Arriving by bus: 14/ 123/ 147/ 153/ 196/ 197/ 198/ 642/ 855/ 961 (Bus Stop No. - 10131, Opp Blk 2), Arriving by Train : Exit A, Queenstown MRT - EW 18 on the Green Line 繼續閱讀
The stall is located at Alexandra Village Food Centre 繼續閱讀
16:00 - 22:00
16:00 - 22:00
Chicken Satay Mutton Satay
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等級4 2013-03-12
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The FoodI ordered the pork, chicken and mutton and were meaty, juicy, tender and very well marinated. I personally like the pork satay better than mutton or the chicken because it have small crispy bite with well seasoned tender meat. The Chicken also was well seasoned using both thigh and breast meat, tasty enough with a soft bite to it.The sauce was of right consistence and very well balanced with the pineapple sauce for added punch to itThe PriceAffordable price at $0.50 per stickOverallI will definitely come back again and highly recommended to try this for all Satay lovers! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-12-18
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This is by far one of the most delicious satay I've tried in Singapore. Love the chicken satay especially as they uses chicken thigh meat which the meat is still moist after being grilled and not hard and dry. Other than chicken, they do also have mutton and pork to cater for your taste bud.Their specialty satay sauce is a bomb too. Unlike the other stalls, their sauce is not oily at all. Adding on to their already tasty sauce, they customized it by adding grind pineapple to spice it up. If you want more pineapple to your sauce, you can even go to the stall and DIY it yourself.Each satay sticks and Ketupat cost $0.50 with a minimum order of 10 sticks. This stall is very popular among the other hawker stalls and waiting can be up to 30 minutes during peak hours. But for the sake of delicious food, I wouldn't mind waiting for my satay to be cook and served. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-08-21
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Love the satays from this outlet as the sticks of meats served are quite big in portion and the price is reasonable as well. Really love to eat their mutton satays as they are very fragrant with no stingy smell from the usual mutton meats served at other satay stalls. The meat is also very tender and juicy, which is really easy to chew too. The satay sauce here is also very thick and equally delicious as well. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-31
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I gotta agree with the reviews given on the quality of the satay. It has got good mixture of fat and lean meat to give it the tenderness for both the chicken and the pork. These satay were nicely marinated and well barbecued to give it the slightly charred taste and flavor. Pineapple puree was added into the peanut gravy to give it a hint of sweetness that complement the satay very well. I wish more slices of cucumber are given though. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-01
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It is good to see some of the old stalls are still dishing out the delectable local food at Alexandra Village Food Centre after their renovation. One of my favourite stalls at Alexandra Village Food Centre is Old Punggol Satay. The stall is owned by Chinese so pork is available here. The stall is quite popular so do expect a long wait. The pork satay is a must try for me with layers of fat in between and tad of charred flavoured. The other important highlight of the stall is the satay sauce. Unlike others, the stall added pineapple in its satay sauce which was very good and nice. 繼續閱讀
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