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Come by The Carvery with a hearty appetite in tow as the mouth-watering aroma and sizzle of signature premium roasts greet you at this all-day restaurant in Singapore. Be enthralled by the hive of activity across the live-cooking theatrical stations as their skilful chefs take pride in serving fluffy wood-fired pizzas and perfectly grilled cuts right out of the Rotisserie to you. 繼續閱讀
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Signature Premium Roasts
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The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra came to mind because of 4 reasons: (i) it is relatively new (ii) recommendation from fellow blogger friend (iii) poolview (iv) value for money set meal for Valentine's Day.Sadly, the poolview was not all that visible because there's no alfresco poolside dining, and the reflection of the glass at night erased the pool view outside. Nonetheless, we appreciated the service crew's efforts at putting us as close to the pool as possible, under the circumstances.... if I stare out hard enough and squint, I could still glimpse the crystal blue of the 24-hour pool as well as swimmers roaming about.A walk around the restaurant reaped in all the visionary rewards of all food available for the taking - salad bar, array of seafood, the carving board consisting of Salmon Wellington, US Black Ribeye Angus, Duck a l'Orange, and Pork OP Ribs with apple sauce, and of course the desserts section.We roamed the restaurant to garner our own main courses from the buffet counters. I started with more Seasonal Oysters, some very scrumptious Cod Fish in Fruit Honey Broth, a small scoop of deliciously unique Duck Confit Rice, a small piece of Beef and Seafood Velouté.The Seafood Platter - freshly-shuckled seasonal Oysters, Red Claw Crab, Tiger Prawns, and Salmon Sashimi, served with shallot oil dressing, Maldon sea salt dressing, Horseradish and Chilli Cream on the side. The seafood was fresh and delightful; especially the springy salmon sashimi and tiger prawns.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/02/valentines-dinner-at-carvery-park-hotel.html 繼續閱讀
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For the complete review, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/08/the-carvery.htmlA restaurant dedicated to roast has open its door in the new Park Hotel Alexandra. Helmed by Executive Chef Robert Chan who specialise in Western Cuisine for more then 20 years. Listed by UOB as Top 20 Chefs in Singapore in 2009 and with a lot more accolades to his name, dining at the Carvery is definitely something to look forward to. When you enter The Carvery ('TC'), the first thing that will catch your eyes is the roasts table. On the night, the premium meat selection from the roast are the chicken, beef and pork. To accompany the roasts, you have selections of infused butters, salts, mustards, gravy and not forgetting the Yorkshire pudding. I like to keep my roast simple, either with gravy or a little sprinkle of salt. The beef were roasted to perfection, crusted brown on the outside and pink in the middle. Although it is not the prime ribs, instead more of topside or rump, the thinly sliced meat basically just melts in your mouth. I filled the Yorkshire pudding with combination of Veal jus and chicken gravy, it just absorb all the robust flavour into it.The beef is the star of the roast table, but we ended up highly disappointed with the pork and chicken. I got the breast part for the chicken and it tasted dry instead of succulent. For the pork, the meat was tender, but the cracking was just thick and chewy. Not the cracking that I expected. Moving on to the cold seafood dish. Although there were only three type of seafood, it is always heart warming to see oyster as part of the seafood selections. Kind of elevated the status a little bit. Oysters, prawns and mussels tasted fresh and provide a good start to the meal. There are two items on the cooked food that were pretty good. The Lamb Stew and Red Mullet with Mustard Cream. The lamb cubes are tender, succulent and melts in your mouth was a result of long period of cooking. The red mullet is nicely done, well seasoned, juicy and flaky. Pasta is served at the ala minute station. Penne with tomato sauce - penne was al dente, with a robust tomato sauce. However, it was just too plain jane on the presentation. It did not offer any fillings such as seafood or mushrooms. The same thing happened to our friend who order the spaghetti with cream sauce, white, plain, no fillings. Hopefully they can look into this. LD tasted the pizza and it was not that appealing as the toppings are average and it actually taste like home-cooked pizza without the wood-fire smokiness. After going another 2 more rounds for the beef and Yorkshire pudding, I decided its time for desserts. I sampled 3 items: chocolate shot which smooth with solid chocolate taste; Apple Crumble which was well balanced and such a comfort food for me; and not forgetting Pineapple Jelly infused with Chilli. The last dessert really packs of surprise. It started with the sweetness and gooey texture of the jelly, all of the sudden, the spiciness from the chilli just hits you. WOW, what an awakening. Not reviewed here were the salad bar, soups, cheese selections and other cooked food. The service was friendly and efficient, which I have to applaud for a newly open restaurant. They also help us to provide a mini chocolate cake for our friend who was celebrating his birthday on that day. The Carvery is indeed very spacious. The distance between table are quite good, in maintaining the privacy between tables. The décor is modern, with huge glass window and door connecting to the swimming pool of the hotel. During the day, there will be lots of natural light to brighten up the place. Overall, I personally enjoy the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding very much. The Carvery is definitely a place to go if you are a carnivore, of looking to get your fix for Sunday Roast. It is definitely worth the price of admission. Cheers!! 繼續閱讀
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