Thanks Mom, I'll Be Home For Dinner
Giveaway alert! We have some $60 Mother's Day hampers up for grabs, perfect for mothers who rule the kitchen. Read on to find out how you can stand to be one of the five winners. Contest has ended. Scroll down to see if you've won!
“Will you be coming home for dinner tomorrow?” – A question asked by most of our mothers on a daily basis. While we may not think much of it, what comes after your one-word replies are hours of meticulous planning to ensure you get a well-balanced meal, lugging home heavy bags of groceries and even more dedicated time spent in the stuffy kitchen – where the magic happens. There’s nothing more heartwarming than returning home and being greeted by the aroma of a home cooked meal lovingly prepared by Mom. What takes two hours to be washed, chopped, steamed and garnished, is mindlessly devoured, sometimes without so much of a “thank you”. Such is the greatness of mom’s love, only matched by her skills and experience in the kitchen. This Mother’s Day, we “pay homage” to our moms and their home cooking by sharing in some of the magic in the mom-zone, as well as looking as some recipes dubbed "mom-certified". 5 Tips Moms Swear By 1. Step one to a more nutritious meal is substituting white rice with brown rice Having healthy grains gives your body more for less. The Naturel Organic Hom Mali Mixed Brown and Red Rice is 100% organic with 5 times the fibre, twice the iron at just half the carb intake. And that is with lower fat and sodium content to boot. 2. Healthier oils exist and they’re called rice bran oil Olive oil may be your trusty sidekick in the kitchen for that healthy drizzle but they ruin your non-stick pans and this is where rice bran oil shines. Free of both trans-fat and cholesterol, Knife’s 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil‘s light and delicate flavour comes through with all types of cooking. 3. To peel chop garlic quickly, smash it with the side of a knife first Mash a clove of garlic with the flat side of the knife and the skin slides off without any effort. It’s easy, foolproof and takes just 5 seconds of your time. 4. Removing chilli seeds doesn’t need to be a heated or messy affair Start by rubbing the whole piece of chilli between two hands. They’ll naturally drop off and all you need to do is cut the chilli crosswise into half and scrape away the remaining seeds with the tip of your knife. 5. De-seed an avocado in 3 easy steps First, cut the avocado lengthwise from top to bottom around the seed in the centre. Then, hold each side and give it a twist in the opposite direction to separate the halves. Finally, pick the half with the seed, sink a knife carefully but firmly into it, give it a slight twist and voila! The seed comes off neat and clean in one effortless motion.
This Mother’s Day, forget selfies for a moment and appreciate your mother’s selfless efforts instead. Stand a chance to win one of five $60 Knife Brand Oil Hampers! To enter the contest, tell/show us your mother's best dish and why you like it using one of the following four ways: 1. Tweeting us at @openrice_sg with the hashtag #mumsbestdish 2. Posting it on Instagram and tagging it with #mumsbestdish 3. Posting it on Facebook with the hashtag #mumsbestdish. Tag us too! 4. Leaving a comment here P.S. Posts on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with photos tagged #mumsbestdish will stand a higher chance of winning! Contest has ended. Congratulations to the following winners: @chngcecilia @j_c_z_d @lilianyap2 @mosmos88 @plxplxplx So, thanks Mom. I can’t wait to come home for dinner tonight. Image credits: Need more ideas for Mother's Day? Mom-Certified Recipes: A Mother's Day Special 10 Restaurants for Mother’s Day 2014 11 Beautiful Cakes for Mother's Day 2014 See Also: Check out the eateries near you Don't miss the best eats in town - check out OpenSnap now!
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