Arriving by bus # 14e,124,125,143,162,162M,167,171,190,700,700A. Bus-stop no. 09019. Bus-stop name; Opp Ngee Ann City. Nearest Train Station; Orchard MRT 繼續閱讀
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翡翠皇宮是翡翠餐飲集團在24年前開設的第一家餐廳。品牌以“追求卓越品質”的理念與信念,對博大精深的中國飲食文化飽含敬意。現如今,翡翠皇宮被冠以“粵菜飲食文化代表”、“獲獎美食”的名號。餐廳精英廚師團隊憑藉高超的烹飪技藝,精選上乘新鮮食材,炮製出經典卓越的中式菜餚。用餐環境舒適雅緻,空間佈局盡顯中國傳統文化,細節處亦展現出令人驚喜的現代元素。 繼續閱讀
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Sauteed Baby Lobster Stewed Quail with Mushroom in Abalone Soup
食評 (11)
等級4 2013-10-18
400 瀏覽
I love their dim sum! The price for the dim sum is still quite affordable. The quality of food is much better than crystal jade KITCHEN. Crystal jade palace is consider fine dining in their group. (1)Shrimp Dumpling ... The prawn is SO FRESH and ! I was surprise when I bite on the prawn.. It is juicy... and not too oily.. I rank this as the nicest fried shrimp dumpling I ever tried... It was a good surprise because the prawn really taste so fresh... ( because normally I don't really like deep fried shrimp dumpling..either too dry or too oily that make me sick about it )...(2)Shrimp Rice Roll ... Again the prawn is very fresh... not bad.. however, personally I prefer the skin of the Rice roll can be even more thin..haha.... My favorite Shrimp Rice Roll is at Imperial Treasure Noodles and Congee House ( Ion Orchard)... (3)Century Egg with pork Congee ... The congee is so smooth... cannot really see the "rice" inside ... I have list this as one of my favorite congee..Will sure order them again next time!(4)Siew Mai There is pork and prawn inside... The ingrediant is very fresh... and it doesnt have those "pork" taste la... I normally don't really fancy siew mai.. but I like this.... Another must order for us (5)Steam BBQ Pork Bun... It is much nicer than other pork bun I tried.. the skin is soft ..and the juicy cha siew inside is delicious... Another MUST Order... the appearance just look like typical cha siew bun ..but unexpectedly..it taste REally good... :-) )Everything at Crystal Jade Palace, is very fresh.. including their fried item... Carrot Cake.. Not bad .. (7)Deep Fried Yam Dumpling $4.20 ++ . The skin is cripsy with generous ingrediants!(8) Ha Kau, Steam Prawn Dumpling... Thin skin with VERY FRESH prawn.... Excellent Quality... Yummy... STRONGLY recommend this... I love it so much!!(10) Their egg tart is very fresh and hot! the egg is juicy and smooth! sweetness of it is perfectly just nice! I am craving for their egg tart now!(10)ice water.. is free of charge 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-25
209 瀏覽
Have went to this Chinese restaurant with my fellow family members to enjoy the yummy Chinese cuisines here. As I wasn't feeling too well on that afternoon, I decided to order their sliced fish porridge only. THe food was served to me in less than ten minutes, which was quite impressive. The service staff is friendly and warm in service. Porridge was served to me really hot and fresh. Generous amount of sliced fish meat can be found inside the porridge, which are fresh and soft in texture. Even though not much sauce is added to it, it still taste great! The restaurant environment is quite big and cooling, but was abit too noisy due to the crowds inside there. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-28
116 瀏覽
This chinese restaurant is decorated really nice and with lots of traditional decoration on the wall. I will normally ask my family to join me for lunch in this restaurant as here have my favourite roasted meats. The roasted pork belly is definitely a must buy item as the outer crust is very crunchy and not too oily. The pork meat is chewy and tender too. Roasted duck is equally delicious and really juicy. Eat on its own is heavenly good! The staffs here are very friendly and approachable too. 繼續閱讀
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Love everything that this restaurant has to offer: Dim Sum, Roast Meats, Soups, Seafood, Congee, Fried Rice, Desserts. Food is consistently fresh and good quality. This is not a fine dining restaurant. Service is above average. Just any other busy Chinese restaurant, Crystal Jade Palace can be rather noisy especially weekends but the excellent food makes up for it. Reservations are a must. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2012-12-07
84 瀏覽
Not your average dim sum but Crystal Jade Palace has one of the best tasting food for yum cha around. However, I have noticed that recently, their presentation of food is declining. If you're planning to bring any one out for Yum Cha, definitely consider taking them to Crystal Jade Palace. Please note: Crystal Jade Palace is different from Crystal Jade Kitchen 繼續閱讀
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