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Sample from an eclectic mix of Japanese, North Indian & Contemporary cuisine, with Tapas for lighter pickings and daily, all-day Brunch. Soothe parched throats with an extensive lineup of beers, wines, spirits and all your favourite cocktails. Feast upon a curated mix of ever-evolving, emerging artists, designers and creatives. 繼續閱讀
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Amongst the whole row of restaurants and cafes along East Coast Road, sometimes you are too spoiled for choices and not sure where to eat. Even though this trip to Mad Nest was planned, you need not worry if any of the restaurants you are visiting along that stretch is full, because you can easily switch it up.Mad Nest Restaurant intrigued me quite a bit when I was first introduced to it, what with the fanciful website design, and the super extensive menu – offering all-day Brunch items, Italian-Asian, Japanese, and Northern Indian food. All of that under one roof, MADNEST indeed!I was still impressed, when I met up with my friends at the restaurant. The restaurant was sleekly decorated, with cushioned high tables on one side, and normal dining, simple tables on the other, with a white and simple backdrop, adorned with a couple of paintings. Service was the same old, nothing out of the ordinary.Latte ($4+): Because I was really worn out, I decided to order a cup of latte for myself (I rarely have caffeine in the evening because they work wonders on me more often than not). Presentation was great. Taste, not so. It was the add-your-own-sugar kind. So I thought if you can’t impress with the overall taste, the only thing to impress with is the distinct taste of the coffee beans. But I guess they were skewed more towards being a restaurant than a cafe, I did not blame them for it. An ordinary cup.Oishii Maki ($16+): As we were in a party of four, we decided to order a dish each off the four cuisines. First up, Japanese. Made up of grilled eel and roasted salmon, served with avocado and mayonnaise, these 8 pieces of gem probably shone the brightest that very evening. The overall taste of it gives out just the right amount of saltiness with a soft punch of sourness. Eel and salmon, two of my favorite toppings. Well done here.The Mad Breakfast ($20+): Next in line, an item off the All-Day Brunch Menu. I was in-charge of ordering this, because well, I can and do have brunch items at any hour of the day. It fell way short when I tried it. The scrambled eggs looked promising but was nothing near acceptable. It was not salty, not creamy – it was plain mashed goo. To be honest, this has to be one of the worst scrambled eggs I’ve had. And that speaks a lot, considering the number of brunches I’ve had. The chicken sausages, the (not a) brioche, marinated mushrooms were barely edible as well. Don’t waste time on this.Hae Mee Bisque ($23+): We gave in to this when our first choice, Chili Crab Pasta was not available. The waitperson recommended this and we just went ahead with it. Firstly, no, the prawn bisque sauce did not do any justice to the dish. And secondly, the slipper lobster tails were dry, and meatless. The meat was scarce, and we could hardly taste a proper chunk of it.In a nutshell, I was not impressed with the food quality at all. It was a disappointment all in all. I hope it was only because we had chosen the wrong item off the menu. It would be a while before I head back there, unless something substantial changes along the way.Note #1: Prices are only subject to 10% service charge. No GST. 繼續閱讀
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For detailed review, please visit my food blog.Found this by chance, and decided to give it a go, plus its simple yet classic appearance has attracted me. It has a variety of cuisines for choices, thou the variety in each is not that wide. Had the Nonya Curry Chicken Bolo for $16. I quite like this dish in the beginning, because of its Nyonya taste being a tad spicy and sour at the same time. But halfway through, it bothers my appetite.Tamada Ramen for $12. Char Siew comes in big slices which is plus for them. But bamboo shoots seems to have a weird taste as i'm a fan of bamboo shoots, and soup is not flavorful at all. Overal lI would say place is worth going, but food wise is not up to expectations. Perhaps a good place for drinks, in consideration. 繼續閱讀
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What happens when you want to eat Indian food but others want to eat Japanese food or Italian food? The place to go is Mad Nest, a cool hangout bar and restaurant where everyone's demands can be satisfied. It has a very very long extensive menu that is divided into Japanese, Indian, Italian-Asian and All day brunch. The other menu is the drinks and tapas where you will find chicken wings, fries and cocktails.For full details: www.dairycream.blogspot.comThis time round, we were here to try the Indian and Western selection and it was truly better than our first visit .Dhal Tadka (Tadka is a Bengali name for Chaunk-a form of cooking technique in which whole spices are fried in oil to enhance the flavour before adding to the entire dish) $9Another pot of curry goodness. This time with yellow lentils. However, do not expect to taste a lot of spices here. Rather mild, but interesting experiencing some crunchy bits of cumin in each scoop of dhal. Prawn Masala ($10) - looks redder and more appetising than the fish curryAnother spicy dish for a family of chilli lovers like mine. This is rather average, considerably less sweeter than the fish and had a distinct sour assam taste. Topped with hard boiled egg.Blue Cheese Alfredo Linguine ($18)With thinly sliced Parma ham & Mushrooms. This is not too rich or creamy for cream-based pasta lovers. Some may find it a little dry due to the extremely sticky texture of melted blue cheese. Surprisingly, the blue cheese smell was not too strong and I think this dish can be widely accepted.Since we had curries, We ordered some Garlic Naan for the curry. Minced garlic dotted the surface and the back was well toasted but lack garlic taste. Great and prompt service, waiting time not too long. Being a cafe-bar with a social cause, art pieces of local artists are hang around the silver walls. I would recommend this not as a top-quality place but an above average cafe that caters to the ficky tastebuds of Singaporeans. 繼續閱讀
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