Arriving by bus: 14/ 123/ 147/ 153/ 196/ 197/ 198/ 642/ 855/ 961 (Bus Stop No. - 10131, Opp Blk 2), Arriving by Train : Exit A, Queenstown MRT - EW 18 on the Green Line 繼續閱讀
The stall serves Laska in a Claypot and is located Alexandra Village Food Centre 繼續閱讀
08:30 - 15:30
08:30 - 15:30
Claypot Laksa
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等級3 2015-09-13
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 Laksa stalls in Singapore  are getting less and less.  This one is very famous and still exist in food centre and attract people who appreciates it's great tastes.After queuing for 20 mins I got my clay pot of laksa and I always wonder why it's with clay pot.   My interpretation is the chef's insist of his version of best combination of temperature and taste which he would like to bring to his customers.  The soup is not thick but doesn't mean its taste is thin.  It's so complicated when the clear soup is mixed with its gravy.  The spiciness give very good stimulation of your taste buds but it didn't cover the taste of the gravy and the noodles.  You feel like having the freshness of crab toes in the gravy though I dunno whether they have it there, and the mix of shredded chicken give a different texture to other laksa stalls.Definitely its among the best laksas in town! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-10-06
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If you have tried the famous Katong 328 Laksa or Amy’s laksa in Bedok, the claypot Laksa here is a lot more rich and smooth with the enhancement of the heavy coconut-based gravy, pretty sinful delicacy and may not meant for those who are health conscious, but the flavourful bowl of noodle was simply tantalising, sometime we got to forgive ourselves of the high cholesterol in the bowl and just let the taste buds to enjoy a little.Visit http://ieatandeat.com/depot-road-claypot-laksa/ for the full review! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-10-01
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this is one of the best claypot laksas I have ever tried! I queued up for around 30 minutes for it and it was definitely worth the wait. One thing good about it is that the laksa is served in a claypot and so even when you are halfway through your meal, the laksa remains hot, making it more delicious. the coconut is very rich. the secret lies in their gravy - that extra mouthful of thick curry-like gravy that they place on top before serving it to the customer. Prices start from $3.50 but I'd advise you to get the $4.50 portion as the smallest portion is quite little. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-02
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When it comes to food, I have to admit that I am picky in the sense I feel that good food are hard to find. When I tried this claypot laksa, I was hooked onto it ever since. I would give it a 4.5/5 because they do not use those fresh prawns. Other than that, the taste is perfect to me and the standard still remains. The thick yet not overwhelming gravy tasted so delectable coupled with its appropriate spiciness. So yummy, so addictive it leaves you wanting for more. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-26
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The last time i came was about a year ago. This time, i happened to be here for breakfast so i decided to try it once more.There was a friendly uncle manning the stall. He actually recommended the $4.50 but i decided to go with the smallest one at $3.50. There is another larger portion at $5. Though it stated 'Self-service' is expected but uncle asked me to take a seat and he will serve it to my table. I paid and walked away.Uncle served it to my table in less than 5 minutes. The portion was quite little for $3.50. Ingredients like tau pok, fish cake, cockles were added. I expected to see shredded chicken in it too but i only found it after gave it a few digs. The coconut milk infused gravy was aromatic. It could be better if it is spicier. No sambal chilli is added when it was served. Maybe the uncle has left it out accidentally?I felt the ingredients and portion were a bit lesser as compared to my last visit. The taste is still good though. 繼續閱讀
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