Arriving by Train: Esplanade MRT, Exit D. Nearest Carpark: Suntec City Carpark. 繼續閱讀
tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto is the leading chain of art boutique caffès boasting a comprehensive selection of gourmet food and creative beverages. 繼續閱讀
烤雞腿肉配芝士鬆餅 烘烤三文魚配花椰菜奶油醬 炭蝦沙拉 本地風味明蝦叻沙意麵 海鮮健康意粉 牛漢堡包配竹炭麵包
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等級3 2014-01-24
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Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you the One and Only Salad In One Place... The BabyCray Fish Salad! Just in case you are wondering what is so good about this salad and why does it deserve a spot in your stomach, I am going to tell you about this majestic plate of wonder. First, this dish does not contain ordinary ingredient, first it has BABYCRAY FISH, a cousin of lobster, mild sweet and juicy. Secondly, the white yellowish cream is a sort of refined smooth texture salad dressing which enhances the taste of the babycray fish. There's also another light brown translucent dressing underneath the thick veggie which cuts the sweet taste of the salad dressing which gives a slight sour taste to it. The two dressing complements each other with the thick crunchy veggie and the babycray fish makes your stomach go wild around the world. If you are reading this and have not tried this dish, I strongly encourage you to just try this dish. Not a moment later, your stomach will thank you for giving its best meal of all times. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-10-17
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Leading chain of Art Café, The Connoisseur Concerto offered a wide selection of top quality food and creative beverages. Had our Tea-break there, the environment was joyful and cozy. My favourite Brew, it was suffused with the richness of toffee. Topping with generous bubble and Choco-caramel sauce, this Expresso drink was sweet while comforting. I like it because it was completely artful with good taste. The price was absolutely reasonable. For those who achieve $88.00 per single receipt may proceed to the cashier and became their member. Helpful staffs were readily to help, they will teach their customers step by step how to join member. Lifetime member for free, do keep your receipt next round if your bill hit $88.00. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-03
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I needed some pick-me-up on a hazardous Mmonday night. Of course i picked TCC for my chocolate respite. There's always max brenners but my old man friend needed his shot of coffee. So we settled on tcc at citylink mall. it was 8pm on a monday night and it was pretty quiet. I asked for a chocolate recommendation and ended up with this. Chocolate of Wealth.Thick chocolate shake with chocolate drizzles complete with whipped cream and crunchy choco balls. It was every bit my kryptonite... so much for weight watching. But this was exactly the chocolate therapy I needed. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-06-18
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It's not much a crowd on weekend evening around 8pm?Penne Mama Mia - Penne and chicken chunks baked with homemade cheese sauce. The dish is RICH although unfortunately the portion is SMALL T__T. I will still order this again next time when I am not so hungry so I do not need to follow up with my supper immediately after this dinner Red-hot Chicken Spaghetti (If I didn't remember the wrong dish?) - Not my order but did steal a bite out of it. Nice Overall like the taste of the food but the portion is simply small, maybe to cater for a few desserts after dinner? 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-06-12
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Met some friends for lunch and decided to eat at TCC as it was quiet and a good environment for chatting. I ordered the Tobiko Scallop Pasta with some soy sauce based gravy. It was decent. The gravy is a bit heavy after eating about half way through but I add some Tabasco sauce to give it some spice. The 3 scallops were a bit on the small side and I would've prefer them to be less "done" so they have that springy feel but overall it was not too bad. 繼續閱讀
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