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<br>Conceived by Soo Chan, Principal of SCDA, Bistro Soori is a celebration of good food with quality design. It encompasses composed, refined and refreshing dining using modern cooking techniques coupled with the chef's interpretation. Apart from welcoming diners on a quest for unique dining experiences, the restaurant offers intimate lessons for aspiring chefs. 繼續閱讀
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Braised Dark Soy Pork Belly Slow Cooked Salmon
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Bistro Soori is a fusion restaurant with a modern concept with immense pride in their attention to detail in every dish. This thoughtfulness exudes through their food which diners can enjoy through the melange of flavours.It is a perfect little hideout between Outram Park and Chinatown where you can enjoy a reserved dinner in the sleek and minimalist environment. Bistro Soori is very suitable for every important occasion whenever you want to impress someone or indulge more than usual, meeting your needs for business meetings, dates or family dinners.Hello! There's also a washroom to accommodate meals that will stretch for hours.StartersFoccacia bread and cheese was set on the table soon after we settled down - thank goodness because I was starving! The foccacia bread was soft and well-toasted and a classic to go with the cheese spread.A flute of champagne!My choice for starters was the seared US scallops that was doused with a good deal of mango miso puree with sprigs of salad made of mango salsa and frisse. I enjoyed it tremendously because the scallops were so fat, juicy and fresh! The beautiful searing of the scallops made it even more enticing. Two were definitely not enough but I shan't be greedy - there are more ahead to enjoy.Another starter dish that impressed us was the pan-seared foie gras that was accompanied with caramelhead apple, mixed greens drizzled with balsamic reduction sauce. The foie gras can be described to melt in the mouth instantly. I know this delicacy is surrounded with controversy, but well, it was really good and well appreciated.A zoom-in on the pork ribs slow roasted with pumpkin, frisse and pumpkin seeds that competed with the foie gras on their melt-in-the-mouth abilities... it did not leave a greasy feeling and was quite light in its taste.Main CoursesMy main course of linguine pasta soaked in cream sauce, lobster, spinach, parmesan with seasoning from herbs basil and chilli. The sauce tasted really special and one of its kind, with a waft of coconut milk in its fragrance. The pasta was cooked al dente and the lobster was also very fresh - peeling it from its shell was effortless.This is the slow roasted chicken breast with portobello confit, arugula rocket salad, pistachio with truffle vinaigrette to dress. While the chicken was really tasty and well-marinated, I wished it could be a little more crispier and succulent. Not a fan of rocket salad either, but the portobello mushrooms did stand out despite not being the star ingredient of the dish.The duck leg confit in sunchoke & balsamic sauce was very tender, evenly cooked and blended perfectly with the sauce. I was surprised that it didn't had the trail of a duck taste which was the reason I normally avoid eating duck.This pretty concoction is the seared lobster tails perched on a fortress of brown butter, yuzu corn pudding, asparagus, sugar pea & jalapeno pickles. Initially the other main course which I was divided over because I was inclined to satisfy my curiosity about how their yuzu corn pudding would taste like. The yuzu flavour was faint but distinguishable, while the corn flavour was more apparent. I found that this dish could be larger in its portion.The risotto with scallops, prawns, yuzu and parmesan garnished with Thai basil was much appreciated as well, a little on the savoury side and generally really enjoyable. I liked it the most out of all the main courses.DessertsMy favourite time of every meal is the desserts: this was my first choice of desserts (actually, I was tempted to get all of them for myself) with a classic dark chocolate lava cake, berries syrup and good ole vanilla ice cream that everyone loves. The lava cake was really cold on the outside and flows beautifully when sliced open, with very rich dark chocolate. Oh, I can't continue describing it without craving for it right now.This was my choice of dessert ultimately because I was attracted to the seared vanilla pudding and salted caramel elements which I knew would be a surprise because my imagination had limits on how it would unfold. While it was slightly sweet, the vanilla ice cream and almond flakes that accompanied it neutralized the cloying tastes and I simply loved this. Desserts must be one of Man's best inventions.This was the cognac vanilla creme brulee served with fresh summer berries like blueberries and strawberries. I love creme brulee as well, but I couldn't order everything at once for myself so.. I pinched a little and realized that it was really just as I imagined it to be - really very yummy.I admit that I am not a good cheese connoisseur (nothing near there, in fact), so I couldn't appreciate this cheese platter properly. But if you can - the bread allows you to enjoy each of the different types along with croutons, honey comb and plum paste.While I thought that layered sponge cake would be rather predictable, Bistro Soori's rendition caught me by surprise with its featherlight texture across all layers with chocolate and coffee cream spread along the different seams with chocolate liquor. I underestimated this, and the first mouthful of it immediately proved me wrong.I liked this pretty lady dessert of forest berries mousse cake because it really packed a punch of delectable detail in a single little cake, served with berries syrup.For full review: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/05/bistro-soori-teck-lim-road.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-20
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Bistro Soori offers an extensive set lunch menu, inclusive of a starter, main course, and dessert for $39.90.I had the Sauteed Garlic Prawns with Mixed Greens as a starter. Not impressive and the prawns were not very well seasoned. Would recommend taking the Pan Grilled Miso Scallops instead.For mains, I had the Wagyu Beef Burger; portion was quite big for a small eater. Beef was good, I had it medium rare, but overall nothing memorable about it.The much raved-about Pandan Soufflé, which I didn't get to try on my previous visit; many other diners had this for dessert as well. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations; souffle was well done, soft and moist, but it tastes like any other souffle, comparable to Hoshino's. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-04-30
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On the whole, I am impressed by the relatively young chefs at bistro soori as you could never be able to imagine the taste of your food by just merely reading off from the menu. The taste may appear complicated initially but when you try it, you will find that they complement each other. I guess in fusion cooking, you need to be smart in choosing your ingredients from different parts of the world that are distinct yet still able to complement each other to produce a masterpiece. Bistro Soori did it and I am hoping to see more of such restaurant as it may be the only or strongest category of cuisine that is able to come up with new flavours and excitement. Spent a total of $76 and service was good. GST is already included in the menu and so the bill felt more ‘transparent’. Love this place and wouldn’t mind visiting it again sometime! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-22
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Bistro Soori does a mean Sunday brunch set (39.90 for 3 courses before taxes) but no drinks unfortunately. The selection is quite extensive though since everything on the ala carte menu is available for selection. I tried the spinach salad which is quite interesting because the spinach is rather crunchy. I then tried the crab eggs benedict. Wonderful sauce with generous crab meat. Finished off with a decent brownie for dessert. 繼續閱讀
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So on strong recommendations, we were back again.This time. Just for an after dinner dessert.Souffle.And very prettily risen one at that.So what's the big deal about it?Did you see it's pastel green shade?Pandan. Mmm. Fragrant. And light. So light and airy.Balanced out by heavily buttered rounds.And tart strawberry compote.It was worth the visit albeit a dear price tag. 繼續閱讀
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