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Do.Main is the brainchild of French pastry chef Frederic Deshayes. Started in 2014, the urban bakery combines the best offerings from a French bakery and a French patisserie – good breads and pastries prepared using French techniques. It offers authentic French breads and pastries using top quality ingredients, including imported wheat flour from France. ‘Do’ refers to ‘dough’, while ‘Main’ means ‘hand’ in French – the two essential tools for the preparation of French breads and pastries. At Do.Main, everything is made according to the uncompromising standards of Frederic Deshayes, from the must-have baguette and other French breads, puff pastries, tarts, Danish pastries, choux pastries, entremets to verrines. It also offers a savoury menu with sandwiches, quiches, salads and soups. Do.Main is a proud project under the a-munition group. 繼續閱讀
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Do.Main Bakery, a french bakery by Chef Frederick Deshayes who was the former Head of Pastry in Sunrice Globalchef Academy.The first dish was the Charcuterie platter which consisted of duck n pistachio pate, pork rillette & kurobuta ham. Sourdough bread was provided to complete the whole dish. Liked the pork rillette and ham for its moistness and tenderness. The pate was a wee bit hard and dry.Favorite will be the mouillettes or broken eggs which is basically the french version of our local soft boiled eggs. Difference is it was baked and not boiled. No salt needed as bits of bacon or tomatoes lies in the eggs . With stick breads.. texture like biscotti, mix and dip and enjoy the runnyness of the eggs. So smooth so nice!Another highlight will be the oven baked cheese with potatoes and bacon or to be more french...Tartiflette Reblochon. The cheese was overpowering but the potatoes and bacon was a perfect combi.Cassolette oven baked escargots. Prefer snails baked in their shells. More enjoyable eating straight ftom the shells. The herb butter garlic was flavorful but less is more.Finally 3 types of sweets to end it all. Plum tart, eclairs & paris brest. Paris Brest was my favorite....choux puff was crisp, cream had the right sweetness and consistency. Not a fan of the plum tart as it was too tangy and eclair was just eclair.Oh yes.... the chouxpinettes was delish. Thanks to Chef Frederick for that parting gift. Would I go back So.Main? A resounding yes as there are many other breads & pastries beckoning out loudly for consumption😊 繼續閱讀
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As you walk down or drive pass tanjong katong, you will notice this monochromed, black and white like bakery along one of the shophouses. If you are curious enough to explore, you will find that it is actually a french bakery called Do.Main. The brainchild of baker chef Frederic Deshayes, do.main serves up artisan bread and pastries. as well as savoury items for breakfast lunch and dinner. What did I try ?The cream puff aka Paris- Brest Rare for me to post my favourite item as the first dish, but i can't seem to help it. The crisp exterior with that very tasty cream. I can have 3 at one go. Charcuterie Platter A combination of duck & pistachio pate, pork rillette and kurobuta ham. Sourdough bread is served together for the platter and that is when bread and meat comes together. Simply adored the kurobuta ham as well as the pate. Quite filling so its worth to share. Tartiflette “Reblochon” with bacon and potato The pungent cheese was overwhelming to an extent. aside, it was a good compliment with the breads that were available. that bacon gave the dish this porkish salty flavour marrying well with the potatoes.Broken eggs Coming in two flavours - sour cream or tomato, these are essentially the french version of our half boiled eggs but baked in an oven. The reason it is called broken eggs is because one has to use that stick bread and rigorously mix the contents together. A different take but for the price, i would rather have our kopitiam soft boiled anyday. The elicars They have a variety of flavours to choose for the elicars. I chose salted caramel and it didn't disappoint. Cassolette oven baked escargots Have never been a fan of snails, but this left me wanting for more. The homemade butter garlic blends well with the shallots. A very surprisingly find here. Chef Frederic Deshayes himself posing for usFull review at http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2015/04/domain-tanjong-katong.html 繼續閱讀
