed into fresh lychees while they sit on a spring bed of vibrant edible flowers. On the other, a “garden path” of candied orange peels lead up to a fruity serving of lychee ice cream. Erase those bitter doubts of candied orange peels – the sweet and refreshing notes of lychee balance them right out. So, whether you’re a parent hoping to impart some Chinese culture and history to your children in a non-conventional way or you’re looking for the right restaurant to host a family dinner, Summer Palace’s Dynasty Feast menu will fit right in. They’ve even got private rooms that hold anywhere from 15 to 50 people. So take your loved ones on this culinary journey while great stories of the past are brought to you – on a plate.
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Dynasty Feast @ Summer Palace Available Mon-Fri (Dinner), Sat-Sun (Lunch & Dinner) Price: $108++/per person (min 6 pax), $1080++/per table of 10 For reservations, please call +65 6725 3288 or email summerpalace.rsn@fourseasons.com See Also: Can't get enough of Chinese food? Here's more! More ice-cream to satisfy your cravings
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