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Creative Makimono Fukuya Salad Fukuya Seafood Ramen Sashimi Sushi
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ice cream All kinds of sashima Beef with beansproutsPork with beansprouts (black pig) Prawn tempura Cod fish Seafood ramen Salmon sushi (4 flavours)We love all their dishes, first dish sashimi is very fresh, beef and pork all very nice, taste different from outside as they are higher grade pork and beef, tempura prawn just nice, cod fish very fresh, we love it very much, seafood ramen got a lot of ingredients, soup base special, salmon sushi is full of surprises, different flavours, we love it so much, ice cream is also very freshly made,very refreshing, we are glad the chef customized to let us try a bit of everything, and the price is cheap compared to outside with so fresh ingredients, thanks to the free coupons I won from openrice too that I get to try this restaurant, for the extra amount I paid for, I feel that I won't have to fly to Japan to eat, this restaurant food is superb with very cosy environment, chef got the passion to prepare nice food and the nice hospitality, we feel happy eating there, we would like to go back if got the chance. 繼續閱讀
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In Japanese, Fuku means Happiness while ya refers to House, and when directly translated Fukuya simply means Happiness House. This happiness house silently reside in Jurong Country Club. I would never had expected good food to be inside a Country Club since I stereotyped it as where the rich golfers will go until I personally tried the food there myself. It's like a hidden gems waiting to be discovered by food lovers.Fukuya offers a wide variety of options for those craving authentic Japanese cuisine in utterly perfect presentation. The dishes served are photo-worthy as it's often decorated with flowers or edible garnishes on exquisite dining wares. Jap-food lover you just had to add this one in your 'to-eat-list'. It's best to start off with Zensai, another term for AppetizerSeafood Mayo on Fresh Salad - $10.80Mixture of two types of seaweed, the green and brown one which I hardly see it in the market (probably just me), topped with my favourite seafood mayo~ The seaweed is really salty but crunchy if you tried eating it separately. However, once combined with the seafood mayo, you won't really feel that it's overpowering, instead it brings out an unique taste to the dish.Dobin Mushi - $10.80 Teapot SoupI had never tried something like this before, and it's quite a cool concept of having your soup served. It's sweet and refreshing. Ingredients looks simple, mainly consisted of mushrooms and oysters, but brought out the best of out it. Two ways to savour this, by adding the lime or skipping it. I tried both methods and preferred having my soup without lime.Sashimi - $68.80Fukuya Tokusen Platter (7 kinds)Toro, Uni, Botan Ebi, Salmon Belly, Katsuo Tataki, Shima Aji and TaiNot a fan of raw food, and my favourite food in a sushi bar is all the cooked food like crab-sticks, unagi and stuffs, but decided to give it a chance and I'm glad I did. All their sashimi are super fresh as it's all imported from Japan. It brings out the true definition of 'fresh saltwater' because you literally can taste it. It's worth every cent in your pocket, and everyone is all like I am going to come back to get this after they get their bonus.Yakimono - $20.80Gintara Mentaiyaki (All time favourite)It's the store's all time favourite, and no doubt mine as well. Grilled fish with mentaiyaki on banana leaf. Their mentaiyaki is thick and creamy and the banana leaf underneath gave it a little burnt feeling which enhance the taste and smell even better like how food being cooked under charcoal flames.Absolutely a must-try vote from me.Fukuya Aburi Sushi Mori (5 kinds) - $28.80Salmon, Anugu, Akami, Buri Belly, Unkun Uni & Ikura ToppingEveryone there was trying to convince me it wasn't spicy and stuffs, and I did finish all the sushi that are sadly all coated with wasabi except the unkun uni(sea urchin) one, by gulping water. I have to say that they are using authentic wasabi as it's not spicy and does not sting the eyes, it's just that the smell of wasabi that I disliked about. Nevertheless, the dish is much raved about and each sushi has its individual sauce and there is no need for soy sauce. I guess it's bad luck I couldn't enjoy this pretty much.Menrui - $26.80Fukuya Seafood