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Poulet; meaning Chicken in French, set its first debut at Bugis+ in 2012. The French-themed casual dining chain offers affordable French classics to the masses in a comfortable setting. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-05-12
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Being a frequent diner at Poulet, I have tried most of the items in their menu. Following the majority, we visited their Chinatown Point outlet for a birthday lunch celebration.Celebration starts with their popular entree and soup.French Onion Soup (S$5.90)Beef stock with caramelised french onion topped with cheese croutons, this taste a little more sour than what I have tasted before.Escargot De Bourgogne (S$8.90)Burgundy snails with tomato fondue and almond garlic butter. This is piping hot when served and the escargots matches well with the tomato and garlic butter maintaining the standard of this dish.Two sides to go along with the meal.French Fries (S4.90)Birthday girl's favourite. It's really scorching hot so be extra careful when you bite it.Marron Rice (S2.90)Chestnut rice is a little dry in texture but its so fragrant that will make you finish it.Here comes our gluttonous order.Braised Pork Belly (S$15.90)Served with mashed potato, baby spinach and double mustard, the pork belly is tender even the fatty part is melting and not oily at all.Mushroom Pissaladiere (S$11.90)Oven baked pastry topped with caramelised onion jam and button mushrooms. Fluffy and crispy pastry base is the main attraction of this with all the toppings complementing it.Poulet Roti with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce (S$15.90) - HalfThe famous poulet roti in creamy homemade fresh button mushroom chardonnay sauce. Tender and flavourful chicken with the creamy sauce enhancing it. Sauce is really creamy, opt for other sauce if you can't take creamy stuff.Duck Au Vin (S$15.90)Braised duck thigh in red wine sauce served with carrot, bacon and mushrooms. Duck thigh was braised till tender and the red wine sauce goes well with it.Its dessert time again!Tiramisu (S$7.90)Smooth creamy texture with espresso and rum syrup soaked sponge finger, this is our favourite dessert!Creme Brulee (S$8.90)Smooth textured egg custard covered with caramelised sugar that is so crispy and warm, definitely the highlight of this dessert. Some may find it too sweet though. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-01
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Heard of the rather new Poulet opening in Singapore, and heard mixed reviews, so Edison*, Katherine and I decided to scout it out for our dining pleasure over lunch one day.They have many outlets, we chose the one that was closer to our workplaces in general - 133 New Bridge Road, Level 2, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413. The number is 6538 3595. There was no queue, so we snagged a comfortable booth seat.The interior of Poulet is relaxing, done in light hues and cushy seats, setting the perfect ambience for casual comfort dining of classic French cooking techniques. The contemporary concept of wooden tables and modern classic chairs made the place ideal for friends, family, colleagues and dating couples alike.After some escargots and soups, we had the Poulet Roti - their signature roasted chicken in homemade Chardonnay Mushroom sauce. The golden brown skin was crispy, and the inside was tender and tasty. Infused with the very delicious gravy, we all understood why this dish tasted divine enough to be the restaurant's signature dish.Served alongside the Poulet Roti was the Pressure-cooked Oxtail in Red Wine Sauce with Carrot and Onion. The oxtail was very buttery tender it floated into the mouth and just disintegrated smoothly, we were surprised. The taste was heightened by the impossibly delicious red-wine based gravy.For more detailed information and photos, please visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/01/lunch-at-poulet-restaurant.html 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-11-20
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Poulet is a new restaurant located in the Chinatown point that offers French casual dining facility. I ordered a plate of Poulet Roasted Chicken which was soft, tender and well-marinated. It comes with a mushroom sauce that goes well with the chicken and gives a creamy taste. The mushroom poached egg dish can be taken as an appetizer and turned out to be a bit oily. Oxtail De Burguignon is one of the best items they serve which stands out from the traditional Beef Bourguignon as it uses beef oxtail instead of beef ribs or beef brisket. The beef is perfectly cooked. French Onion Soup is a traditional one that has onions stewed till soft in a rich and savory beef broth. Had a great dining experience here and loved the food. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-08-18
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I visited with my group of girl friends last thursday. As the place was pretty small, we waited a fair bit for a table for 5, took us around 15-20 mins before we were seated. French Onion soup: this was so so as I have tasted better ones with stronger fragrance of onion elsewhere.Poulet Rosti (Roast Chicken) : the chicken meat was really tender, hard to believe that it was roasted as the marinating was just nice yet the chicken wasn't tough. The mushroom sauce goes well with the chicken, however we all felt they could give abit more sauce for one whole chicken we ordered.Braise Duck: All of us agree that this was the best dish out of what we ordered! The duck meat was so succulent and tender it doenst require much effort to remove the bone from it! The wine sauce goes well with it and the cranberry adds a tinge of surprise to the dish!Iberico pork belly: we were all very worried that the belly will be too fat for the acceptance of 5 girls. But surprisingly the pork belly was so tender and the mustard sauce goes so well with the pork we finished it off in minutes. However one thing to note is we all felt that the dishes were too salty with their sauce as we all felt thirsty after the meal. Suggestion that more vegetable can be added to the dishes as we all felt like huge carnivores after the meal and were craving for some vegetable. 繼續閱讀
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Within just a short 20 minutes waitThe famous French roasted chicken Poulet Roti ($15.80 for half, $28.80 for whole) was served after the announcement of all the good news. Here's how the story for this supposedly amazing poultry goes - the entire chicken was brined for a full day in a traditional recipe before being placed in the rotisserie for a slow roast till the skin turns to a golden brown. We have to give it to the french when it comes to presentation. The sight of the beautifully roasted chicken was enough to whet our appetite and get us all hungry. On its own, the chicken was tender and succulent but not amazing yet. It only manages to hit home run with its home made mushroom Chardonnay sauce, that's what gave it the X factor.Mediterranean Stew Lamb Shank ($15.80) consisted of baby lamb shank stewed with root vegetables and rosymary in its own jus infused with orange. The lamb meat was nice and soft but diners who are not comfortable with the distinctive smell of lamb should steer away from this dish. I am afraid I could not sense traces of orange infusion at all.Braise De Canard ($15.80) was braised duck leg in sweet wine sauce on baby spinach topped with cranberry and glazed shallot. I came to the conclusion that the chefs here are pretty good with their meat. The dulcet wine sauce was truly an additional bonus!Iberico Pork Belly ($15.80) consisted of braised Spanish iberico pork belly served with mashed potato, leek confit and double mustard. I am not sure if I am personally biased towards pork belly in general but it is just impossible to go wrong with this delectable part of the pig. Ladies need not be overly concerned. Despite the word belly, the meat was still pretty lean overall with mild hints of fats in every bite. This is definitely my favourite dish for the evening!To sum it up, Poulet offers casual French dining that's decent and won't hurt your pocket.For full review and photos, please visit http://www.aspirantsg.com/poulet-the-french-roasted-chicken-flew-to-chinatown-point/ 繼續閱讀
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