How to Write a Good Food Review
Here’s a scenario: you just got back from eating out. The dining experience was something that stood out for you, so you want to share it with your fellow OpenRicers. Since this is your first time, you're not really sure how you’re going to start. You don’t just want to write something because you want to do the restaurant justice. If this is your case, then here are a few tips from OpenRice to get you started in writing a good food review:
Your Opinion Matters In writing your food review, it's a given that you should mention the dishes that you tried out. However, you should also let your readers know the flavour, texture, and even the presentation of the food. Was it cooked just right or was the chef too over indulgent with the salt? If there were any dishes that stood out for you, write about it so that the readers can try it out if ever they decide to visit the restaurant. Take note of other things such as the portioning, the price, menu list, etc. Was the size too small for a person, was the price justified by the taste? Let your readers know about it so you can help them decide. It Pays to be Observant In all businesses, service is always important. So, from the time you enter the establishment to the time you finish dining, be observant. Check if the waiters know their job by asking them for food recommendations, menu questions, etc. Take photos because it will help in your review. Do note in your review if the service was quick and efficient. Was the waiter always available whenever you need something? Was the food served hot and fast? These questions will help you write an informative and helpful food review. First Impressions Last A lot of people who haven't been to a restaurant usually want to know if the restaurant is accessible and has enough parking space. Once you arrive at the dining place, also take note of these things. Also check out what kind of crowd dines at this place. Did you have to queue for a long time just to get a table? Was the kitchen staff helpful in helping you reserve one? These things are important to those who want to try out this dining place for the first time. Note the Ambience A good dining experience doesn't just end with a decent meal. The restaurant's ambience also matters. Mention in your food review if the dining place was too crowded, noisy, cramped, etc. These are the things that readers will want to find out before they would book a table at the restaurant. However, some of these points may not apply to other food establishments such as hawker centres, fastfoods, etc. So, also be aware of the kind of place you are reviewing. Your Overall Experience It always helps if you make a summary of your dining experience to end your food review. How was the food compared to similar restaurants? Was the price justified by the dishes you ate? Would you come and visit the restaurant again? Once you've noted all these points, you can now find a quiet or peaceful place to compose your food review. In writing a review, make sure that it's in choronological order so that your readers will follow your overall dining experience. After taking note of all these points, you can now compose a quality and honest review that you can write on Share it on OpenRice and win vouchers of your choice in our Reviews Contest. For any other questions you may have about writing a food review on OpenRice, please refer to our FAQ page. Stand a chance to win when you write reviews - keep a look out for OpenSnap Contest page for more chances to win! Not sure which restaurants to write the review? Check out these new restaurants!
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