OpenRice’s Weekly News Roundup
Happy Friday, everyone! Have you been so busy for the past few days that you weren’t able to catch up on the latest news in the foodie community? Fret not, for here’s a weekly roundup of what happened over the past few days.
Jollibee's first outlet in SG is now open, while McDonald's celebrates National Breakfast Day!
Jollibee, the Philippines’ most loved fast food restaurant has finally opened in Singapore. On its first day, it took customers more than 2 hours to queue just so they can have that signature fried chicken called Chickenjoy and Spaghetti with hotdog bits. To find out more about it, read our article here! In other news, fast food Giant McDonald’s also has something to celebrate—the National Breakfast Day. On 18 March 2013, it will be giving away a total of 100,000 Egg McMuffins in Singapore. Do note, though, the giveaway will start at 5am and will be on a first-come, first served basis. To give you a head start and to make sure you get your FREE egg McMuffin, click our article for more info.
Kung Fu Paradise's Kay's Breakfast Combo is one of the items available in their breakfast promotion.
If you’re a late sleeper, then you can just head over to Kung Fu Paradise for its “All-Day Breakfast Bonanza” promotion. You know, what? You can also enjoy their items for FREE! Yes, all you have to do is become an OpenRicer (if you aren’t a member yet) and comment on our article! More details about the contest can be when you click the link.
Starbucks' Summer Treat-the Asian Dolce Latte
Fast food restaurants aren’t the only ones with something up their sleeve. Starbucks also came up with a new drink—the Asian Dolce Latte—which caters to the Asian Palate. It has a double shot of espresso to keep you up and running like the Energiser bunny. It’s available now until 24 April 2013. So, read our article before you go and get your cuppa coffee! Last but not least, we introduce you to 21 on Rajah. You can drop by this new restaurant located at Days Hotel in Balestier to savour their specialty items which include Moroccan Harira with Chicken & Garbanzo Beans and Jumbo Prawns with Dill and Saffron Paella. For other food recommendations, you can read our review here. For all other food news, you can always check out our articles here. Happy weekend! See Also: Woke up too late to have breakfast? Now you can enjoy breakfast meals with All Day breakfast! Never miss another good deal in Singapore
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