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Do. is french for dough and main is french for hands. This pretty much sums up the idea of this french bakery opened by former At-Sunrice instructor Chef Deshayes. The handmade French pastries and breads here are the real stars, though there are some other kitchen dishes on the limited menu. Located along the Tanjong Katong stretch (of foodie paradise), Do.Main looks every bit the artisan bakery-cafe that it is. You can see the chef and kitchen crew working their dough through a glass partition at the end of the bakery. Apart from the bakes, they offer a small ala-carte menu of hot dishes as well.Charcuterie PlatterCharcuterie Platter ($20)On the charcuterie platter are thin slices of cold cut Kurobuta ham, pork rillette and the duck and pistachio pate. Charcuterie Platter with Sourdough ($20)The pork rillette was a delight to have spread on the bread. Salty, tender and in shreds. It's almost like the kind of deliciousness of luncheon meat, but shredded and cold. If there's a savory meat version to Nutella, this is it. My companion praised the duck pate too, but that was less to my preferences. Cassolette Oven Baked Escargots Cassolette Oven Baked Escargots ($16) and Tartiflette 'Reblochon' ($16)You can smell the oven baked escargots before it arrives. The peeled escargots are enveloped in housemade garlic herb butter. So garlicky fragrant and delectable that it is almost sinful. Tartiflette 'Reblochon'One of my favourites of the night, the tartiflette 'reblochon' was a gooey comfort dish of soft potatoes, bacon and melted cheese. Hard to go wrong, and splendid spread on the accompanying sourdough bread. This was so so indulgent.Mouilettes and Baked Eggs Mouilettes and Baked Eggs ($12)Availablein 3 variations, plain, with tomato or with bacon and chives, the baked eggsand mouilettes were fun to have because of its special eating method. The mouilettes turned out to be bread sticks withcrispy edges. The bread was like the sourdough/baguette composition, buttoasted. To enjoy, use your bread stick,dip and scramble the eggs to make it a runny mixture of egg yolk and white. Itreminded me of our local soft-boiled runny eggs with toast. The tomato versionwas said to be the best. But uh, apart from the delicious mouilettes andnovelty in how you eat it, I think runny soft-boiled eggs from the kopitiamwill do.DessertRoyal Chocolate Tart, Paris-Brest, Lemon Tart.Fordessert, the paris brest stood out as the best. A slightly crisp tart shellenclosing light cream, the bite-sized pastry was superb in texture and taste. I could have seconds. Dark Plum TartA close second for my favourite was the plum tart. Their fruit tarts changes with whichever fruit is in season. Explains the juiciness and natural sweetness of the dark plum. On the plain semolina tart base, the whole thing is just the right sweetness without being cloying. Pithivier ($7), Apricot Danish ($3.50).I also did a takeaway of the pithivier and Apricot Danish. Both stayed in their original condition even till the next morning. They do avery good pithivier, which is a traditional French cake of golden pastry andalmond filling. Note that this cake is quite heavy and more recommended for teatime than breakfast.At the end of the tasting, the hospitable chef sent us along with his childhood snack of Chouquettes. These little pastries were simply sprinkled with icing sugar, but still satisfying. If you are looking for an authentically French bakery, this place will more than meet the mark. Prices here are on the highside for the pastries and mains, so I ain’t so sure about itsvalue-for-money. But one thing’s for sure, the quality is there. You can always sharethe pastries with a few friends while relaxing over coffee to diffuse the costper pax. So do or don’t?Do (If your wallet is up for it.)Thanks Openrice and Food Cult PR for the tasting! 繼續閱讀
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When I received the invitation to try out Do.Main at Tanjong Katong I was keen to try because it’s in my area and the concept is something fresh in Singapore! This place is basically a French bakery. A standalone one, not one from a big chain (eg. Paul or Delifrance).This is the French chef Frederic Deshayes’ first shop but he has been in Singapore for 9 years. I do not eat bread on a daily basis but I love French bread based on my experience in Paris and in French restaurants. Freshly made artisanal bread is always special. It’s good to know that they used specially imported ingredients from France such as their flour to keep the quality as close as you