Bus Stop: 42039, Opp Former The Blissville. Bus Service, 66, 67, 74, 77, 151, 157, 170, 171, 174, 852, 961, 920, 961C. Train Station: Botanic Gardens. 繼續閱讀
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<br>Established in 2004, Peperoni Pizzeria is part of the award-winning Les Amis Group. Peperoni in Italian means bell peppers, a reflection of their culinary heritage. As a testament to their culinary excellence, Peperoni has grown today to four outlets across the island serving their signature pizzas and pastas. Their restaurants also come with an in-house bar, serving a stellar collection of wines, spirits and imported beers. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-04-04
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There is a number of Peperoni Pizzaria outlets in Singapore and this outlet that is open in the cozy environment of Binjai Park happens to be their 2nd outlet and also their largest outlet that offers alfresco dining.Having passed through this area for uncountable times, I have never noticed their existence till my pal who gave us a treat in the closing of her joyous event (Her Wedding) also appreciating the efforts for our assistance on her big day. There then, I start to realize such stylish Italian chic environment exists somewhere in Bukit Timah Estate.With mainly Italian food served, they are also serving alcoholic beverages . For those who enjoy having beverages over the bar counter, Peperoni Pizzaria do have such in place.Antipasti (Appetizers) Before welcoming the lunch, these deep fried squid rings were served. The flaky, rough textural and crispy exterior of the deep fried squid rings were simply delicious in its lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce.In addition to the start off, we had delicious fried chicken wings too. These finger food were good as we chat along while waiting for the mains to come. Wings were crispy and you could even feel the deep fried batter at its exterior. Do be careful as you bite on it as the piping hot juice was seen oozing out.Salad With fried food in place, it would be very much self convincing for the girls to order a dish that was deemed not as sinful as the rest. Mixed greens was dressed with mayo and topped with parmesan cheese, not forgetting the sauteed chicken fillets were the special highlights of in the bowl.PastaThe Carbonara was that yummy that even though the portion was to share among the ourselves, the gentlemen had finished them up before passing them to the ladies, thus the host has to order once more and we got 2 choices of pasta here, spaghetti and penne.They used light creamy sauce in pasta with sauteed bacon. In this case, their pasta standards were uniform, both Spaghetti and Penne were cooked to excellent texture.Choice of pasta was limited to Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Linguine, Penne, Fusilli, Capellini. For Alle Vongole, we had Linguine with venus clams in white wine sauce. Taste was elevated with the used of chilli and garlic to eliminate the seafood smell if any. PizzaI had the largest pizza in my life, finally! A 21" (XXL) Pizza out of choices of 9"(Medium) & 12" (Large). And seriously their range of choices for pizza had spoilt us. We had Hawaiana with Suprema & Prosciutto Crudo Di Parma with Pancetta on 2 XXL Pizza. The names of the Pizza sounded so foreign to me that I only understand Hawaiana which is the common Hawaiian Pizza we had.Their pizza was amazingly big and stunning (almost the length of the table size), thin crust and filled generously with ingredients. Hawaiana ingredients were the standards, topped with bell peppers, pineapples and ham (pork) while Suprema consists of Shitake, chicken sausage, onions & red chilli. However the spicy level from the chilli was not too hard to handle, for those who want additional kick, toppings like chilli flakes and cheese are readily available on every table.With such a spacious environment, Peperoni Pizzaria is actually a good place for gathering if you wish to stay away from the bustling area. Moreover, the food were better than the average fare.All prices stated on Peperoni's menu is inclusive of GST and also there are no additional service charge require which I find is a plus point for visiting them. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-10-17
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Planning to meet up with some friends and craving for some pizza? Peperoni Pizzeria is the place to go! Boasting a wide range of pizzas, pastas and various sides, the highlight that draws people would probably be their family sized pizza. Its a 21 inch pizza that big enough to feed at least 5-6 people, and at $50 per pizza its definitely a steal.We had 7 people so we ordered 2 family sized pizzas and it was definitely more than enough. The restaurant allows you to have 2 different toppings for each half the pizza, so the 4 flavours we went for were: Diavola (Pepperoni), Frutti Di Mare (Prawns, Clams, Scallops, Squid, Fish, Garlic), Proscuitto Crudo Di Parma (Parma Ham and Rocket Salad) and Pancetta (Cured bacon, sliced tomato and egg). The crust of both pizza were thin and crispy, while the base was warm and complemented the toppings well. Pepperoni and Frutti Di Mare were decent although a bit boring compared to the other toppings we had. Everyone was raving about the Parma Ham and the rocket salad matched