Arriving by Public Bus: #52/132/162/162M/163/165/166/167/410/640/855/980 (Bus Stop Number 53041 - bef Thomson Ridge) Nearest MRT: Exit A - Marymount Station (CC16 on the Circle Line) Nearest Carpark: Upper Thomson Road Carpark 繼續閱讀
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<BR>Chicken House specially uses Kampung Chickens for their dishes, thus patrons enjoy tender chicken meat for their meals. Other dishes like internal organs, vegetables, and Thai-style chicken feet are also available on the menu. 繼續閱讀
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10:30 - 21:30
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等級4 2013-08-18
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Given a number of choices for dinner as we drove along the stretch of shop houses in Upper Thomson Road and out of all, we had decided to go for a healthier version of chicken rice, Chicken House, which was lauded for its luscious delicacies. Look into the restaurant and you will see there are still alot of empty seats as we are rather early for dinner on a weekend. Helpers are all dressed in white polo tee with "Chicken House" in red on their back.We were directed to a table next to a wall since we are dining in 3 as most of the bigger round tables were in the center of the restaurant. Food serving was amazingly fast, as the lady was taking our order, the plain rice and soup were already served on our table together with the tissues and utensils.Food serving was made easier through the counter of kitchen in the restaurant. Take a look over at the square opening under the green signage, this is the place where the chef would ring the bell to alert the helpers when food is ready for serving. Each table in the restaurant comes with a dish of seasoning. Customer will get to have their serving of spicy chicken rice chilli, sweet black sauce and blended ginger with the little saucers. However, there was a gentle reminder pasted at the eyes level stating not to let them go into waste and we should take the amount of seasonings we required.As the rice was served, I did not take any look as the lady was still taking order. I tried the soup and rice after she left our table. The soup is the essence from the chicken and was exceptionally tasty, we thought it was the magic of MSG but after drinking whole bowl of it, I was not thirsty. The dish that steals the scene is this yellowish plate of half chicken. The shop promises that our meals are low in fat and cholesterol, given that kampong chicken was lean in nature, one can hardly find the layers of fat in them like what you find in a chicken rice stall. The difference between the non kampong chicken is that they are injected with growth hormones which stimulates the growth for commercial purposes. On the contrary, kampong chicken are fed and reared without these stimulants and was healthier.Being Kampong grown, they are generally thinner which means amount of meat may be lesser but they are firmer and of course better in serving!Cost: $12.00 for half chickenA simple dish, Ipoh Beansprouts that goes well with a plate of meat (kampong chicken), accompany the smooth and not greasy chicken with its crunchiness bites of the sprouts garnished with fried and spring onions and a little bit of sliced chilli.Cost: $4.00Vegetables like Xiao Bai Cai are also good to go with a plate of meat. They were drenched with light soya sauce and tastes crunchy as well.Cost :$$4.00The Chicken Ngoh Hiang was deep fried to a nice golden brown color and was cripsy on the outside and succulent on the inside accompanied by the sweet tasting sauce.Cost: $4.00Total of the meal together with 3 cups of cold barley sums up to $31.45 for 3 of us. Average spending is about $10.00 per head and I would say is money well spend for such quantity and quality of food!Note1) To avoid additional costs, one can return those packets of hand towels provided.(2) There are limited parking lots, parking in diagonal and parallel is required if you are in front of the shop houses. Be early to avoid disappointment. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-26
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I’ve heard much hype about this place as they’re serving kampong chicken which is supposedly “no injection” .The crunchy HongKong Kailan covered with crispy fried shallots blends well with the mellow tasting oyster sauce.Crispy Prawn Roll with generous thick filling was satisfying and what made it more fulfilling was to have it dipped, coating it with sweet dark brown sauce.The steam white chicken was lean and tough as it is “free range chicken” there’s no fats like the usual ones that has gone through “steroid enhancement”. The rice did not have the “chicken fragrance” as I usually expect out of “chicken rice” so it was a disappointment for me in that field. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-03-07
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For full experience write up & photos, please visit my blog: http://aspirant1981.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/food-lean-mean-chicks-that-does-workout-kampong-chicken-rice-singapore/ or follow me on twitter for food reviews: https://twitter.com/Aspirant81 Do you love Chicken Rice but often have to give this famous Singaporean Cuisine a miss due to health reasons? The Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Kampong Chicken served at Chicken House may offers you a sly reason to cheat a little.Located along Upper Thomson Road, this restaurant promises its diners Kampong Chicken which consists of mainly fat free lean chicken meat. Why are Kampong Chicken meat low in fat and relatively leaner? That’s because they ‘workout’ alot by running around freely in the kampong unlike their farm cousins who are usually held captived & forced feed to fatten up.The restaurant offers old school dining experience where you and your friends can just sit, eat, pay and get out. Not a comfortable place for hanging out over coffee.Once orders are taken, delivery of the dishes and plates of chicken rice are swift & precise. The fried bean sprouts served were so crunchy and addictive that the plate was swept clean even before the chicken arrive.This plate of innocent looking golden brown fried dou fu hides a secret deep in its core.There are additional fillings within the Tou Fu! Looks like egg and something else. Drop a comment if you know the rest of the fillings.Finally, the main hero of our meal – Our athletic chicken. The chicken skin is yellowish in color which does not really look appetiting to me. The chicken parts are slightly smaller compared to the chickens served at other places. The meat is lean and tough with minimal fats. The accompanying rice has significantly less oil but also weaker flavor compared to other chicken rice vendors.Yes, this is a healthier choice but I still like my chicken voluptuous, tender and with hints of fats.The Kampong Chicken served at Chicken House will generally be well received by ladies and health conscious individuals. But for chicken rice lovers who desires the full taste and flavor of this local culinary delight, this restaurant may not be up to mark. This is a traditional & busy chinese restaurant so I only focus on the food for rating. You can expect minimal ambience and service. You may also like to check out my posts on other delicious food places: http://aspirant1981.wordpress.com/restaurants-cafe-eateries-food-list/ 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-12-18
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The chicken house is a well known shop selling hananise chicken rice located near thomson plaza. We decided to stop by to eat the chicken rice after shopping at thomson plaza. We ordered half a steam chicken as well as rice. The rice is very fragrant but no too oily. The chicken was nice and tender and goes well with the ginger or black soya sauce. Remember to return the wet towel if you don't use it as it is chargeable. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-08-29
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the chicken rice at chicken house is really tasty. i went there with my hubby and children and we ordered half a chicken. the steamed chicken was a little oily, but at least their rice is not too oily. i ordered their bean sprout to go along with the chicken rice. their bean sprout is really crunchy, not overcooked. it is not too salty as well. i feel that it went really well with the chicken and the rice, it brought out the fragrance of the rice. 繼續閱讀
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