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Pulled Duck Burger
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The restaurant was closing with its last day of operation on 17 March 2018. Menu was limited to a single page of food and a single page of drinks. But I decided to take my chance and decided on omakase although chef owner was not around. There was no GST but there's 10% service charge in the bill.omakase (S$50+)4 course meal1st course : Crab meat burger with blueberry sauceIt looked kind of weird that only half serving of the burger was served. The bun was light and crusty. The crab meat was kind of fishy but the sweet sauce kind of balance it. The dish was served with some greens by the side without any dressing and tasted quite bitter.2nd course : Burnt lobster topped with Mentaiko sauce accompanied with salt egg pastaLooked great but the lobster meat was tug of war for me to remove from the shell. The pasta was slightly too dry than preferred.  3rd course : Smoked Sakura rib eye with Indonesian sambal accompanied with Filipino style picklesKind of unusual way to serve steak with spicy sauce and tangy pickles. Not bad but the spicy sauce was a bit too much for me.Dessert : Ladyfinger with Biscuit ice cream, topped with digestive biscuit, coca powder & rainbow saltSeem quite dry to have the biscuit served topped with powder. Slightly better when topped with ice cream. Wish that the biscuit was soaked in coffee or some other liquid which would make it smoother down the throat. The ice cream was smooth and not too sweet. Could not figure out the flavour of the ice cream.Served with a glass of white wine. 繼續閱讀
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For more reviews visit www.umakemehungry.comWhen I first heard of the Betterfield, I kind of relate it to battlefield and was rather curious about the food they serve. Betterfield is hidden at a secluded area among the old HDB estates in Waterloo Street. I wouldn't know there is a cafe exist if I didn't walk into it.This less than a year old Cafe is founded by Shaun Gian who happened to serve us during our visit. Observing this young chap throughout our meal, I find that he is full of passion on what he is doing, his service was friendly and he really took extra efforts to take care of his customers well by communicating with them. Not only that I also observed that he ensured that his customer would not over order the portion base on the number of pax.StarterThese Sashimi grade Salmon was served in a familar plate that I had from Ikea which make me felt like home.With capers, gerkin, white sauce, tomato salsa, spinach topped onto the Tartare, it made a very good start in welcoming the upcoming dishes. The intermittent of the fragrance from its truffle oil had somehow seized my appetite, keeping me wanting for more on their appetizers.Main 2 versions of spiced ribeye is ordered. As I'm someone who prefers to have medium-well done while the recommendation by Chef Shaun was medium rare, both of us ordered each type. If you are here in Betterfield, their beef is a must try as they use quality beef. For Cafe Week, the Hickory Spice Ribeye was marinated with cajun, and then smoked with hickory. It is served with secret spiced duck fat mousseline & mesclun salad.Comparing the Medium Well and Medium Rare doneness, my vote still goes to Medium Well for their meat is not that bloody which is easier to chew and tear apart.DessertGoing into the desserts, we thought that the local flavored would be interesting and had ordered the Ondeh Ondeh. Consisting of alternate layers of sponge cake and coconut with gula melaka, the cake sums up the traditional local snack we had here locally.Chocolate Lava Cake was disappointing. Perhaps all we have to was to set our level of expectation lower if you are going to cut the cake. Be prepared that there will be no lava flowing out even though the cake was warmly heated up.The additional appetizer we had ordered out of the Cafe Week menu, Pops Mentaiko Chicken was interestingly made with shredded charcoal bun over a pool of burnt mentaiko.Prices are nett and if you are fond of beef and happen to visit The Betterfield, do try them out. Overall experience from The Betterfield was decent however we find that the ventilation in the cafe is not very good as we walk out of the restaurant bringing the smell on our clothing home.Thanks Openrice for the winning voucher to Cafe Week in The Betterfield. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-08-22
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Well hidden under a block of estates and shops along the waterloo street sit The Betterfield, which is reputable for its affordable ribeye steak of quality. Stepping into an empty cafe during the dinner hour kept me puzzled, “why is there no crowd” despite all the raving reviews. But the thoughts were slowly demised after the food was served and the crowd begun to stroll in at the later hours. Decorations and furnishing wise was kept simple and clean, except for an eye-catching artwork plastered onto the vast white walls of the cafe.Menu was kept simple with a few popular cafe fares and others with some added novelties. Their mains ranges from $16-$20 and starters from $7-$15. One of the best things in the cafe is that, all the prices stated are nett!The Ultimate Italian Black Truffle Fries ($7, medium) was dished out filling the air with aroma of truffle. In love with how crispy the shoestrings fries were on the outside, and how warm and soft the inside was. The fries were fried using truffle oil and tossed with truffle salt, allowing every stick of fries be filled with flavors and traces of truffle. Not only that, the accompanying dressing was truffle mustard which was more subtle and light in taste, but the truffle combo of this dish was really the ultimate, not too overpowering but yet you definitely won’t miss out the truffle taste lingering around the dish!Prawn Aglio Olio ($18) falls a little oily with the noodles feeling a little dry but the taste was quite good to begin with. The dish will be perfect if it’s a little creamier with prawn head broth to intensify and seal off the flavor.I had the Black Angus Ribeye Steak (200grams, $21) medium done. Luscious piece of steak with the meat in sheer red and blood oozing out right under the knife. Each piece of meat was nicely done with each bite so tender and juicy but the ends may get a little chewy. Instead of the usual pairing with brown sauce and pomme puree, it was paired with a mixture of black and white truffle mustard which went really well with the steak. Satisfying steak at affordable price.What i like about The Betterfield, is their continuous creations of novelty dishes with quality ingredients yet at pocket friendly prices which will totally keeps your stomach curious and craving for more.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/the-betterfield/ 繼續閱讀
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The Betterfield Cafe is 1-week old cafe that located within a walking distance from Bugis MRT station. The cafe's not easily noticeable as the storefront is currently facing the construction and it is not at the front entrance of the road. Thus, you might to search them within Waterloo Centre.The staff recommended Pulled Duck Burger S$20.00 and Secret Thai Chilli Chicken S$14.50 for our dinner. Pulled Duck Burger was served with charcoal bun, french fries and tangy sauce. The sauce is specially made-in-house recipe by the chef to enhance the flavor of the pulled duck. The duck meat was moist and tender to enjoy.Secret Thai Chilli Chicken served as ala-carte in the menu list. 8 pieces of chicken with symphony of spices, coriander and thai chilli sauce. Crispy skin tasted like KFC but the difference lies in their sauce.The cafe also has all day breakfast menu. Some of the customers ordered egg benedicts for dinner. I also observed orders from other tables and duck confit is also one of the well-received dish here. So, if you are dropping by, you can have choices to give it a try. All prices are in nett price.For more food reviews, check out http://hazeldiary.com 繼續閱讀
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