get in France itself.Other than French bread, they also make French pastries in house. The Apple Tart is something which holds special memories for the chef, but everything else is equally good according to him. I do not doubt this because taking a look at the variety, they are all French creations like choux pastry, Paris-Brest, éclairs, chouquettes etc and who can make them better than a real French man? Authentic French pastries are not easy to find in Singapore. They also sell whole cakes for those who want some quality French style cakes.For this tasting meal, we were served some savoury food which is available all day. These items are a partnership with chefs from other renowned French restaurants like Baroque Grill (Amara Hotel) and they supply the savoury items. Even though it was brought over from somewhere else, at least it isn’t from a random source but was actually specially put together by another French chef. Hearing this alone makes me confident of the food I was going to try.Four Seasons Salad - $18.00Featuring ingredients representative of 4 different seasons.My experience in France is that they do a lot of cold dishes so a salad like this is not a surprising offering. The ingredients were fresh and it was appetizing and is good to share. You can have it with bread too since the bread here is fantastic.Charcuterie Platter with Sourdough bread - $20.00duck and pistachio pate, pork rillette and kurobuta ham3 items will always be included but it will change from time to time (perhaps rabbit or duck rillettes instead of pork etc). I particularly liked this one. It would be perfect with wine and a platter of (good) French cheeses!I’m happy to know that this place offers this cold platter nonetheless. Months ago I was having dinner at Eng’s just across the street of Tanjong Katong Road and couldn’t find a place to chill out after dinner without shifting location. This place gives the option of having wine with rillettes to chill out instead of the typical ice cream (you know sometimes I just don’t want to have dessert..). It would be perfect if they serve cheese too! Like this shop I went to in Paris, Le Baron Rouge.To Do.Main: PLEASE SERVE CHEESE!! Broken Eggs - $12.00 - $15.00This dish comes in 3 flavours - sour cream and ham, tomato confit and plain.It’s a traditional French dish and to eat you need to mix it up using the mouillettes! The bread itself was so crispy I couldn’t stop eating. The eggs were the perfect runny texture.I would suggest getting the flavoured ones instead of plain because plain is well, just eggs. Above is the sour cream and ham version.The tomato confit version was my favourite.Tartiflette “Reblochon” with bacon and potato - $16.00This is essentially baked cheese with bacon and potato below. The cheese taste is strong so do not order if you are not a cheese person. Otherwise, it’s a dish that many would love.Cassolette oven baked escargots with homemade garlic herb butter - $16.00Everyone loves escargot. Of the 3 warm dishes I think this would be my favourite. The sauce goes perfect with the bread!I really like how all these food options are really French styled (I do not like places which compromise and tweak their cuisine losing the identity) and most of these items goes well with bread I realise! If you would like to try their breads but can’t simply just eat bread alone, it may be a good option to order some of these savoury foods to go along.There are also other savoury options like quiches and sandwiches.Now on to the sweet stuff…Lemon Tart, Paris- Brest & Royal Chocolate Tart - $5.00 eachThese are just a few of the pastries they offer.My favourite was the Paris-Brest. I knew it would be the moment I saw it on the cake display. I’ve been missing Paris-Brest since I came back from France last year having tried a version which people claim is the best in Paris. I didn’t expect to see this in Singapore and was so happy that this version was actually not bad! Of course it can’t rival the one I had in Paris but I’m satisfied. And I’m not exaggerating about this rave. Everyone else said they liked it best too! They made it into this oblong shape instead of the traditional wheel shape because it’s easier to eat like this. Otherwise it’s pretty authentic.The Royal Chocolate Tart was my second favourite. In the first place I love chocolate so this is easy for me to like, what makes it different is that it’s gluten free using buckwheat flour. While I don’t suppose I have gluten intolerance, I’ve long read about the negative impact from gluten and I tend to