Where to Find Sarawak's Signature Dishes in Singapore
 Agrobazaar Malaysia
If you’d like to immerse yourself in Malaysian culture and savour the authentic taste of Malaysia’s cuisine, Agrobazaar Malaysia would be the right place for you.
 Agrobazaar Malaysia's interior
A Malaysian government-funded initiative, Agrobazaar Malaysia offers tropical fruits, quality agro-based products, Malaysia's favourite dishes, premium coffee and also prides itself as the hub of promotion for Malaysia’s agro-based products.
 Agrobazaar Malaysia outdoor
They also have an al fresco rooftop dining area, where it gets breezy and cosy when daylight falls.
 Sarawak Event Group Photo
Malaysian Ministers and Directors from the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) were invited to grace the launch of Sarawak’s signatures dishes at Agrobazaar Malaysia earlier this month.
Sarawak Laksa
Sarawak Laksa is a dish not to be missed. This vermicelli dish consists of a huge and juicy prawn, lots of sliced omelette and is topped off with parsley and the tang of lime juice, all cooked in a spicy flavourful broth! You’re bound to crave for more after tasting a mouthful of Sarawak Laksa.
Durian Crepe
To all the durian lovers out there, we highly recommend that you give their Mao Shan Wang Durians a try! Alluring us with its aromatic smell, the flesh of the durian is rich and creamy just as it should be. We were also served Durian Crepes, where a thin layer of crepe is wrapped over a stuffing of fresh whipped cream and durian.
Sarawak Kolo Mee
iced milk tea
Without a doubt, the Sarawak Kolo Mee was my favourite dish amongst the dishes we tasted! A simple bowl of springy and oily noodles with sliced meat and deep fried shallots – a great combination indeed! Iced Milk Tea was also served as an accompaniment to the Sarawak’s dishes. Unlike the usual Milk Tea, Sawarak’s Iced Milk Tea is made up of tea, milk and a special ingredient - Gula Melaka. To my surprise, it tasted similar to Horlicks so do give this a try if the idea of a Horlicks and tea mix intrigues you.
 Terengganu’s Melon
We also hear that Agrobazaar Malaysia will also be bringing in Terengganu’s Melon to Singapore soon! High in fibre and filled with antioxidants, Terengganu’s melons are planted under controlled conditions stipulated by Terengganu Agrotech Development Corporation. Hence, every melon is sweet and crunchy, and can be kept for one month under room temperature conditions. Head down to Agrobazaar Malaysia to experience the Malaysian culture now!
Written by Andrea Tan Images: Andrea Tan & Peh Yi Wen
Agrobazaar Malaysia
Malaysian Cuisine
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