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Situated in the heart of the bustling Singapore, with chilled and cozy ambiance, Thai in Town is a Thai restaurant that combines both modern and traditional Thai cuisine. 繼續閱讀
11:30 - 23:00
11:30 - 23:00
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Full story on http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2015/01/thai-in-town-thai-wanton-mee-more.htmlAnother Thai Wanton Mee? Yes, it seems like Thai Wanton Mee has become more popular these days. After Soi 19 and BaaMee, Thai in Town is my 3rd stop for Thai Wanton Mee and the good thing is that they sell more than just the noodles. In fact, it is a very new casual all-day eatery establishment along Upp Thomson Road that sells the usual Thai cuisine. At $6.90, the Wanton Mee is one of the most beautifully plated version yet it is also the driest one. Technically, the flavours of Thai Wanton Mee tend to be less plain than our local style so I was prepared to toss them with the fish sauce and chilli for that nice kick. don't go without trying the chilli--dry chilli flakes and the sour chilli dressing (free flow at the side)Yet, the noodles posed as a major hurdle as they clumped together in a bad shape, barely inseparable from one another. Both the wanton skin and meat were also stiffened, though the smooth slices of char siew were given more meticulous treatment than those from Soi 19 and Baa Mee. Instead of the lackluster wanton Mee, I would highly recommend the Claypot Prawn Tanghoon ($14.90). The Tanghoon are throughly infused with the flavour of the prawn stock and was sufficiently peppery to the degree of not over-killing the taste buds. They were generous with the prawns, peeled garlic cloves and not to mention, the ginger that added some interest. But the best thing about this dish is how well it complemented with the sour Chilli condiments at the side of the table. The portion is enough to serve as a staple for two pax, if you are ordering other sides. The Tom Yam Chicken Fried Rice ($6.90) was delicious too. Tossed with red chilli and shallots, this was adequately moist and only mildly spicy. The Tom Yam Soup ($12.90) is robustly punchy and well-penetrated with the flavours of galangal and kafir lime. However, the Folks found the fish not very fresh and preferred the clear soup version to this coconut-milk based one.Tom Yum SoupServed with peanuts and sugar at the side was this plate of seafood Pad Thai ($7.90) that was moist and fragrant with bits of scrambled eggs. I enjoyed the sweet and sour flavors but the clumpy, over-chewy noodles mired what could be a satisfactory experience. I only got to the Gai Tod ($5.90/4 pcs) at the very end but the golden exterior remained light and crisp. Instead of dipping sauce, they were served with crunchy mixed spices--a rare sight for chicken wings in Singapore--that perfumed the meat with a tantalizing aroma. I think this plate would easily make chicken wing lovers swoon for more. There are Red Ruby and Mango Sticky Rice under the desserts option but we headed straight for the Chocolate Toast with Ice Cream ($10.90). This was much bigger than the one from Xin Wang and would already make one full meal alone. It was clever for them to serve two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream because one would be too little. The bread itself is already very enticing because the outer wall yielded delicately crunchy bites while the inner walls are painted with butter that exudes an subtle savory allure. I was itching to try out the BBQ bread with Thai Tea Sauce ($2.20) since the toast earlier was so yummy. They also serve steam breads in dim sum baskets with various dips like kaya, chocolate, condensed milk and sugar. However, the Thai Tea Sauce was rather elusive and the layer of butter spread easily dominated the flavours. The food here is overall quite good, except for the Wanton mee and Pad Thai which have potential to shine on the tables. Good to know that there is NO service charge and GST 繼續閱讀
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Located along the famous prata and mookata shop alongs Upper Thomson Road is this new establishment. It has a pretty iconic logo, which you can spot from the main road. We arrived on a friday night at 730pm just as their business was picking up.The interior has a very hipster feel to it, and it's air conditioned too.The quirky worded decorations gives you an idea that this Thai Cafe has a good sense of humour. The staff were young, energetic and polite. They tried their best to get me access to their wifi, but to no avail. I guess the place is only a month or so old, and no one has figured their wifi out.Taking a quick glance through the menu, will tell you that they have your popular Thai dishes and we decided to try a few along with their Thai Iced Milk Tea.Since you're not paying for GST or service charge, you order via this sheet. After which the staff collects it from you, serves you the food and you pay at the counter at the end of your meal. A quick fuss-free meal!1. Thai Iced Milk Tea $3.20 EachHaving only visited Thailand 7 days ago, I had been craving this, and this tastes very authentic. A perfect blend of milk and tea. It did not leave a creamy/buttery after taste like some places have their milk proportion all wrong. It was a very refreshing drink.2. Pad Thai Kung $7.90This was served to us within 5 minutes of us ordering, which WOWed me.I love my Pad Thai and this was a very different kind. It was more moist, less oily, with 5 huge and crunchy prawns. It had the right amount of egg to give it flavour and yet let you chew on chunks of fried omelette. I like that they placed the beansprouts and nuts on the side, as I wasn't a fan of those! For $7.90 Nett, I think this was a very value for money dish and I thoroughly enjoyed it.3. Green Curry with Chicken $10.90For $10.90, you get a bunch of shredded chicken, brinjal and carrots. I liked that the brinjal was very soft and had alot of the curry flavour. The carrots were more crunchy and still had the strong aroma of the green curry. There was good bit of chicken in there, more than one person's share.This was served in a pot, on top of a fire. Can't get anymore authentic than that!4. Pineapple Fried Rice Seafood $7.90With tons of meatfloss on this dish, I was excited! The sweet smells of the pineapple would make anyone hungry! The pineapples were crunchy, sweet and a tad juicy. The rice itself was slightly more spicy than the Pad Thai Kung, but still edible for someone like me who doesn't like spicy food.This place would be in my list of "Fast Food", as right after I had placed the order, the food arrived on our table within a matter of a couple of minutes. It was so quick, I had question if the dish was for another table. But it was a blessing, as I was starving! 繼續閱讀
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