Somersby Promises a Refreshing Surprise this June
Seeking refreshment from the heat this summer? This weekend, well-loved Danish apple cider brand, Somersby, will be sharing its refreshing ciders with thirsty shoppers through an amazing pop-up experience at Knightsbridge (6 June, 1 to 5pm) and Bugis+ (7 June, 1 to 5pm) with its unique Somersby truck.

Take on the Somersby Freeze Challenge

Hosted by 987FM DJs Sonia Chew, Elias Soh and Gerald Koh, an exhilarating range of activities await consumers over the two days. For starters, the Somersby Freeze Challenge dares consumers to withstand a chilling -10 degree Celsius temperature inside a freeze unit for one minute; after which successful participants get rewarded a delicious cup of the all-new Somersby Apple or Pear Freeze, a slush made purely from Somersby Cider. Somersby crew will also be on hand with dispensers to offer tastes of the classic Somersby Apple or Pear ciders, made from real apples or pears, with 4.5% alcohol content. An immersive experience greets all consumers who step into the Somersby truck to find out more about the brand, where they will receive their very own caricature portrait created by an artist who will be on hand to design and draw consumers in quirky poses.

Where to get Somersby Freeze

Somersby Freeze will be sold at the Sandbank, Harry’s, Naughty Pigs and the Contemporary Melting Pot Bar from 12 June onwards. Also, the Somersby Truck will be roaming at various locations following this launch. Check out SomersbySG’s Facebook page for more information.
Written by Eunice Tang
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