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Serving authentic Northern Chinese fare, noodles and juicy dumplings, Lao Beijing is a favourite venue for family dining and cosy gatherings. Diners can expect to tuck into all-time favourites such as Crispy Skin Roast Duck, Beijing-style Sweet and Sour Fish, Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp, Pork and Chive Guo Tie, Dan Dan Noodles and many more delectable dishes. It has bagged numerous awards and retains its position as one of Singapore's top restaurants in Singapore Tatler's 'Best Restaurants' guide. 繼續閱讀
11:30 - 22:00
11:30 - 22:00
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Traditional Roast Peking Duck
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等級4 2014-02-12
517 瀏覽
My friend purposely invited me to this Chinese restaurant to have their signature yu sheng before we head down to another restaurant for our dinner. For the portion of 8 paxs, the serving was really huge and generous. Restaurant is filled with traditional paintings and furnishings, and traditional Chinese songs are played as well. Service was alright but nothing fantastic. For the yu sheng, lots of fresh thinly sliced carrots, cucumbers and cabbage are used, which is very healthy and fresh. The 'gold coin' which is the fried golden brown crackers are very crunchy and fragrant. Delicious!. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-01-22
299 瀏覽
Settled for high tea buffet at Lao Beijing on a random afternoon when we couldn't decide on what to have.I've actually tried this for numerous times however, this doesn't taste as good as before. Probably because it's a buffet and there isn't much quality. I would say nothing much appeal to my liking and I'd give it a miss even though it's very affordable. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-11-29
197 瀏覽
I love food from Tunglok group always. Especially food from Lao Bei Jing. Their dinner menu is pretty simple and light. Nothing fanciful and is always nice to spend my dinner with my love ones at Lao Bei Jing. Usually for dinner, i usually keep it simple if it is just the two of us. 3 dishes with 1 soup is the maximum i will order as i dont want to have heavy dinner nor i want unfinished food to go into waste. So i will always ensure that the food i ordered will be a well balanced dinner for us. It will always consist of 1 meat dish, 1 vegetable dish and also 1 soup. The other dish will be open for a meat or toufu dish.So today i will share with you the dishes i ordered the other day. The food at Lao Bei Jing is good and best of all, it is not very pricey.Food : ***Price : ***Customer service : ***Overall, will i come again? YesFish Maw Soup @ $8.00. i love their soup. you can taste that the soup based is made using chicken stock. The soup is not too thick so you wont get the "ger lak" feeling. however, i feel the fish maw is not enough and the soup is not hot enough when it is served. it is just warmed. lolShan Bei Chicken @ $14.00. i love Shan Bei Chicken lol. the chicken is well marinated and stirred fried. This dish is not too dry for me and goes well with plain white riceFrench beans @ $12.00. i love french beans. and especially this one, the minced pork that is fried with it is so nice that i finish half a bowl of rice just with this dish!spicy beancurd @ $16.00 that it is called but this dish is not spicy to me at all. The beancurd is home-made and is very soft. The "spicy" bean paste that they used is a little sweet type. the sauce is really good ! i love this dish!the dining experience @ Lao Bei Jing is always very good and i think you can find a couple of post on Lao Bei Jing too lol. till next time... 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-10-07
151 瀏覽
Rushed down from work to Plaza Singapura for dimsum buffet.I came across this LaoBeijing dim sum buffet which costs $11.80+ from 3 to 530.See here http://www.laobeijing.com.sg/pdf/hi-tea.pdfKnew I had to go down and test it for myself, since it was cheap.I should let you know that the price is in fact, $12.80++ (they've increased their price, BUT THEIR WEBSITE DID NOT REFLECT IT!), and the timing has changed to 3 to 5pm.And guess what, on the board, it said that the last order would 15 minutes before closing time, but the waitresses came and told us to order our last dishes half an hour before.Shitty service.Anyway, since I rushed down from work, I only reached the place at 4pm - yeah, so lugi.In actual fact, I was only able to dine for around 1 hour.Their dim sum were rather horrible, to be honest.Don't expect a lot of variety either, I felt conned because the pdf menu listed so many options to choose from.Most of the dishes were disappointing.Dan Dan Mian below. This was different from what I'd tried at Din Tai Fung.I thought dan dan mian was supposed to have peanut sauce? Correct me if I'm wrong.This is probably a different version, as it was soupy.Well, I preferred DTF's though.Xiao Long Bao!This was supposed to be my main highlight. I foresee myself eating many xlb to make my buffet trip worth.Guess what, this was the only basket I ordered, and I only ate 2.I officially declare this as the worst XLB I've ever tasted.It's the meat's quality, I say.Paid around $15 per pax.The price is decent, but for the standards, and the lack of variety, I'm NEVER EVER EVER coming back again. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-20
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It was my friend's birthday and we are having dinner together at Lao Beijing at Plaza Singapura. We ordered the following items to share:Traditional Roast Peking Duck, the skin is quite fragrant and crispy and the duck meat is tender. Nice and its not too oily.Beijing-style Sweet and Sour Fish, this fish has nice presentation, the fish is deep fried till crispy and the fish is fresh. The fish goes very well with the sweet and sour sauce, great dish to go with white rice.Pan fried Dumpling, the filling is juicy and nice while the skin is not too thick, nice dumpling Pork ribs, the pork ribs are well marinated and is tasty. The meat is tender and soft, nice.Brocoli, this dish is nice, the broccoli is not overcooked and the canopy sauce enhance the broccoli. 繼續閱讀
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