Ramen (Small)This bowl of awesomeness is called small, and I think it takes two to finished it. Now I cannot imagine how many could their 'big' portion feeds. Do not be fooled by the colour of the ramen, it's not spicy at all, and surprisingly it's sweet. Vegetables, seafood are all tossed inside to create this sweet yet rich flavouring pumpkin-taste-alike soup. As you can see, the ingredients are super fresh and generously spread around the chewy noodles.Kyoho Ice Cream with Kuri Kanronni - $8.80Japanese Grape Flavour with Boiled ChestnutsAs usual, something I have been waiting for since the start because I am a sucker for desserts and I love KYOHO GRAPES. The sweetness is just right for me and it is as smooth as Gelato, while the chestnut adds texture to the smooth ice-cream. It's a unique combination as I have never expected chestnuts to go well with grapes but it did. I had a great yet different kind of experience there, and I believe you guys should try it too. It's always more difficult to find places with good food and good services. If you happened to be hanging around Singapore Science Centre or Jurong Country Club drop by and enjoy a feast of authentic Jap food. 繼續閱讀
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Fukuya, a new Japanese restaurant in the JCC! It is located behind Science Centre. Once you enter JCC, you need to walk towards the Recreation Complex deep inside. Fukuya is right next to the swimming pool!The restaurant interior is quite big and doesn't feel cramped even though there are lotsa tables and chairs.We were seated in the VIP room! 11 seats for us and our guests for this food tasting session! Tasteful black and gold pictures adorn the room and the restaurant with traditional Japanese sake on the floor!Each and every one of us were served a 7-course meal!! OMG!! Let's walk you through!!Zensai, means Appetiser. $10.80.It's got green and brown seaweed and a piece of lettuce at the bottom. The top is the star of this dish. It's seafood mayo! The crunchy fish roe adds dimension to this dish! The trick to eat this is to eat it whole (because the green seaweed is extremely salty when eaten alone) if the size of your mouth allows. All the tastes — salty, sweetness and sourness — dance harmoniously on your tongue at the same time! It's truly flavourful — I now finally fully understand the meaning of this word!!Sashimi! Fukuya Tokusen (specially selected) Platter. $68.80.I don't eat raw fish but I decided to just try them all since it's a food tasting session! So it's my first time eating so many raw fish in a sitting!  Halibut fin muscle (best!), salmon, toro, giant prawn, tai, Shima Aji, and others that I dunno!Very fresh!! Real taste of sea..food! It's because the chef flew them in from Japan! He told us that quality is of his utmost concern!Dobin Mushi! Soup in a teapot! $10.80.The ingredients are not fancy but you get one big fat oyster! Two pieces of different mushrooms, bamboo shoots, big spring onions, etc~Really super nice!! Drink it without lime first~ Savour the original sweetness the juicy oyster and mushroom brings out in the soup! Then maybe add lime to one spoonful of soup for your next mouthful! Try the difference! Don't put the lime into the teapot though, I've heard the other food tasters regretting about that, lol~ Luckily I didn't XDGintara Mentaiyaki — cod fish with fish roe mayo lightly grilled with naked fire on the surface!! $20.80.All sorts of yum!!!!!!!! I love this!! I love to eat whole/part of a whole fish slices like this!! Nyan~! No burnt smell nor taste despite how the Mentaiyaki looks!!Modern Fukuya Aburi Sushi Mori — where each sushi has their own sauce/taste, so no soya sauce is required. $28.80.Yummy yummy off-the-menu nigiri sushi!! XDThough I was afraid, I've always wanted to try Uni!! It's SUPER CREAMY!! Thick texture but the taste is just the very fresh taste! Wow~!! Plus the crunch of the big fish roes on top! Yummy!All of the nigiri except for the Uni has wasabi and I don't like wasabi but the wasabi here is mild! Your eyes will be safe from tears, don't worry!Some of them are lightly cooked on the surface, very nice!!Seafood Ramen. $26.80.Now...... The ramen with the underrated name! The chef didn't reveal how he made the soup until we've tasted it!! It's actually really sweet despite its spicy-looking colour! Vegetables and tonnes of other stuff blended together and boiled into soup! OMG!! Heavenly sweetness! Super nice and healthy! So nutritious!!The