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Bacon Wraps Knack Wurst Curry & Plum Fries
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等級4 2015-03-12
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Located at Chengsan CC, is this hidden restaurant. Having lived in the area for two decades, I had no idea of this restaurant's existence!The have both indoor and outdoor seating and it's can accomodate quite a huge number of customers. However, their operating hours are only between 5pm-12am.They have a rather simple western menu, all your typical favourites and more.Seriously this place has one of the best crispy and thick waffles I have ever eaten! When I placed my order, the waiter came to tell me it would take at least 15 minutes. I ordered a sour plum soda $3 + $1 for iced. It tasted good to me, my mother had expected it to be a bit sweeter.Rum and Raisin Waffles $9++When it was served to me, it looked so brown, I had wondered if it was burnt, but it didn't smell burnt. The ice cream tasted strong of alcohol, there were raisins in the ice cream and in almost every pocketed square of the waffle as well! The waffle was so crispy and because it was a very thick waffle, it was still fluffy on the inside. Even my mother compliment the waffle, and she rarely has great things to say about waffles, considering she made waffles for breakfast just yesterday.All in all, they serve a variety of food and I will be back to try more main course and definitely for more waffles 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-19
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Always a good neighbourhood hangout place for me! Visited twice in the past to try and have already tried their sides, waffles, cocktail and desserts. So this was my first time trying their main items! Have ordered their Gratin Chicken ($14.90), which is basically is a really well-seasoned grilled chicken accompanied by fresh baby potatoes and vegetabeles topped with sweet slice of am and cheese served on sizzling hotplate! It was really good. Also ordered their Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg ($12.90), where the tender chicken was deboned perfectly, accompanied with baby potatoes and vegetables too, topped with delicious mushroom sauce. Its similar to the gratin chicken but the chicken here may be more tender for some reasons. Love the flavour! Will always come back for more! Would probably try their escargots the next time. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-15
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For the price of only $16.90 per serving and I get to enjoy such a premium plate of air-flown steak, this is definitely worth the price. The steak is really big in portion and the meat is tender and juicy. The baby potatoes are also very smooth and fresh, which blend in well with the steak. Their mashed potato with mushroom sauce taste equally amazing, which the gravy is thick and flavourful. Restaurant is quite comfortable and cooling, service is equally good and prompt as well. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-08
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Attending an event at Yishun Safra, where Bliss Restaurant is used as the caterer. For today's event, the meal is a 5-course sit-down lunch with staff from Bliss Restaurant serving us.Start the meal with Chicken Soup. Although it is quite watery, but there is quite a lot of shredded chicken meat.Followed by Smoked duck salad as appetizer. The smoked duck is very flavourful and tender. As for main course, we have Chicken Stew with mashed potato. Quite well flavoured , but prefer the meat to be more tender. End the meal with a pair of profiteroles, filled with whipped cream. Tastes quite light and crispy.Overall the food is average, the service is a bit slow as there is about 4 staffs serving us. 繼續閱讀
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Bliss Restaurant used to be located at Punggol Park. One and a half years ago, they relocated to Chengsan Community Centre which is just a stone throw away from Ang Mo Kio MRT station. Less than 10 minutes walk away from the station, most of which was through a sheltered walk way.Bliss Restaurant offers customers with both indoor - air conditioned and outdoor - alfresco dining areas with a seating capacity of 300! On the day of visit, I noticed that more than half of the customers were seated at the alfresco dining area. Maybe it was because it was a cold day as it was raining an hour earlier.Customers will be spoil for choice as Bliss Restaurant offers an extensive choice of dishes ranging from Starters, Appetizers, Sides, Pasta, Meat, Ocean, Dessert, Waffle, Sundae and Drinks (Coffee, Tea, Hot & Cold Beverages, Float, Cocktail, Beer, Liquor). As I had a hard time deciding what to order, I decided to seek recommendations from the staff. The Ham & Cheese Stick ($6.90) has been a Bliss Specialty Since 2001. It consisted of breaded chicken ham rolled with cheddar cheese. It was topped with fried curry leaves.I was quite impressed with the Ham & Cheese Stick. Cutting it into half and stuffing a piece of curry leaf into it heightened the aroma to a whole new different level. The only issue I have is that the cheese seems to 'solidify' pretty fast. Maybe we took too long taking photos of it.The Mussel In White Wine ($13.90), a dozen of half shell mussels cooked with white wine, garlic and parsley. The mussels were big, fat, juicy and fresh.The Aglio Olio Smoked Pepper Duck ($12.90) was strongly recommended by the staff. I decided to order that but decided to order another type of pasta, which was the Aglio Olio Smoked Pepper Duck with Squid Ink Tagliatelle.Duck meat is normally tough. However, in this case, Bliss Restaurant's Smoked Pepper Duck was soft and tender (I wonder how they cooked it). As a whole, I thought that this dish was well-executed. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise the squid ink pasta did not taste have a very strong squid ink taste which could have overwhelmed the flavours from the Aglio Olio!The Gratin RibEye Steak ($18.90) accompanied by baby potatoes and greens, was served with mushroom sauce on sizzling a hotplate. Normally, it is served with cheddar cheese, however, we decided to switch it to mushroom sauce as the starter we had earlier already had cheddar cheese in it.Was pleasantly surprised by the generosity of the ingredients given. Lots of greens, baby potatoes, onions (at the bottom of the steak) and a big piece of steak!The mushroom sauce was heavenly. It had the right blend of sweetness, fragrant and seems to be accompanied by a slight herbal taste. A perfect complement for the steak, potatoes and onions. I polished off this whole plate! The only 'glitch' was that the carrots were a tad too hard; could have been cooked a little longer.The Traditional Italian Tiramisu ($6.90), another Bliss Specialty Since 2001 was decent. Soft, moist and creamy with the right balance in taste.The Sea Salt Caramel Banana ($7.90) consisted of sliced banana tossed with salty caramel sauce topped over freshly made waffle. Unlike most waffles I have eaten so far, Bliss Restaurant's version was was thick and fluffy. The whole waffle was topped with slices of bananas and sea salt caramel sauce. How I wish I could add a scope of ice cream over it!Leaving the best for the last, the Deadly K Meet Mr. Dark ($7.90); an alcoholic sundae was essentially dark chocolate ice cream swimming in kahlua bath accompanied with wholesome chunky rich brownies cubes and drizzled with chocolate fudge. I have never try / seen / hear of something like this before (mountain tortoise) and I am not a fan of alcoholic stuff. But yet the Deadly K Meet Mr. Dark stole the show! The more you dig into it, the more you will love it. Outstanding!Overall, I was impressed with the dining experience at Bliss Restaurant. The food was good and the prices are reasonable too. Good news for those staying in the North., there's another place to visit! I am so glad that they have relocated to Ang Mo Kio!Detailed review: http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/02/bliss-restaurant-ang-mo-kio.html 繼續閱讀
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