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Bak Kut Teh
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等級2 2023-12-11
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週末的早上,晨早起來,到市中心的大排檔,襯人潮湧過來之前,我們一行四人選了一張靠邊的枱坐下,一面欣賞河畔的美景,一面享受陣陣的涼風,因為朋友是這兒的熟客,在我們坐下的同時,老闆已經把爐子和盛滿開水的生鐵茶壺捧過來,這個熟手的朋友自攜茶葉(甘甜的鳳凰單重),在大家面前表演製作潮州茶的手藝,喝幾杯熱騰騰的潮州茶清清腸胃,再來潮州凍魚,生滾腰潤,帶着濃烈胡椒味的醒胃的肉骨茶,用砂煲盛上的上湯茼蒿和菜心既幼且嫩,比較平日的香口食物和炒飯麵等帶來的油膩感覺,這頓早飯真的給人帶來身心大滿足😋 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-10-03
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I have never get the chance to try this stall as usually they had called it a day by the time I got there and therefore when I saw them still operating today, I hesitated not but to eat from this stall cos firstly I love Bah Kut Teh and secondly read about it's review and been wanting to try.I got a takeaway and after the first sip on the soup, just thought it tasted normal and exactly liked those where you can buy a packet from the supermarket and just add in your garlic, water and pork. Also, their portion of meat was so little, around 5 small chopped pieces for the price of $4.50 plus rice. They do sell steamed fish and a one palm sized costs $5! A man before me ordered just a steamed fish with rice that came with a small bowl of soup without meat and cost him $6.50. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2011-04-04
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My husband has been eating their bak kut teh since their Hill St Food Centre days so we are a tad biased. Theirs isnt the typical thick herbal style or the ultra peppery broth. Just light yet flavorsome soup that isnt oily. You can order the vegetables blanched in the meat broth. Nice traditional comfort food. If you look around Zion St Food Market on the weekend mornings, you'll find many families there, eating Ba Kut Teh and drinking the kungfu tea with a hot kettle boiling on every table! Plus they have very nice fresh fish in the mornings too. Nothing better than enjoying good food, sipping chinese tea and reading newspaper on a cool Sunday morning by the canal. This is the upstream of the Singapore River and is old school affordable and accessible waterfront dining for everyone! Sometimes you can even spot herons and other wildlife stopping in for a rest along the canal. The stall is right beside the waterfront so it offers a great view. The perfect food on a rainy morning especially in this humid and hot climate of ours! Speak teochew to the stall owners for extra friendly ga-gi-nang service ;) Do note that it can get pretty expensive if you start ordering the fish and other extra servings of kidney, intestines and other side dishes. My favourite is the mee sua, a must have for me! This is really the perfect family Sunday Breakfast tradition and I can only hope it continues to be there so I can bring my children there in the future. 繼續閱讀
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