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The ambience at Dian Xiao Er is intentionally planned to be rustic and raw with the careful selection of materials to complement the freshness of the herbal roast ducks which are prepared and roasted in the display kitchen daily. Customers can expect to experience a choice of dining ambience varying from dining inside a traditional Chinese inn to dining inside a rustic timber shed at the foot of a stone cliff. 繼續閱讀
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Boxing Chicken with Jack Fruit Sauce Braised Garoupa with Cabbage & Leek Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs
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等級4 2013-08-04
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We had a celebration for my grandfather birthday's at Dian Xiao Er! We spent a total of $58 (with GST and service charge) for a table of 4. The few dishes that were on my table are roasted duck, vegetable and their very popular stewed fish! The vegetables was so-so, but the roasted duck and the stewed fish was delicious - *thumbs up*! The soup was too normal, I prefer those in coffee shops though. I like the ambience there, but it was too noisy during peak hours and the service was slow too! 繼續閱讀
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Went on a Tuesday night for dinner and no waiting time was required as the restaurant is spacious and have a lot of seats!! Ordered the family set A for two persons and it came with 2 rice, soup of the day, roast duck with herbs, baby kai lan and Mongolian spare ribs (can choose between this and dong po pork)!! The set costs $42 before service charge and GST! Quite worth it right Our soup of the day happened to be my favorite lotus root soup which is awesome! The soup was well boiled and yummy tasting which gave me a homely feeling. I also really like their roast duck with herb! I think I can have 2 bowls of rice just with this dish! I also recommend you all to mix some of the herb gravy with the rice! It's so yummy! I also like the tenderness of the duck meat and crispiness of the duck skin that goes so well with the herb gravy!! For the Mongolian spare ribs, I felt that the taste was so-so only! And for the baby kailan, I felt that the veggie was a bit bitter but I like the sauce that was used to prepare the dish! For $42, I felt that the meal was quite sumptuous and tasty enough!! If you think that the set is too much for 2 pax, then you can probably choose to order from their ala carte menu instead! I felt that one veggie and one meat plus a soup would be enough for 2 pax! 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-04-10
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Good food and good service with a smile at a reasonable price...who could ask for more?! We went as a group of 4 in our family. The food came piping hot and each and every dish we had was delicious. Very good group rate; we had originally booked corcodile suop and Don Mees's, but, we were able to get the same number of dishes at a much better price here without compromising anything! I would definitely go back again! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-01-26
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My father treated the family to a sumptuous dinner at Dian Xiao Er. we ordered a couple of dishes like their signature roasted duck. i prefer the one with angelica herbs then ten wonder herbs. i like the fragrance of the angelica herbs. the duck was a little oily so we balanced it out with their kailan fried with lime and salted fish. the lime gave it a thai feel. it sort of balance out any oiliness from other dishes. it was really satisfying. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-01-21
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Dian Xiao Er is a traditional stype chinese restaurant.The decoration is like the old time style.The waiter also wear like a "Dian Xiao Er".It is so fun. All the furniture are wood,like the old time. The light is cover by the lantern.Look like old time lighting. All of them are nice..!The roasted duck is the most popular dish by Dian Xiao ER.This small size of Roasted Duck with Ten Wonder Herbs ($13.60) taste very nice.The skin of the roasted duck is crispy plus the tender and soft meat.Make it taste nice.Especially the herb sauce.It is a bit sweet and with herbs taste.Pour some on the rice, also make the rice taste nice.This Winter Melon Soup ($6.90) taste nice.It is very healthy. It is not like other stall just add ajinomoto.It is really cooked for a long time. So the soup full with the winter melon taste and the pork taste.This "Qiann Long Chao Shi Shu" taste nice too.It look very high class"."Qiah Long" is one of the king in old time.so this dish is decorated until can serve for a king.The fried noodle is below the vege(carrot,mushroom,longan,bean..etc).It taste nice,a bit salty and sweet. Special combination.I like to eat at Dian Xiao Er, the food there serve fast and warm.Make me feel warm there. 繼續閱讀
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