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If you have seen pictures of the inventive Popcorn Ice Cream gracing your Instagram feed, chances are it is the renowned Korean dessert brand, Sweet Monster. Harnessing a total of 26 outlets in Korea as well as numerous joints in Hong Kong, China and Thailand, the dessert joint can now be found nestled within Plaza Singapura and Bugis Junction. For the uninitiated, Sweet Monster serves American Festival sweet treats that revolve around its Sweet Monster theme. Each Sweet Monster mascot embodies a specific part of their carefully curated menu.


For the perfect, luscious treat, opt for the Monster Popcorn Ice Cream ($6.80) that consists of silky-smooth soft serve slathered with the savoury gourmet popcorn. Be spoilt for choice with the various flavours, including Caramel, Chocolate and the crowd pleaser Cheese-Caramel Mix (pictured). Notable for its milky, velvety texture, its Premium Soft Serve ($4.80 – $6) comprises of more than 75% of milk instead of the usual 10-20%, and is freshly made on a daily basis. Savour the soft serve on its own, or garnish it with Cookies ($6), Caramel Macchiato ($6), Wafers ($6), or Gourmet Popcorn ($6.80) for an explosion of flavours. In between a good movie, munch on the crunchy Monster Popcorn ($5.80) that is made with non-GMO corn popped by air in Korea and contains no trans-fat, saturated fat, preservatives nor artificial colors.


If you are craving for a refreshing cold beverage in the sweltering weather, opt for the Monster Ice Cream Milk Shake ($6.50-$8.50) that features premium soft serve without any ice and water, in effect producing a thick and creamy drink. Alternatively, take a sip of the Lemon Ade ($3.80) that is symbolic of the BlueMON mascot and is an invigorating concoction of fruits and blue curacao.


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Written by Tan Siew Bee Images by Sweet Monster
Sweet Monster
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