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Drips Bakery Cafe offers delectable delights such as cakes, tarts, aromatic coffees and teas. Apart from sweet pastries and their Drips Speciality Cold Drip Coffee, this lovely café also serves up simpler fare such as salads, pies & quiches for a relaxing high tea session. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-03-12
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Drips Bakery Cafe isn't joking when they have this huge decal that screams "We specialize in Tarts" to everyone that walks by. Located in hipster land, near Chapter 55, is Drips, which is a pretty huge shop.There's quite a lot of seating, so fear not and the ambience of the whole place is very classy, with $7,900 paintings decorated on the wall which are for sale, and colourful stools.Powersupply sockets are locked with a TSA lock so no one can steal their power lol.Looking at their display of sweet awesome tarts, I wanted to try them all! But at $8.80 each, my bank account didn't concur with my stomach.They don't serve alot of cooked food, but they do serve some sandwiches and a waffle item.1. Chicken Mushroom Pie $5.50This was more of a snack sized pie, it's really tiny and for $5.50, I didn't see or taste any chicken or mushroom. Wasn't impressed by this.2. Seasonal Fruit Tart $8.80I loved the sweet fruits, the strawberries were huge, but to command an $8.80 price tag, it's a bold move! The tart itself was crumbly and it wasn't too sweet. They definitely can make good tarts, I did enjoy it! But will I come back here for this again? Probably not.3. Chocolate Tart $7Supposedly highly raved about, this was an interesting one, it was chocolate mousse on the inside but it wasn't too dense/jerlat/heaty/"makes you feel like you're going to get a sorethroat". So I actually liked this one, as I normally stray away from chocolate tarts.All in all, a good place to chill and if you like tarts and have a deeper wallet than your stomach can hold, go for it and try Drips! I know for a fact, I want to try alot more of their tart offerings but I just can't bear to fork out $9 for another one! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-06-07
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To complete our night we went to Drips Bakery Cafe for some healthy dessert. It was only opened a couple of years but its fame spreaded like wild fire. They freshly baked their tarts on a daily basis. Thanks to the fast selling tarts, this ensure all the ingredients they used were fresh. Generous with the berries and buttery tart made this one of the best tarts. The tart was so buttery that overpowered the berries. After finishing the tart (alone), it didn't created any heaviness or bloated feeling.One cup of hot tea with a chilled tart equal to awesome night.    繼續閱讀
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For full review and pictures collated from 4 visits, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/03/16/drips-bakery-cafe/Co-owner Alfred Chan went from baking in Shangri-la Hotel to opening a cheery bakery café serving up quality fare in Tiong Bahru. Although Drips is well-known for their tarts and quiche, their tea cakes and sandwiches impressed me enough to revisit trice.The café consists of 2 sections. If you wish to chill and relax, I recommend seats at the back, which comprises of mismatched sofas and couches. The front portion reminds me of a fun school canteen. Menu is written on a black board and selection changes often. Selection of both savories and sweets dwindle in the late afternoon, hence I prefer visiting at lunch time.I don’t have close-up pictures of the teacakes to entice you; must try as they are are to-die-for! Pound cakes are so common these days; but I have not encountered any as good as Drips. They are luxuriously dense, amazingly moist and melt in the mouth. My family loves the raspberry cake; we buy a large block each time for breakfast.Drips’ Iced Long Black ($5.50) is Hubby’s favorite coffee; he never fails to order this. Earl Grey Tea by the pot ($7.20) was satisfactory. There are 2 teabags in the pot, so be prepared to take them out to prevent over-steeping.Hot Chocolate ($5) was fair; I had better ones elsewhere.In order to set aside space for desserts, we ordered a slice of Rosemary and Chicken Quiche ($6.80) which was creamy and tasty. Don’t be deceived by the serving, although it does not look big, it’s very filling.Sandwiches are wholesome and appetizing, prepared with generous portions juicy meat and fresh vegetables, plus a citrus side saladVirginia Ham Sandwich ($13.80) with Dijon Mustard,Sliced Corned Beef Sandwich ($15.80) ….…and Oven Roasted Turkey Ham Sandwich ($15.80) with deliciously grilled capsicum and zucchini.THIS Chocolate Tart ($6.80) stole my heart the moment I took my first bite. The first thing I do when I step into Drips is to check if this is available, and reserve one before it sells out. Made using high percentage of cocoa, the result is a slightly bitter tart with the ideal amount of sweetness.Mixed Berry Fruit Tart ($8) was equally excellent. I particularly like the buttery and crumbly tart base, which had right amount of salt. Egg custard was just right-creamy and not too sweet. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-13
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At $8, this piece of Fruit Tart is one of my favourite snack during tea time. The café is quite spacious and cooling. The restaurant staffs are friendly and serve my tart to me very fast as well. The tart's crust is very crunchy and not too sweet. Fillings are not too sweet and can really taste the cherry fruits during every mouthful of it. The crust is buttery and fragrant, which is able to satisfy me. 繼續閱讀
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Green foamy rice matcha latte. I enjoyed this little cuppa goodness as i chatted about the day's activities with my friends.Looking for something fruity? Theblackberry almond tart caught our eye and it wasn't too bad. I wish it was served hot though. Somehow the lukewarm temperature made it a little less appealing.Initially I didn’t pay attention to the brownies which were placed in the counter, but they turn out so good! What I thought would be a dry cardboard like brownie turn out to have a beautiful crust encompassing the chewy fudge interior. This is a definite recommendation.If you are looking for something savory, you can also opt for the pastries and quiches which are available there 繼續閱讀
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