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<br>The Book Cafe is a casual chill-out place. The interior resembles a large living room with inviting sofas, soft lights and bookshelves, giving a cosy atmosphere. They have a huge array of magazines, electrical power points, free wireless access and a photocopier, making it perfect to students and professionals to relax and work at the same time. All-day breakfast is offered in the cafe. 繼續閱讀
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Fish & Chips
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等級4 2014-06-16
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We were seated at the plushy and very comfortable, well-kept booth seats. I believe this place should look really gorgeous at night with the elegant setting and lit lamps. I could totally imagine curling up here with a good book and read the hours away.Their menu consisted of a wide variety of food from different cuisine, rather interesting given that this was a western cafe (there were Asian food available for ordering).I had the Eggs Blackstone set (SGD$16.95) under All-Day-Breakfast section, consisting of English muffins, maple bacon, vegetables, poached eggs and a rosti patty. The English muffins were crispy at the side surprisingly, and the tasty slices of bacon were lean. I stabbed the egg yolk so it flowed over the meat items and rosti, adding some sweet touch to them. The rosti was not very crispy, but the potato flavor was distinctive and rather palatable.*Catherine had the Chicken and Avocado Salad (SGD$15.95) with Wafu dressing on the side - a huge salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, tender chicken breast pieces and fresh avocade. The tangy flavor of the wafu dressing gave the crisp-fresh salad a higher notch of deliciousness.For more detailed information and photos, do check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/06/brunch-at-book-cafe.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-15
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It’s pretty rare that we’ve found a café worth recommending. With the sprouting growth of so many hipster cafés recently, it’s almost a different café to hop to that you’d hardly want to visit a place twice.This gave me the impression of the cafés I’ve visited in Sydney though, bringing the essence of café- chilling over. To me, a café is always about good food with a relaxing ambience, and an image of reading over a cuppa never fails to pop up.This was exactly what it was about, spotting comfy seats with shelves of magazines and books for you to browse freely. With the spacious and comfy seats, it’s no wonder that you can spot many propping their legs up, curled to enjoy a good read.With so many self-service cafés around, I was quite surprised to find someone with all smiles, coming to pass us menus, clearing our tables and setting it.After our super filling meal at Merry Men, we decided to just settle for desserts.Strawberry ShortcakeI’m a fan of fruity cakes and a strawberry shortcake as simple as it sounds, it’s tough to actually find one that manages to satisfy. This managed to do just right, with the right balance of light Chantilly cream and fluffy soft sponge cake. It wasn’t too sweet, balanced with the fresh strawberries. I’m usually picky when it comes to strawberry shortcake but this has certainly impressed me enough to want to go back for seconds – and no sharing this time!Berries Shibuya ToastThick toast with butter, chocolate sauce and a mix of berries, a first bite struck me as an odd piece though subsequently it became addictive with the savory butter going well with the sweet chocolate and sour berries. Though an ordinary dish, I liked how it was perfectly toasted, with crisp skin and warm insides, and served immediately that the centre wasn’t too soggy by the time it reached us. Well-executed dish, it was a hit for us!If you’re around the Robertson Quay area or looking for some late night haunts to chill, this would be one of our top picks. Great to nua/laze around, it’s quite packed though, and you might just wanna hang around before getting some comfy seats. Else you can always visit on a weekday if you’re looking for a quiet spot to finish up your work or do some reading. They’ve got free wifi so it’s very student/work-friendly! 繼續閱讀
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I can find no better place so far whenever I am looking for a nice place for some quiet reading or for some work with my laptop. The cafe has a relaxing ambience where one can just sit comfortably on their comfy sofa seats and just sit there for hours and hours. There are free wireless Internet access and electrical power-points. There are also reading materials consisting of a wide range of topics. The soothing lighting is adequate for reading and the cafe is quite spacious, giving one overall a feeling of laid-backness.Perfect environment but lately it has been getting more crowded, so it is less ideal to go during weekends. Seats could be quite limited as most customers would dine and stay there for a fairly long period of time. Food-wise, I would not say it is fantastic but some food items are really good. Coffee is good too. I usually would order my favorite Grand Caesar Salad which comprises Honey Mustard Chicken, avocado & Poached Egggg!! It is a great combination and the portion is large enough as a meal coupled with a cup of coffee. AHHH really this is one of my must-haves every month indeed ^^ Desserts-wise, I would recommend Lemon Pine Nut tart if you are looking for something not too sweet. The sourish tart filling is coupled with pine nuts and a crunchy tart base. Again, my another favorite item there I would actually have preferred to not review about it so as to reduce the current crowd size haha But well, I think it would not make much of a difference as the place is quite accessible near town center and I can see they are garnering more crowd nowadays with their great setting and good food 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2010-11-05
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I came here to chill out with my friends on the occasion to prepare for one of their upcoming wedding. The food is normal and I don't find anything special in their menu except for one unique thing. They served chunky cheese.The location of the cafe is quite far from the main road. So it's a great place to have sometime alone. The ambiance of this place is great for those who just want to spend some quiet time in reading magazines or travel books, surfing the net (they have travel books sponsored by STA if I'm not wrong) while slouching on a sofa. However, I can't say that you can derive equal amount of enjoyment in hanging out with more than 5 friends here. They seemed to be underhanded when we went down on a Saturday afternoon. The layout of the cafe is also such that the servers cannot see us who were behind a partitioned wall/ pillar and hidden by the book shelves. So, we had to go up to them each time we had additional order. Also, we ended up dragging our own sofas to accommodate about 7-8 of us. 繼續閱讀
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