Arriving by Bus: #57, 100, 107, 961, 980.Bus-Stop No. 014621 Bus-Stop Name; Nopp Shaw Tower Nearest Train Station; Bugis Station 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-02
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Got a fulfilling meal at this zhi char restaurant, saw it in tv program-love their white chicken, rice a bit bland (need a bit more pandan leaves), chicken soup $4 per person set with condiments at the side(free flow, love the ginger,chilli and black sauce so much, high quality), hainanese pork chops and potatoes are very old school taste(so nice) $6, strong aromatic coffee $1 each, overall food portion big with quality of chicken very good and tender except the chicken rice flaw (not so fragrant), pork chops good, no gst and service charge, $16 for all. thumbs up. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-11-08
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View http://www.umakemehungry.com/2013/11/chin-chin-eating-house.htmlSituated along the shop houses of Purvis Street, Chin Chin Eating House facade is one of the most humble looking among her neighbouring modern eateries. Astounded by the crowd during dinner time, we walked into the eating place and tried to grab a seat. Lo and behold, there was a table for 2, just nice!Besides having good pork chop, they do sell Haianese Chicken Rice, Claypot Mutton Soup which I believe had been drawing the hordes thus its full house on a saturday night. The restaurant interior was simple and decent with hanging ceiling fans at each sector above. Chinese Lanterns were seen hanging from the florescent lights too.Haianese Pork Chop, being one of its Must Try on their Menu had been awarded for its Best Food for 2011 and 2012.It's not quite frequent we come across this dish on the menu moreover it had won the award. Having prepared similar dish, I would say that it was quite good but not really what I would expected. The dish was served with few pototoes wedes and boiled green peas with a bowl of tomato gravy.The piece of lean meat was fried to golden brown with crumbs coated evenly at its exterior. It was cut into smaller portions equally and was served.We pour the bowl of diluted tomato ketchup all over the sauce and enjoyed this Haianese fare.Braised Ee Mee tasted better than average. It's black braised sauce was aromatic and noodles was generously drenched, a little more would have the gravy overflowed.Having tried only 2 dishes, I would definitely be back for more when chance come!Total amount spend for 2 with drinks: $30 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-09-11
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Went to Purvis street for lunch at Chin Chin eating house. I ordered fried hor fun while my friends had beef hor fun and xin zhou mee fen. The fried hor fun looked oily at first sight, but it didn't taste too oily. The cook fried it well, it was very fragrant. The gravy of the beef hor fun was yummy, not too watery and not too thick. Most importantly, the beef slices were soft. I especially like the xin zhou mee fen, looked ordinary but tasted very delicious! It wasn't too dry, unlike some restaurants'. To top everything up, food was relatively cheap here. Enjoyed lunch! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-08-24
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Hei Zou. The meat was ok and the sauce was good.Chicken rice to go with the meal.The tian ban dou fu was good, served piping hot.chicken. The chicken breast meat was tender and juice. I believe this is their signature dish.Fish head curry. The curry sauce was simply awesome. One of the better ones I've had recently. This stall is packed to the brim when I arrived and it's not hard to see why. The food is good and cheap. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-08
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Tucked along Purvis Street lies a hidden gem serving up authentic Hainanese fare for many decades. Chin Chin Eating House may not raise an eyebrow with it's rustic facade but you will be surprise at the amount of crowd they draw into their humble-looking eatery. I was there for dinner on a Saturday evening and I could see the mixture of people, young and old, including huge families waiting out for a seat. After about 15 minutes of waiting, an auntie came and pointed to a table large enough to accommodate about 10 of us.Our orders were quickly taken by an unfriendly moody uncle who kept on ratting all the signatures off the menu and wanting us to order more. We went for a few of the signatures he recommended and he doesn't seem very satisfied and went on rattling away. We had to told him that we will just have these few as my dinner group were majority ladies and they don't eat much.After waiting for 15 minutes, the food for our table was served. Whetting our appetite is the Sambal Kang Kong ($10) which was nicely prepared. Check out the glistering surface, usually it is drenched with hot oil to give off that kind of shine and it will retain the crunchiness of the greens. Delicious but I wish they can be more generous on the sambal as the spicy umami was pretty mild.The Whole Hainanese White Chicken ($20) is almost visible on every table of the restaurant and we couldn't resist not having it too since we are here. Every slice of chicken I had was moist and smooth, with a nice fragrant of light soy sauce that goes so well with our individual portion of chicken rice, black sweet sauce and chilli! Being not a big fan of chicken rice, I would say this is one of the better ones I ever had.Another of their signature dish, the Hainanese Pork Chop ($18) is served with green peas, potato wedges and accompanied by a bowl of sweet tomato-based gravy. I love how the slices of pork chop are so evenly coated with golden-brown crispy bread crumbs. Delicious, homely and rustic. It is so good when drizzled with the lightly sweet gravy over it. Best of all, it wasn't oily at all. What got all our fingers busy and working is none other than the Prawn Paste Fried Chicken ($15) which is finger licking good! Hot, crisp and coated with prawn paste, this is surely one treat both kids and adult would love. Although it's a little on a the oily side, I would say it's definitely worth the calories for the delicious-ness.Overall, it was a sumptuous and filling dinner for the group of us and although the service wasn't that friendly, we couldn't ask for more with great value food that tasted good. If you're dropping by for dinner, do come early to avoid the crowd! 繼續閱讀
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