eliminate it with my Paleo diet (which I try to keep when I’m not dining out). The ingredients used here are high quality like Valrhona Manjari in the chocolate mousse.Dark Plum Tart - $5.00/ big sliceI’m not a fan of such fruit tarts but it’s good to know this is dairy free – no custard here. It’s made with fresh fruit and semolina.Towards the end of the session we were given some Chouquettes to take home. These are addictive and so much better than other versions I’ve tried in Singapore!Overall I really like this place because the food is authentically French and the quality is good. I will definitely choose to buy my bread here if the occasional calls for needing bread. While the savoury food option may not be best for a filling dinner, this place definitely makes a good after dinner hang out with the cold platter and wine for those who like a savoury after meal option or the pastries with tea or even beer for those who want something sweet. It’s great that they have both choices (done properly too) so it can cater to everyone.My full review is here: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/do-main-bakery-dinner-tasting/  繼續閱讀
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Since opening in December 2014, Do.Main Bakery has quickly gained a loyal following for its great tasting, fresh, authentic French bread, pastries, cakes, and confectionaries. The name itself is a play on words, 'Do' represents bread dough, 'Main' is French for hand(s), representing bread made by hand, and 'Domain' refers to ownership.Ambience at Do.Main Bakery is credited to Chef's wife, who is a freelance fashion designer, and oversaw the look and feel of the place. The result is Do.Main Bakery has a rustic, country side feel, with white cobble stone walls, solid modern furniture in shades of white and black, an overall minimalist look. A large display cabinet showcases the various appetizing pastries, cakes, and savoury items, while rows of fresh bread are stacked along the wall in back. A clear glass panel allows for open viewing of their bakery, where chef and his team can be seen hard at work.Service at Do.Main Bakery is partial self-service, where ordering and payment is done over the counter, as is collection of cutlery. However, staff will serve orders to your table. I find staff here to be generally friendly. They're generally knowledgable about the various items on the menu, able to provide brief descriptions, and I like that they have the correct pronounciation of the French names.Food at Do.Main Bakery consists mainly of French pastries and breads, with a small selection of French savoury dishes. Classic and quintessential French cakes, tarts, bread, and pastries are made according to time-honoured, traditional recipes that chef learnt in his youth, resulting in rustic looking, yet great tasting food. Budget about SGD $15 ++ per person for a pastry with drinks, or about SGD $30 ++ if you include a savoury dish.The 4 Seasons Salad (SGD $18) is a pleasant array of bright colours, attractive and fresh. This light and healthy salad features lentils, carrots, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and roasted bell pepper / capsicum, and is utterly tasty and refreshing. A myriad of textures too, crunchy, soft, stringy, juicy, pliant, as well as excellent combination of tastes. The roasted bell pepper / capsicum in particular stood out for its smoky aroma and taste.Tartiflette is a French dish originating from the Haute Savoie region of France, and is a country style dish of potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons, and onions. The version of Tartiflette Reblochon (SGD $16) here drops the onions, and replaces the lardons with smoky bacon instead. Served like a gratin, this filling and hearty dish is delicious, with the smoky, salty taste of the bacon infused into the cream and potatoes, while the stringy, gooey cheese rounds out the flavour. Pretty good!Created in 1910 to commemorate the Paris-Brest bicycle race, with a circular shape representing a wheel, the Paris-Brest is a choux pastry filled with hazelnut flavoured cream. The Paris-Brest (SGD $5) version here is like a mini eclair, and the praline cream within is light, and creamy! It may be a tad too light for some though, I quite like it as it's not as sweet as those I've had elsewhere, and overall, I feel this dessert is very good! Full Do.Main Bakery review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/03/domain-bakery-tasting-session.html 繼續閱讀
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