Early CNY Celebration at Peony Jade
Entering Peony Jade restaurant seems to transport guests into a world where everything is just so serene. Its spacious interior is dimly lit thus giving it a cozy and relaxing ambience. The room also has high ceilings with red lanterns which reminded my friend and I that we were about to take part in an authentic Chinese culinary experience. The day that we visited the restaurant was the time they allowed selected media people to preview their Chinese New Year menu in preparation for the Year of the Golden Rabbit. Coming from a family who doesn’t really celebrate CNY, I was more than excited to have a taste of these offerings, which will be available to the public from 12 January to 17 February 2011.
Priced from $38 to market price, these platters come in standard (for 4 to 6 persons) and large (for 6 to 10 persons)
After admiring the restaurant for a bit, we were ushered in to our seats where we started our meal with the famous 8 Golden Prosperity Fa-Cai “Lo-Hei” Yu Sheng. The first thing that struck me most about it was how big the plate was and how colorful the assorted ingredients were. These were mixed with two different sauces, and all of us at the table used our chopsticks to dig in while we shouted our New Year’s wishes. This was really a memorable experience and so was the dish for it just burst with so many different flavors.
Priced at $388, this delicacy serves up to 10 persons and is available for dine-in and takeaway
Next up was the Royale Dragon Pearls, which features poached fresh Australian lobster topped with swiftlet’s nest, black truffle, and homemade prawn mousse with fresh fruit mayonnaise. This became an instant favorite of mine because I loved how the fresh fruits meshed well with the sio mei and prawn mousse.
Priced at $198, it serves up to 12 persons and is available for dine-in and takeaway.
What Chinese menu wouldn’t be complete without the infamous duck dish, right? So, it was only expected that the next course was the Fa-Cai Dowager Duck served with wild forest barley, whole golden conpoy, fatt choy, shiitake mushroom, whole Amidori abalone, pork tendons, red dates, lotus seeds, South African sea cucumber and broccoli. I wasn’t surprised that the dish was wiped out in just a few minutes because there were just so many succulent items to choose from.
Priced at $198 for up to 12 diners, it is available for dine-in or takeaway.
After three courses, you’d think that I have no more appetite for the Steamed Abundance Wealth Jasmine Rice with Chinese Preserved Sausage and Wax Meat. But it just looked so appetizing that I couldn’t resist asking for a bowl of this yummy goodness.
Priced at $88, it serves up to 10 persons and is available for dine-in and takeaway.
The meal ended with two of their specially made desserts, the Rabbit Fortune Prosperity, Abundance, and Good Fortune and the Steps to Prosperity Gold Bar Durian Nian Gao. They weren’t really the desserts I was accustomed to eating, but the taste was something I would never forget. Dining at Peony Jade has definitely made me appreciate the Chinese New Year even more. After this, I know that I will always be looking forward to this event not just because of the food but also because of the rich tradition that goes with each dish. If you also have your own experience dining at Peony Jade, we'd love to hear how it went by writing a review about it. Check out other Chinese Restauratnts around Singapore Fine dining options for Chinese New Year
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