NANTA BBQ: Korean Grilling with Cheesy Twists
nanta bbq cheese deng-galbi
With no lack in Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore, the need to stand out above the rest is definite. What NANTA BBQ offers over its Novena competitors, are 50 dishes on its new menu, starring a number of cheese specials that are aimed at having you leave with nothing but sheer satisfaction and probably a food coma too.

For the cheese lover

nanta bbq cheese deng-galbi
One glance around the restaurant and you’ll find at least 4 out of 5 tables of hungry customers in awe over the Cheese Deng-galbi (Cheese Pork Spare Rib) in front of them. Watch the layer of mozzarella cheese melt into a golden pool, then pick up a spare rib and twirl the cheese around, wrapping it pigs-in-a-blanket style. (See video demonstration here.) Available in two sets: $55 or $58. Lazier diners can opt instead for another cheese BBQ special: the Cheese Soonsal Chicken (Cheese boneless chicken, $46).

For the fusion aficionado

nanta bbq carbonara tokbokki
Why anyone hasn’t done this yet, we don’t know. While the Carbonara Tok-bokki ($18) – essentially the traditional tok-bokki (rice cakes) given an Italian twist – isn’t completely an authentic carbonara per se, it is still perfect for anyone who doesn’t fancy that intense spiciness in the original. Trust us, you’ll want to share this one. And in case you were wondering, yes they do have a Cheese Tok-bokki ($18), of course they do.

For the health nut

nanta bbq tomato budaejigae
We all have that one friend who’s a health nut, so the above mentioned dishes will probably not appeal to them at all. More fitting might be the new Tomato Budaejigae ($42) – a healthier take on the classic army stew. Made with a reduced-salt diet stew, it’s great for anyone watching their sodium intake and helps to balance out your cheesy meal on the whole. Additional recommendations: Bulgogi gim-bap ($12), Wagyu short ribs ($35 per 200g)

For savers

Watch out for daily themed lunch promotions (20% off selected items), as well as corporate and student discounts. For employees, dine in with three colleagues and present your name card. For Korean Language students, show your Korean Language Academy student card or Korean Language book to enjoy their offers. NANTA BBQ, Goldhill Centre, 175 Thomson Road #01-175-177, Singapore 307624 See also: Best Korean restaurants in Singapore Popular restaurants at Novena
Written by Peh Yi Wen
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