the taste of the ham quite well, although eating the salad could be a bit problematic at the start with it dropping everywhere. Pancetta was unique, as I have never had a pizza with eggs in the middle of everything, but the mix was delicious. The runny egg combined with bacon had a very nice fragrant smell to it (though the rocket salad threatened to overpower any smell around)Good food, GST inclusive, no service charge, water is free of charge and free viewing of how they make the pizza. Do make reservations as it can be really packed especially during weekends, and it is really sad if you have to be turned away! Parking could be a problem as the location is right smacked in the middle of residential areas in Bukit Timah, but if you're taking public transport it will be more convenient as a bus stop is a 2 minute walk away! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-26
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Never saw this super giant size of Pizza in my life, it was terrifying. My first question was who is going to finish it up? Look at this, it was mission impossible episode one. Well, we were going to do our best to clear this!! Personally, I enjoy the chewy crust and the flat bread at bottom. Of course the middle part of the pizza was flavourful with assorted ingredient. A lot of cheese and toppings, it made us getting full easily. 21'' INCH Pizza which we need six peoples to settle it, around $50.00 for this. Mushroom soup with little baked garlic breads on top, it was normal. Just like common Italian restaurant, the taste more or less same. No GST or service charge yet they provided excellent service. Overall, there was nothing to complain of. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-30
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Family dinner outing at Pepperoni Pizzeria at Bukit Timah, we ordered the 21inch family size pizza, I don’t know how they do it but it’s really big as you can see in the photo, i have to tip toe and snap the entire pizza into the photo.Pizza crust was well baked thin and crispy, we asked for a half and half topping.Frutti Di Mare (seafood pizza), fresh succulent squid ring, prawn and assorted seafood with hint of garlic smell; I was impress that even after high heat baking the scallops and fish still keeps their moisture. Old fashion hawaiian with tangy pineapple and savory ham will always be a safe choice of pizza. Tomato paste used for the pizza tasted like homemade and they are not stingy with their cheeses. 繼續閱讀
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Peperoni Pizzeria is owned by the Les Amis Group. Peperoni Pizzeria specialises in serving Italian cuisine such as pizzas and pasta. They are well known for their family size pizza. Today, there are three outlets in Hillcrest, Binjai Park and Frankel Avenue.This is my 2nd visit to Peperoni Pizzeria, I visited it's outlet at Hillcrest (Greenwood Avenue) again.It is quite ulu, located a long distance away from the nearest bus stop. The best mode of transport to this place will be by car. However, parking can be a problem during peak hours.The pizzas are cooked using traditional wood-fired oven.Noticed anything abnormal? There's crayons on the table! And instead of having table clothes, paper is used. This way, customers can draw on the paper while waiting for their food to be served. Noticed some of the drawings being pasted on the wall? There's no service charge in Peperoni Pizzeria.Noticed another abnormality here? (hint look at the cost of ice water and extra ice!)Well, the ice water and extra ice are actually Free Of Charge (FOC). They are just trying to make a dig about places that charge money for plain water. Ordered a Large (12 inch) Pizza. The pizza is made on the spot upon order and take about 15 minutes to be served. Looks appetising? The pizza crust is thin and crispy. This is the second time I ordered the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma which consist of parma ham and rocket salad. The rocket salad complemented the parma ham well and enhanced the flavour of the pizza. Wish that more rocket salad was added. The Funghi pizza consist of mixed mushrooms (button, shitake and porcini). I am a mushroom person, hence found this delicious. But if I was to make a choice, the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma is a must order!Besides ordering a pizza? we ordered a pasta too. We ordered Squid Ink pasta as we heard (online) that it was their signature dish. The Squid Ink pasta took around 20 minutes to be served.The Squid Ink Pasta was well coated in squid ink ensuring a consistent black colour and it was not dry. Moreover, the squid ink was fresh and there was no fishy taste. The squid was well cooked. The Squid Ink Pasta was so delicious that I wish that more serving was given. Certainly a must order!Overall, Peperoni Pizzeria is the place to come for pizzas and squid ink pasta. Moreover, the prices on it's menu are NETT. Which means there are no extra charges. Despite not having any service charge, the staff are attentive and observant. I am certain that there will be a third visit for me! If this place was more conveniently located, I would have been a regular here!Detailed review: http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2012/03/peperoni-pizzeria-hillcrest.html 繼續閱讀
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