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Char Kway Teow
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等級4 2015-09-05
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What I like:1) they fry per order at a time when you order2) the finished product is a piping hot plate of moist noodles that very flavorful, love the little bits of lard3) option to add more green vege to your not-so-healthy CKT4) the sprinkling of crispy silver fish as final garnishWhat I don't quite like:1) shop only give ONE chopsticks and ONE spoon per plate, I wonder who had ripped them off so badly that they are so guarded about their disposables 2) lady boss would very calculative-ly count the number silver fishes she sprinkles on my plate, I mean seriously, silver fish so small also count like dat?!? *shake head*Would I return? I'm a sucker to good food so yah... Heh 繼續閱讀
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Full Review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/91-fried-kway-tiao-mee-at-golden-mile-food-centre-beach-roadFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookWhat will it be when one thinks of healthier eating option? Fruits, Vegetables, Fat Free, the list goes on and that includes Fried Char Kway Tiao. Yup, you heard me right, Singapore's local delight- Fried Char Kway Tiao. Located at first level of Golden Mile Food Centre houses (probably) the healthiest version of Singapore's pride.Less oil, more greens may seem fitting for a healthier meal. However, here at 91 Fried Kway Tiao Mee, their noodles is lard and lap chiong (wax sausage) free! No...!Well, it definitely lacked the lard fragrance and savoury taste from the lap chiong, but it still ha the crucial wok hei flavour!So if you are planning for a "healthier" choice of CharKway Tiao, do drop by here! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-22
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Some say this is the healthiest version of fried kway teow in Singapore because they do not use pork and lard and that they use minimum oil to fry this dish. I feel good when the plate was presented to me. It was piled with a good amount of blanced vegetables and crispy anchovies.The gravy was more watery than shiny and the vegetables were not bitter at all. Despite not using any chinese dried pork sausages and lard in their char kway teow, the noodles were still very tasty and fragrant! It tasted sweet, the way I liked it and also do feel it's not that oily. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-24
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Golden Mile Food Centre is inconvenient as there are no MRT train stations nearby. I decided to go to this stall after an internal debate between the health conscious me and the sinful me. Looks like the sinful self has won the debate as I found myself at 91 Fried Kway Teow @ Golden Mile Food Centre... and I got myself a plate of Fried Kway Teow! This hawker centre is always very crowded during peak hours, but not to worry, there are plenty of seats to go around. It might be quite hard to get a seat during lunch hours weekdays though.The service is slow as there's a queue when I went. I felt that I've really wasted my calories unwisely; overall noodles was too charred and dry for my liking the only good point is the crispy silverfish and the big portion of vegetables... 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-12
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For other reviews, please visit http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comI don't understand what's the big deal about this place. The stall lady is overtly stingy. She counts every single itty bitty little green leaf as just to make sure you don't get one more leaf than your plate of $4 noodles is worth, and refuses to give you one more pair of chopsticks even if you order a large plate of noodles. That's the problem with hawker stalls that have been "discovered" and consequently become famous. The fame just gets to them and they suddenly develop an attitude problem. Taste-wise, it isn't mind-blowing. It's okay, but this stall, which touts itself as a healthier alternative by using vegetable oil and refraining from the use of lard, just lacks that certain lardy compound that cannot be replaced. The Char Kway Teow ($4 for large) is served with a distinctive layer of green leafy vegetables and crisp silver fish topping. And if you think that a bunch of artery-clogging oil-soaked chai sim are going to help lower your cholesterol, then you've got another thing coming 繼續閱讀
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