Souper Inspirations with The Soup Spoon's Travels
the soup spoon
The Soup Spoon gets inspiration from their travels to bring us a new series of soups, suitably named Souper Inspirations. From now till 27 August 2015, the country in spotlight will be Spain. There’s a Basquaise Spicy Seafood Stew ($9.20, above), Vegan Rice with Ratatouille Casserole ($7.50), and Catalan Chicken Stew with Prunes ($8.20). The first is a peppery, aromatic mix tomatoes and seafood, while the second option is a soupy rice dish with roots in El Cellar de Can Roca, a 3 Michelin Stars restaurant in Spain. The third is a homely broth with a recipe that has been passed down for generations and consists of slow-cooked chicken stock, chicken thigh, chicken meatballs and vegetables. Choose from 8 different kinds of set meals to pair your soups with, including the pot pie, souper rice, bread bowl, and more. Upcoming destinations to look forward to are Japan and Bhutan, so keep your eyes peeled! The Souper Inspirations are available at all Soup Spoon Outlets.
Writtten by Mandy How
Soup Spoon
OpenRice SG Editor
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