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<br>Specializing in home-style authentic ethnic cuisines like Peranakan, Hainanese and Teochew dishes, Curry Wok has been seeing a steady stream of regulars and new customers daily who swear by their curry fish head, braised pork knuckle, homemade Ngoh Hiang and Sayur Lodeh. 繼續閱讀
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Curry Fish Head Ngoh Hiang Pork Knuckle Syur Lodeh
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等級4 2018-09-24
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At the first sight, it looked like a small eatery located in the middle of a row of shophouses, off the main road. But you would surprised at the long history behind this place. Many years ago the family started an eatery called Chye Seng Huat which was located in Tanglin road. Various relatives helped in the place which built up the menu with dishes such as Hainanese Pork Chop (made with cream crackers), and otah (which originated from an relative who was from Muar, Malasyia). The eatery was later closed when government took over the land for redevelopment.About 15 years ago the current owner's mother fell in with the current location, when she drove past the place and decided to setup a restaurant with the family's recipes. Most of the ingredients were bought fresh daily. Sambal Brinjal & Lady’s Fingers (S$10)While spicy, there was no slimy around the lady's fingers (a sight of very cooked) which was no easy to get it right. Like the firm texture of the vegetable.Beef Rendang (S$13)Made of beef shank, the meat was very tender and flavourful. Could feel it melt in the mouth without much chewing.Home-made Ngo Hiang (S$11)Unlike the usual version (Hokkien version?) which had water chestnut in them, the version here was replaced with leek (Teochew version). It was different kind of sweetness in the dish.Chilli Prawns 🦐 (S$13)The flavour was similar to the sotong version, but packed with crunchy prawns.Century Egg Tofu (S$10)While simple in look, the strong flavoured egg was balanced by the sauce and bland beancurd.Nyonya Chap Chye (S$10)The version was slightly different from the usual braised until very soft version. Here the vegetables remained with a slight bite and crunch.Sambal Sotong (S$13)Well cooked with the squid still tender, while the sauce was spicy with a sweet aftertaste.The meal was accompanied with Grass Jelly with Milk (S$2.50) which was grass jelly strips topped with evaporated milk. Quite refreshing.Overall the dishes had a home cooked feel. No wonder the busy residents staying around have been packing the food for takeaway. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-02-08
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had not dined at curry wok for the longest time. it is located next to thai noodle house at coronation arcade.used to like the great value set which included fish head curry & 元蹄 (stewed pig trotter). i knew the prices had gone up a few years back. anyway i went with sis & b-i-l & a chinese friend to try it on 6.2.2014. the set, now S$56 (+1o% service & no GST), included the pig trotter, a small fish head curry, a ngo hiang & a chap chai dish.the pig trotter was really very good, very tender, gelatinous w/o feeling too oily 肥而不腻, quite excellent! for comparison, i would say it was equal or better than the S$28 pig trotter 元蹄 dish at shin yeh.the fish head curry was also very good, however my b-i-l commented this was the smallest fish head curry he had ever eaten, and it was! the ala carte menu said the price was S$22 (S$26 for large). it was more like S$12 (for this tiny size)!the ngo hiang S$10 was pretty good. the chap chai S$10 was another small dish & ordinary.we were greedy so added a sambal sotong (squid) for S$10 ala carte. it was good but portion was too small.overall the food was good especially the pig trotters, and the fish head curry was likewise an excellent dish if it came in a more decent size. it was too expensive at S$22. as we took the set for 4pax, the total bill came to about S$77 w/o drinks (just water), so it was not really expensive but it was also not any special value. likewise the ala carte pricing for the sotong, ngo hiang & chap chai, ok not great.i would come back for the pig trotters though when i have the kakis. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-19
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Yes, that's the dish i would definitely want to try next when i return again. Wanted to actually go to Penang Kitchen for lunch but decided to try out its neighbor instead. Initially when i was standing outside the shop, i struggled to find menu for 1 person i.e. individual portion. That's where a middle age man (i suspect he's the boss) came out and pointed to me there is a jumbo set and comes in 3 different variation. I opted for the jumbo pork chop set and chose to sit indoors. Interior wise its very much like next door, small and cosy, different combination of square and rectangular tables. The air con is sure a comfort to the sweltering heat outside. I also ordered a ice barley to quench my thirst. While seated, i observed many tables eating curry fish head, which is served on metal hotplate instead of clay-pot. And from far it looks really good. I also see the otah being a common dish ordered. From the wall deco i also see other potentials like the ngoh hiong, loh bak and sambal sotong.When my dish arrives, i could understand why is it called a jumbo bowl, with a huge plate, you get one chicken wing, one potato, one hainanese pork chop in sweet sauce, one chap chye and a small portion of sambal belecan chilli. Curry gravy is poured over the rice, kind of reminds me of curry rice. i would like to give 2 recommendations here:1 - to include at least 1 more potato 2 - cut the chap chye into small pieces3 - provide more sambal chilli, the current portion is way too pathetic4. check in advance with client whether they want curry or hainanese sweet sauce on the rice beforehand and offer more gravy if desired#3 is suggested as that chilli packs a real good punch, comparable to those prepared by muslim counterparts for nasi padang stalls. The hainanese pork chop is also nicely prepared, with tomato and onions as well. the chap chye is nice but i really felt the vege slices was a tad too big for diners consumption. My bill adds up to be $11, $8 for the jumbo rice, $2 for drink and 10% service charge. I parked at kings centre beside this building and parking costs $1.50. I will return for the curry fish head and otah one day! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-11
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The food from this establishment is really yummy and not too expensive. We had some snacks for a party including chicken wings and ngor hiang. The rolls were fried to perfection being juicy and moist while being very crunchy and savory. The rolls have some crunch to them, and are flavoured strongly with Asian herbs. Each rolls costs about $5 which is still affordable. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-02
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We ordered from this place to cater for a family gathering. All the food tasted great! I especially liked the otah! It was really soft and succulent and each piece was juicy. The otah was filled with chunks of real fresh fish and prawns and all these added tons of texture and flavor. It was a little spicy but not too much such that you can't taste the other flavours. Overall a really great dish that goes well with other dishes! The otah dish costs $8/pc and this was a catered dish ordered a la carte. 繼續閱讀
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