noodles are cooked just nice and do not stick to your teeth nor each other! The ingredients are aplenty! Prawns, clam, hotate, cabbage, squid, crabmeat, Japanese fish cake (lightly charred on the pink surface!), and many more! Generous servings for each of us really shows a lot of the chef's sincerity in giving customers his best!!Kyoho (slip-skin grapes first produced in Shizuoka, Japan in 1937) Ice Cream with Kuri Kanroni (boiled chestnut). $8.80.Last but not least, DESSERT!!OMG~~ It's so sweet and smooth and creamy and delicious!! Mix your mouthful with the boiled chestnut and cream at the bottom and savour this new sensation! Really great match!! The kuri has its own kind of sweetness and it does not clash with the kyoho grapes taste, they embrace each other~!I looove this dessert!!Favourites: Starter, Gintara Mentaiyaki, Ramen and Kyoho Ice-cream. I can't just pick one! XDSo if you are visiting the nearby JEM or J-Cube or Science Centre, come here to chat with Chef Ah Beng!! He will make good food for you!! 繼續閱讀
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For more food pictures , go to http://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/10/food-review-night-with-exquisite.htmlA newly opened Japanese restaurant that is located at Jurong Country Club, offering a dinner dining experience for customers. With super friendly chef and staff, it gives you a warm dining experience there. By the way, the place is also opened to public so you can bring your family and friends here for a wonderful dining experience!they also have private dining rooms for you too!The food is pretty good and the price is reasonable for what you eat! especially their sashimi, they are air flown from Hokkaido! very fresh!Food : ***Price : *** 1/2Customer service : ****Overall, will i come again? Yes!so now lets checkout whats on their menu! Zensai ($10.80) – Seafood Mayo on Fresh Saladthe salad is very crunchy especially the seaweed. it gives you the "sea" taste for each mouthful bite of it. the mayo is very nice but slightly salty. But overall, this dish is very refreshing.next we had Dobin Mushi ($10.80) – Teapot Soupthe soup is very sweet and fresh. this is my first time trying this dish actually. one word to describe this, superb! i love it. next we had Sashimi: Fukuya Tokusen Platter (7 kinds) ($68.80) – Toro, Uni, Botan Ebi, Salmon Belly, Katsuo Tataki, Shima Aji, Taiomg. this is heaven! the sashimi is super fresh and i love it! with flower petals sprinkle on the sashimi, the dish not only look delicious, it is also super good too!next Yakimono: Gintara Mentaiyaki ($20.80)grill cod fish with mentaiyaki! the rich mentaiyaki is super rich and creamy. After it is grilled, it gives a crispy and it enhance the taste of the grill cod fish too! the cod fish is extremely fresh too! next we had Sushi: Fukuya Aburi Sushi Mori (5 kinds) ($28.80) – Salmon, Anago, Akami, Buri Belly + Unkan Uni & Ikura Toppingthis is also one of my fav dish of the night. the wasabi is very light and not "over" so it doesn't cover the freshness of the sushi taste. the slightly grilled sushi is very well done for it still maintain the "raw" when it is in the semi cooked state so it doesnt lose the "fresh" tasteMenrui ($26.80) – Fukuya Seafood Ramen (Small)the broth is specially created by Chef Ming. It is a combination of Japanese and western soup. at first i thought it is a lobster soup but actually it is more of vege base soup lol. the ramen is topped with lots of seafood like prawn and scallop. last but not list, the "da boom" of the night will go to Kyoho Ice Cream (Japanese Grape Flavour) with Kuri Kanronni (Boiled Chestnut) ($8.80)never to be missed! their ice cream desert is sooo good that my stomach actually make more space for it..i finish it lo! lolso what are you waiting for? head down to Jurong Country Club now and try out Fukuya now!Jurong Country ClubAddress: Jurong Country Club, 9 Science Centre Road, Singapore 509078 繼續閱讀
