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In a very elegant and cosy ambience decorated with unique Italian artifacts, ETNA serves a delightful contemporary Italian cuisine, including over 18 labels by glass and 80 labels by bottle, with a Sicilian touch in a semi-fine dining setting. ETNA is one of the 20 authentic Italian restaurants in Singapore proudly awarded the Ospitalita Italiana Gold Seal Award. 繼續閱讀
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Founded in 2006, Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is known for its authentic Italian Sicilian cuisine, use of fresh, premium ingredients, and its impeccable service. Named after Mount Etna, an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ensures a great dining experience through its tasty, authentic Italian food and warm hospitality. It's even been awarded the Ospitalita Italiana Gold Seal, an award which is presented by the Italian government / Italian embassies to recognise superb Italian restaurants.Ambience at Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is semi-formal. Decor brings to mind restaurants along the coasts of Sicily, with walls of red brick, brightly lit rooms, and fine tableware. Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria generally has a small floor space that is packed tightly, this causes a rather noisy atmosphere when it's crowded. They also have a small outdoor al-fresco dining area. A chalkboard along the counter lists the daily specials, and I like that tables are spacious enough to accomodate their large serving plates.Service at Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is impeccable, befitting a fine dining establishment. Staff will welcome you, and seating is done quickly. I like that staff are knowledgable on the menu, as well as the daily specials, able to make recommendations, including pairing of wine. Orders are fulfilled relatively quickly, and dirty plates are also cleared efficiently. They're proactive, offering to change plates after several courses. I also like that staff come round to check on your dining experience, as well as ask for feedback. Excellent!Food at Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria revolves around Italian cuisine, specifically, dishes from Sicily. Fresh, premium ingredients are imported, and dishes are crafted according to traditional, authentic recipes, in large portions suitable for sharing. I love the clean presentation of the dishes, and generally taste fresh, packed with flavour. Ingredients are prepared simply and allowed to shine. Prices are comparable to other fine dining establishments, budget about SGD $35 or more per person for a meal here.A daily special, the Fresh Burrata With Parma Ham (SGD $42) is not always available, but is a great appetizer to order if you see it on the chalkboard. Large enough to share between 4 people, the burrata, which is made with mozzarella and cream, is soft, creamy, and fresh. Pair each mouthful of the smooth, creamy cheese with fresh arugula / eruca sativa, juicy cherry tomatoes, and salty, smoky parma ham / prosciutto crudo for an explosion of flavour.The Linguine Al Granchio (SGD $27) features perfectly done linguine and fresh crab meat, in a savoury, reduced lobster bisque that is packed with crustacean flavour. Topped with a slightly salty soft shell crab, this is a bold dish. Pretty good!The Tiramisu Al Pistacchio Di Bronte (SGD $14) didn't have that intense coffee flavour normally associated with this dessert, but it has a sweet, crunchy pistachio crust, made according to an authentic recipe from the town of Bronte, Sicily, in the Province Of Catania, South Italy. Could be better if it had a stronger espresso flavour.Full Etna review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/10/etna-italian-restaurant-pizzeria.html 繼續閱讀
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Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, which has another outlet at Raffles place, boasts Italian food with authentic Sicilian products. Interestingly, Etna also happens to be the name of the highest volcano in Sicily and Europe, standing at 10500 ft.Located within a short row of shophouses along Upper East Coast Road, Etna is almost impossible to miss with its huge signboard that lights up brightly in the evening. The interior is simply furnished with huge windows to allow sunlight in. Music is high strung which is quite unsettling at times especially if you are there for a relaxing quiet lunch likes yours truly.Complimentary Bread & Appetisers - The bread looked haphazardly drizzled with olive oil and was hopelessly hard. Biting into one was akin to biting into a dry rag. The appetiser bowl consisted of slices of cheese, pepperoni, olives and figs, which were nothing special honestly. It was still a nice gesture though.Bruschetta Etna - In all honesty, I've never eaten anything like Etna's rendition of the Bruschetta at any Italian restaurants before and I do not mean it as a compliment. The bread was rock hard and presentation was slip shod. The toppings didn't look fresh as well. How's that for dismalInsalata Di Gamberi - Essentially this salad was rocket leaves with prawns and doused in extra virgin olive oil. Fresh and zesty with fresh and crunchy, albeit rather small prawns, the salad was ironically the best dish of the day.Quattro Stagioni - Quattro Stagioni, otherwise known as the four seasons pizza, is so named because of the 4 different sections of the pizza that offers the diner contrasting tastes. Etna's version had all the ingredients mixed up, which was fine, just that it veers away from tradition. Taste wise, the crust was significantly thicker than the usual Italian pizzas but at least the dough was fluffy, which made eating it quite enjoyable. The ingredients weren't much to shout about and overall the pizza tasted rather mundane.Bistecca Al Gorgonzola - Grilled ribeye steak with gorgonzola cheese in a light cream sauce. With such a lip smacking description, I had expected something different or special. What I got was a slap in the face. Firstly, we had asked for the steak to be done medium but it looked more medium rare. Secondly, the buttery cream sauce was so overwhelming that I couldn't even make out any beef taste. Thirdly, the beef was sorely lacking in texture - soft and seemingly over tenderized. It didn't help that the accompany mashed potatoes tasted overly creamy as well. Want to know how nausea inducing this dish can get Try it.Taglierini Al Pesto Di Bronte - One of the recommended dishes, the Taglierini was purportedly home made and topped with a Sicilian pesto sauce made with Pistachios from Bronte in Sicily. As impressive as that may sound, it was more hype than substance, to me at least. The taglierini was al dente but the sauce didn't impress me very much, subtly sweet with no hint of pistachio whatsoever. And for the price ($22), I had expected it to come with toppings, however meager they might be, but sadly there was none.Tiramisu Al Pistacchio - Another pistachio dish but in the form of a dessert. Very unique as grounded pistachios replaced the layer of cocoa powder commonly found in Tiramisus. There was also this layer of greenish cream which I assume to be made from pistachio. Sadly, the whole thing didn't taste like Tiramisu at all, coming across as very nutty. Perfectly acceptable as a cake, but definitely not as Tiramisu.Panna Cotta Etna - Honestly, the Panna Cotta didn't quite do it for me. It was a tad too sticky and coagulated and not to mention bland. Even with the raspberry sauce, it tasted flat.Torta Al Cioccolato - The chocolate cake seemed to have sat in the fridge for quite an extended period of time as it was undeniably dry. The taste of rum was negligible and overall it tasted very normal. At $8 a pop, I can easily buy a few cakes of similar quality.$161 for 5 pax is considered relatively cheap for Italian food, but quality really leaves much to be desired. Service is decent but thats not going to be enough to stop me from closing the chapter on Etna. 繼續閱讀
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As much as I love this chain's branch at lau pa sat, I like this one better. For starters, this is open on weekends. To add on, it's in east coast where the vibe is super chill. I like the alfresco seating where one can sit and just chill, whilst watching the world go by. Food standards are consistent with their other outlet (see my other review) and service is equally warm and friendly.What i dislike though, is the seating arrangement inside the restaurant itself. Tables are placed too close for comfort in my humble opinion. Other than that, this is a great place for a chilled out weekend dinner with friends. 繼續閱讀
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