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Nestled in the quiet Jurong Country Club is an unassuming Japanese restaurant called Fukuya. Most wouldn't have heard of it as it is quite new and being inside a country club does hide it from the public view hence it is much more peaceful dining here than at most mainstream Japanese restaurants. I love Japanese food and quite frankly when I heard this place was located at a country club, I didn't have too high expectations for it but I was so very wrong!From the outside, it looks like a very simple and understated restaurant. Don't let this facade fool you!Once you step inside, the place has an elegant design with gorgeous caged lighting and black plush seating. Simple and tasteful. Our first dish was a delightful little appetizer - Seafood Mayo on Fresh Salad ($10.80). This little bite packs a punch! The seafood is a mixture of many types of shellfish and other seafood blended together into one savory mouthful. The salad is some kind of seaweed type of vegetable which is chewy and really adds another dimension to this dish. However the one drawback is that it is a little too salty. Lower the saltiness and this will be a winning appetizer. Oh My God! This is one VERY DELICIOUS plate of sashimi. It is the Fukuya Tokusen Platter ($68.80) and it consists of 7 types of sashimi. They are simple divine! I was closing my eyes and savoring every bite. The fish was so fresh and some were fatty and just melts in your mouth. You're left craving for more once you finish a slice. The 7 types of sashimi are Toro (fatty part of a tuna), Uni (sea urchin), Botan Ebi (prawn), Salmon Belly, Katsuo Tataki (the dark red fish), Shima Aji and Tai. I'm not too sure what the last 2 are. I think one of them is the fin muscle of the Halibut fish and that was one of the best of the lot! Lightly seared so you get that bit of smokey tang and the rest was greasy fatty goodness. The salmon belly and toro were super delicious as well! I could go on and on about this platter and even though it is pricy, the sashimi are flown in from Japan so you really pay for the quality of the seafood. One thing to note: The chef's soya sauce is specially prepared. He said that he made it less salty with seaweed (no idea how he did that) so it doesn't taste as sharp and strong as the usual soya sauce which I find that it is indeed true! These little touches added to the overall food experience which I greatly appreciate. This is the Dobin Mushi ($10.80) also known as Teapot Soup. Basically the chef boiled the soup with Oysters (YES Oysters!), mushroom and other ingredients into a sweet and light broth which is served in this cute teapot. You pour out the soup into a small teacup and drink it from there. For this, go easy on the lime. Usually you'll squeeze that piece of lime given into the soup to add some zest but I squeezed too much and it overpowers some of the natural sweetness of the oysters. Just a couple of drops is more than enough. This is the Gintara Mentaiyaki ($20.80) which is grilled gintara fish with the mentaiko cheese on top. The fish is moist and the taste of the mentaiko doesn't overpower it. I can still taste the freshness of the fish and I enjoyed it to the last bite! The patch of salad at the side...skip it. It had a very pungent taste which shocked me when I took a bite of it. Next was the Fukuya Aburi Sushi Mori ($28.80) which consists of Salmon, Anago (salt-water eel), Akami (I think this is tuna), Buri Belly (Yellowtail belly) and Unkun Uni & Ikura topping (the sea urchin sushi). I like the yellowtail belly best as it was super premium and fatty! I could go for another 3 more of it. All the sushi had its own sauce or seasoning so we were advised not to dip into the soya sauce so as to savour the sushi as it was meant to be eaten. This is the Fukuya Seafood Ramen ($26.80) and is the small version. Yes, this bowl which looks huge to me is small . They are super generous with the ingredients. There are prawns, clams, squid and many other goodies in this bowl. The soup is light and tastes a little like pumpkin broth but I was told that it was mainly a vegetable broth. Definitely a bowl to be shared if you want to sample the other awesome items on the menu as it is very filling. To end the (super satisfying) meal, we had the Kyoho Ice Cream (Japanese grape flavour) with boiled chestnut ($8.80). This reminded me of my childhood where we sometimes had grape flavour candy and it certainly tasted like that! The ice cream sat on top of a layer of cream which I didn't feel was necessary as the ice cream as good by itself. The boiled chestnut is very soft and slightly sweet and blends very well when eaten with the ice cream. Had a great time at Fukuya with the friendly chef and the very impressive seafood they served. Quite a hidden gem in Jurong area and I would definitely recommend anyone to try the sashimi as it will definitely make you want more. 繼續閱讀
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